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  1. Christ, peter crouch should make a comeback. He could have one leg near the halfway line and one inside the penalty box
  2. Come on own up 1 in 30 have https://www.ladbible.com/news/weird-survey-reveals-that-one-in-30-people-poo-in-the-shower-20200216
  3. should just be declared a draw, no need to re arrange
  4. didn't you know if you voted leave your a racist thick idiot?
  5. I must be a mong as I voted out, would I do the same if the vote was today yuuuup
  6. sorry my mistake, i think your right, the 18 million i think is the majority children and some who are not registered
  7. well what about the dim-witted people that didn't vote, the majority of people will sit indoors and moan about brexit but the fact is the majority didn't even vote 18 million people not even on the electoral roll and 12 million who are didn't vote, no vote no voice.
  8. I’ve had enough of this next level stuff we were promised. Can we just go back to being s**t instead of really s**t
  9. What ever happened to the second season of Sunderland till I die?
  10. Makes West Ham look like a well oiled machine
  11. Flying with Qatar out of Doha in a couple of months and they encroach into Iran airspace as they are banned from flying over the majority of UAE ffs
  12. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I thought his monologue was brilliant
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