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  1. Talksport saying pochetino has gone, spurs have sacked him. Odd timing.
  2. That was some paddling, Southampton usually solid but they looked f**king terrible last night. VAR seemed to be used better last night too, they showed the red card on the screens after the decision had been made so at least the fans saw it properly.
  3. My cousins one of them, posts s**t about Tommy Robinson etc. He’s a fat f**king tard, Never responds when you Lou t out that he’s talking utter bullocks.
  4. The Nike off whites all go for about a grand, it’s mental. Ive got issues, I’ve bought about another 4 pairs since that last post
  5. Spursy as f**k this performance. Where’s that mincer rising
  6. Just waiting for a xhaka or luiz retribution tackle tbh.
  7. Hasa diga eebowai. seen it twice, it’s class. Wasn’t sure what to expect but really enjoyed it.
  8. MOAR GUNS is clearly the answer, run by mongs that country. Not that we're any better off at the minute tbf.
  9. Moots


    I sacked Monzo off after it became a full fledged bank account, was good for prepay when i wanted to hide the fact i had a gambling problem can't do that now
  10. Get your hands off my penis!
  11. Few places reporting Maguire to united is agreed, medical tomorrow. £60mill + £20mill add ons. Way better than anything we've got at present, not sure he's worth £80mill but suppose footballs a bit mental at the minute.
  12. Fixing him up? What utter utter bollocks. The daft pookeynoodle got a slap on the wrist the first time he did this, absolutely getting what he deserves this time. It’s not making a martyr out of him, it’s not setting an example, he’s getting exactly what anyone else would get.
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