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  1. You are in for a very big surprise I'm afraid the new PM will be a hard brexiteer and will highly likely to be Johnson. The legal default position is a no deal brexit in October. Comments by EU members such as the Dutch PM saying there is absolutely no chance of renegotiation means it will be no deal and there is nothing anyone can do about it if the new pm wants to go that way. As for Johnson its clear he would beat Corbyn at the polls one of the few Tories popular beyond grassroots level. Demonstrated by polls by labour members fearing him being PM
  2. yeah big ant studios so hopefully will be good
  3. well thankfully second referendum is now dead in the water and it will be a no deal brexit almost certainly now
  4. hopefully be as good as bradman wait and see
  5. Yeah be an interesting few weeks and months ahead. Obviously expecting Brexit Party to do very well Sunday then you have potentially Bo Jo taking over as PM but whoever takes over highly likely we will have a no deal brexit now
  6. My point was she came out of nowhere and attacked him purely for his views, of course you cant have a discussion with these people who resort to violence when they are at opposite ends of the scale. Nothing wrong with counter protests thats a right that should be held onto, but when people turn to violence or only go there intending to cause such violence thats when it becomes a problem and is totally wrong. In fairness to TR his MSM argument has been given fuel with the non arrest of two milkshakes thrown and the forementioned assault attempt, coupled with the muslim defence league incident which was brought up on question time and the bbc of course didnt even respond to it. Free speech is absolutely being threatened in this country we will see what happens Sunday
  7. i dont agree with comments such as those which appeared that is hateful and not something i would ever be a part of. There is also another video i uploaded where a white antifa woman jumps and tries to punch Tommy in the mouth but again no action was taken. There were also numerous instances and on film where Tommy had a discussion with muslims which were debated maturely which is how it should be
  8. The right will certainly win on sunday night anyway
  9. there isnt any inconsistency he had a right to shout his garbage tommy went over to debate in a calm and reasonable conversation, which he has done with many muslims and had some good conversations, the culprit couldnt handle the discussion so reverted to throwing the milkshake. And of course he gets dropped off by the police whilst Farage's culprit is immediately arrested and charged
  10. to be fair i laughed at that one Davo very good lol as for previous comment by @Janguv im afraid your completely and utterly wrong there. There is also a video of said culprit in a taxi gloating and beaming about getting dropped off to a train station by the police and that his plan worked a treat. Like i say anything but innocent. Sunday will be interesting to see if Robinson gets in needs 8.5%
  11. oh dear this is the perfect example of fake news the culprit in question was anything but innocent ** awaits "its edited/from a tommy robinson source so isnt valid" comment **
  12. Like I stated earlier I included Catholicism in that problem area As for video it was also live streamed by various people
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