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  1. @djquantum @ShaunC92 who were the other 2 scorers for Shaun?
  2. Tried downloading this for my son on his XB and couldn’t see it
  3. What’s games with gold? Doe you get these free with Xbox live?
  4. No the actual Transfermarkt. Apparently was announced on evo web but I’m too lazy to go check.
  5. Apparently Master league will integrate Transfermarkt values in to it this year
  6. Congrats @Tazarr You were great all season and one of the toughest opponents in the division
  7. @Gregmeister Vassell scoring a 96th minute winner on his debut Flint hopefully getting his first of many today. Was a good performance against a decent Luton team imo. Our new CF Glatzel looked promising. Showed some good awareness and strength, hopefully get better as the weeks go on.
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