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  1. RIP Cyrille Regis

    Stood up to the bullies,brave man, great player in an exciting wba team. remember watching them beat man utd 5-3 on motd
  2. Re-introduce myself

    Hi,been off the site for a couple of years. im looking to get back involved on the site. Xbox gamertag is stevieh03 please add me for a few games PS UTD FAN!
  3. RIP Ronnie Corbet

    The two Ronnies, proper 70s comedy
  4. return

    Doh,guess i wont be able to join for a while,best get saving up.
  5. return

    hi lads,,i wanna to return for pes 2015,on the 360,i only left because pes 2014 was a bag of s**te,and started playing fifa instead,like the shallow person i am
  6. Ps3 players look here

    well done bullstein for sorting this out
  7. Crystal Palace!

    My mate is a big palace fan,watched the game with him on wiziwig,good game.they were the best performers in the play offs by a mile.
  8. Newcomer

    welcome mate
  9. id like to see the champions league return to cup format,give the smaller teams a chance.
  10. Hello

    welcome mate.
  11. Fergie retiring?

    Fergies going nowhere,its just a ploy to get a pay rise off them yanks.
  12. New Here

    welcome mate.
  13. Hello

    welcome mate
  14. The First Unofficial Xbox Subs League

    Its brill on manual,proper football match this was, wp mate
  15. The First Unofficial Xbox Subs League

    you have got an excellent passing game mate,all my players were dizzy at half time! wp.