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  1. kailashnikov

    bumClub 2018

    I don't think it's player emotions because the shifts don't feel as extreme in other modes. Online friendlies and online divisions feels more subtle and indistinguishable from typical football RNG. When the game feels against me, I can just get well-organized on defense and hope to ride out the swing. In MyClub, even when I defend, half the time the striker or winger steals the ball from me and gets in an even better scoring position, simple passes out the back become impossible and half the clearances just clear to attacker. I'm convinced they dick with the team spirit because the only other mode that feels similar to this is master league
  2. All it sounds like they're saying is that next PES won't change much in terms of gameplay but to improve their modes and presentation which is really very much needed cuz the game is really content-bare. Easiest route in the world would just be to take advantage of all the anti-EA/anti-gaming corporation sentiments and give a game that removes all the artificial grind barriers and bulls**t in their online experience but this is Konami.... (btw, they'll never take out edit mode cuz it's their cost-effective way to get around licenses. no way they'd voluntarily take out something that ends up effectively saving them millions.)
  3. kailashnikov

    bumClub 2018

    It evens out in the end but I feel like they're trying to replicate the ebb and flow of a real game through manipulating team spirit. Just like there are 'scoring windows' and if you don't finish then, you're f**ked
  4. kailashnikov

    bumClub 2018

    It's at 93 after rotating squad. I'm pretty sure in most cases the better player won (I'm pretty consistently beating people lower than my elo/harder time versus people higher than me) but the games feel a lot more predictable.
  5. kailashnikov

    bumClub 2018

    Can you guys tell me whether or not there's momentum in MyClub or something wrong with 'team spirit'? I don't mean handicapping in favor of noobs or anything, but it feels like the form fluctuations are really violent and the games don't feel like they do when I play friendlies with PEN people or online divisions.
  6. kailashnikov

    Fixture 12: Predators vs Kailashnikov - [Confirmed]

    Can confirm, very well played game by Predator
  7. kailashnikov

    Premier League 2017/18

    Koscielny making a strong push on Lovren to be frontrunner for the 2017/2018 Least Valuable Player Award .
  8. kailashnikov


    I'm trying to get a 3 atb formation going (3-5-2 flat is what I've been trying). I can only get it to work as a crossing tactic because the LMF/RMF always run free, but cross spamming online prolly makes me a pookeynoodle. Otherwise, the middle of the park always gets really congested particularly against good players and I can't dribble into the box or get any good 1-2s.
  9. kailashnikov

    4-2-3-1 formation

    I go 4-3-2-1 and have been having some success online although I'm not great. (1) Yes, low attacking prowess is a problem (2) best option is to go fluid and have them become wingers (3) Being set on counter is a must (4) I like to set counter target on my LMF and RMF it makes them stay up the pitch more often but you can still manually use them to press or drop deeper if need be. Only downside to this is that you're taking up advanced instruction spots.
  10. kailashnikov

    Beating Superstar

    I'm relatively new to 2018 (last before this was PES 2015). I just tried a Superstar game and holy s**t does the difficulty ramp up. I was up 1-0 in both of my games and suddenly the computer goes crazy and f'in cheats to win. Any tips on how to actually beat it?
  11. What time zone 8:30 is this?
  12. kailashnikov


    I didn't play the first battlefront, but all the depth comes from the 4 classes and the star card system. "had examples of someone winning a game coz they spent cash?" - you don't really notice the p2w aspects in the base infantry mode (or at least they happen rare enough) but it's mad noticeable in heroes and vehicles.
  13. kailashnikov


    I tried the free trial. It's a bang average shooter with free-to-play mechanics
  14. kailashnikov

    Pes 2018 Lite

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