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  1. Welcome back @Qvart the first ever cross platform champion iirc? Hope you’re keeping well
  2. Oh hopefully turn things around. I don’t mind Reading. Got family who live there and support them and it’s always one of our closest and easiest away trips
  3. Thought reading were doing ok this season? Looked good against Cardiff.
  4. We had a vote and most people made the switch to “next gen” so we didn’t run a ps3 league iirc. But I think the PS4 was out for a while before pes was released so most people had a while to get the new console. Will probably just go with the numbers/demand again this year.
  5. Agree with @Sami3lungs. Introduce retrospective bans (3 games) and the problem will be gone within a season. Never ever a penalty. If we can all see it with 1 or 2 replays then why couldn’t VAR?
  6. Yea same. Looking forward to this!
  7. That is phenomenal Its like the purposely find the most idiotic person on the street and interview them “for the lolz”. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a non-cringe interview with a member of the public Joris Bohnson
  8. Hey Bullstein, taken the wet towel off the router yet? Welcome back mate
  9. Bluebird

    RUGBY 20

    Only ever played 1 rugby game and that was back on the Ps2 days. It was World Championship Rugby and was immense!! It was very arcadey and probably not realistic (not a huge rugby fan so don't know all the technical rules etc) but me and my mates had hours of fun playing it.
  10. Bluebird


    "So effectively this judge has disagreed with the queen as she approved it."
  11. Saw it on reddit. Apparently spent £1000 on it
  12. And this is the reason I won’t play myclub. Someone has this squad on day1!!!!
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