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  1. @payne wales Not so chirpy tonight is he Mot 100 CHEERS
  2. Played a game earlier against a bum 3 at back rest up front complete waste of time dunno why u bothering " I won't anymore .. Mot 100 Cheers
  3. It's our centenary year m8 @zeemeister Mot 100 CHEERS
  4. Liking the game apart from offsides Game is alot slower not so frantic as the last version where in last version you had a player in your face all time 'as the pressuring seems not so bad feels like you have more time to pass the ball about too... Passes seem to go wild at times Defoe helps if you have players with the low pass card goulhart. All in all liking it no game is ever perfect how ever much we want it to be . Purists probably disagree as I see alot negative comments on here ??as for me being a average player not problem.. Mot 100 CHEERS
  5. Trooper uk


    Fancy the Scots and northern ireland to get something this eve Mot 100 CHEERS
  6. Off sides jezzz level they giving it off ffs .. Bug bear mine in last version fookin drives me round bend .. Even worse this time round
  7. Trooper uk


    Beware of the dog very good read, some s**t in there surprised me Brian Moore x rugby player Mot Cheers
  8. Butland 82 to 79 But has been given more cards Got low punt and captaincy all ready , now got high punt and long throw too.. Strange Mot Cheers
  9. R ok will get plenty practice in as seems to play different to pes 19.. Mot CHEERS
  10. My dogs be shut up in the kitchen in the morning .. Our postie s**t scared my English bull terrier ' he soft as s**t the dog that is !! fookin thing scared of his own shadow.... Jack Russell is a fookin different story horrible little thing hates anyone or thing that is or wears red ie :scummers in particular Mot Cheers
  11. Not keen on either Boris or corbyn I get feeling Boris love to go over and chin that bearded little gimp boi rat Mot 100 CHEERS
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