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  1. Can't see.that happening Mot Cheers
  2. Staying round Gary glitters digs Cheers
  3. He thanks m8 Ye u all over me at times stuani was the difference today .. you were very unlucky with some good chances. Best luck for season @scarycaravan Cheers
  4. As with everything it's all about money nothing changes.. Mot Cheers
  5. Only prem m8 We charge more too then same for us we get charged more away " as they know we take all the tickets. Mot Cheers
  6. Trooper uk

    Would you?

    Only play 1 up top for me would of tried playing eddie and bamford together.. But then upsets the balance of the team. Tricky one Mot Cheers
  7. Trooper uk

    Would you?

    As we all know promotion to the prem is the golden ticket and treasure trove of cash... For me a Leeds fan I want to be there As most know we create chance after chance' in most games we play some best foorball i have seen from a leeds team but can't take our chances and we get alot .. We have been offered gray from Watford for 4m loan fee plus we got to pay his 80.000 a week wages I find that unbelivable. Question here is would you want your club to pay that if they could afford it' and probably help gain promotion ? But as we know nothing guaranteed.. Be interesting to see coaches views. Mot Cheers
  8. I seen some inept reffing before ' as for the cnut today what a fookin disgrace.... As for Leeds we got to get a out n out goal scorer big time' for us to go up otherwise it's another season in championship for us... As for philips fookin red card what a idiot... Mot CHEERS
  9. Shame that cock lampard still not in charge " sky's golden boy
  10. It's killed footy for the fans .. Mot CHEERS
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