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  1. don_hate86

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26th)

    I'll be riding a goat
  2. don_hate86

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26th)

    I think they did a s**t job. GTA online was s**t from day 1 and it got unplayable with all the s**t they put in it. I for one enjoyed the races, BUT then they decided people should be able to make their own s**tTY f**kING racetracks and suddenly all you got when connecting was some s**tty f**king custom made f**krace. Or those lame "parkour" levels where you had to get to the top of some s**t to get the weapons??!?!?? WHY WAS THERE NOT A REGULAR Deathmatch mode.. all you got in the end was that custom gay ass s**t. Rockstar could have outdone fortnite and the likes with a killer BR mode but they just kept adding s**t game modes to it
  3. don_hate86

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26th)

    Remember RDD online? 7 different "missions" where you had to shoot up some forts for cash. Did they actually believe that is was going to be a success?
  4. don_hate86

    Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26th)

    GTA online is a joke. RDD online is gonna be a pathetic sharkcard scheme as well. I'm sure the campaign will be brilliant though.
  5. don_hate86

    Fixture 8: Cartesian v Don_Hate

    Stats agreed. Very tight game. Sorry it had to happen like this, those kinds of defeats should only happen to rambovanf**knuts or djbuttplug 😂
  6. don_hate86

    Fixture 5: Seanachais v DonHate - [Confirmed]

    Stats agreed. Thanks for the game an good luck onwards.
  7. don_hate86

    Fixture 1: JamboGee v don_hate86 - [Confirmed]

    I think a lot of people are having problems with that. Personally, i've let in 3-4 goals in each of the Prem matches played, but I've scored 3-5 so it goes the other way as well
  8. don_hate86

    Fixture 3: Sunzi v Don_Hate - [Confirmed]

    Stats Agreed!
  9. Result: 3 - 5 ========== Home Team Manager: @JamboGee92 Franchise: Hearts Players Info Scorers: Trotta x2, Maupay Assists: Maupay Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Away Team Manager: don_hate86 Franchise: FC Schalke 04 Player Info Scorers: Lingard x3, Dolberg x2 Assists: Luongo, Praet x2 Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): Lingard ========== Match Report: It was a generally slow first half with few chances but Lingard managed to score a goal just before the end. Second half was lit. A quick equaliser from Trotta and the game was open again. Shortly after, Dolberg brought Schalke ahead and Lingard made it 3-1, but Hearts didnt let up. Another goal from Trotta opened the game again. Schalke was determined to seal it and did it again through two consecutive goals from Dolberg and Lingard. Good open game with chances in both ends. notes: GG jambo, good luck in the following fixtures.
  10. don_hate86

    The big "What annoys you" thread

    - that one guy who considers me german. you know who i am looking at. - those who don't have the same gamertag and forum name. - mowgles. for all the other s**t apart from calling me german. - indian people who sell electronics/carpets.
  11. Result: 4 - 4 ========== Home Team Manager: don_hate86 Franchise: FC Schalke 04 Players Info Scorers: Pugh, Rafinha x2, Dolberg Assists: Pugh, Dolberg, Rafinha Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): Rafinha ========== Away Team Manager: @SAMCRO925 Franchise: Celta Vigo Player Info Scorers: Fritzler, Van Wolfswinkel, Pritchard, Ghezzal Assists: Walcott x3, Ghezzal Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Match Report: Schalke got off to a good start and was 3-1 up after the first half was played. Two rapid-fire goals from Celta's Van Wolfswinkel and Pritchard got them back in the game early in the second. Schalke regained the lead a few minutes later with a goal from Praet, but those god damn spaniards just wouldn't give up. Walcott got his third assist of the night with a great ball to Ghezzal who slotted it in the net. Schalke kept pushing on for the win and probably would have taken it, had it not been for a couple of amazing saves from McGregor. notes: WP buddy, always a pleasure. good luck in your coming fixtures.
  12. don_hate86

    Fixture 3: Sunzi v Don_Hate - [Confirmed]

    Good game. Insane ending but deserved, i was quite s**t in 2nd half.
  13. don_hate86

    Kennedy Bakircioglu!

    oh i was about to post this yesterday evening. what an absolute screamer.
  14. don_hate86

    New future PEN member

    congratulations chucka! lmk when he is ready for a beatdown 😂