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  1. Just watched the highlights myself and think VAR got it right on both occasions. No handball and Aguero was offside. Could you imagine celebrating a last minute winner only for it to be ruled out a few minutes later 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
  2. Highlight will be on BT sport channel on YouTube soon, love that they do that
  3. Must be his old age catching up with him
  4. You make it sound like he's the only one ever to do it though. Or are you only protesting this much because one of the games was vs Burnley?
  5. "I haven't seen it back, but someone told me that in the 28th minute we had a certain handball on a throw. I think it might have been one each tonight," he said.
  6. Great win tonight. Neither team were brilliant but Brighton were really poor, passing was woeful, players looked like they didn’t wanna be there. Hopefully we can pick up another couple of wins now. Also got the predictor league spot on @miken333
  7. Yeah just watched it on the sky sports app. Cracking goal.
  8. My stream was working perfectly for 20 mins then it cut off and I can’t get any of them working now!!! Missed the goal too but I don’t care Hopefully push on and get another now.
  9. Agreed. If we win tonight we will be well up for Sunday. Tbf we haven’t been playing badly recently just not getting any luck. Hopefully that changes tonight
  10. Definitely. Hopefully I can get a decent stream going and the kids stay the f**k asleep
  11. Who s**t in your cornflakes?
  12. Yea I think whoever loses this will be down. Biggest game of the season for us so far. If you win, we are 8 behind with 12 point left. Game over. If we win we are 2 behind but have an easier run in and more chance of picking up points (imo). Assuming we both lose to "the top 6" teams we've got to play, Cardiff will have Fulham and Palace, and Brighton will have Wolves and Newcastle. I don't think a draw will be enough either so it's win or bust for us.
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