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  1. With the dragons den guys? ive found cheap energy club pretty good so far
  2. Every year once our fixed rate is up I use the cheap energy club which dies all the searching for you for the cheapest deals, although next time I may look into going with the guys who were on dragons den who automatically swap you to the cheapest deal
  3. So they’ve released some updates in this including 4k support also new tracks/cars, I’ve finally started playing the single player and the AI is really good they don’t just try crashing into you they have a go at each other. Really good game this
  4. They all had spray bottles it’s bleach as they spayed everything they touched to destroy any DNA lager behind. We live in Tongham all this happens at 7pm. They even parked opposite my drive whilst they were doing it. There’s a guy on my street who does cctv and he’s 90% sure he will have the car/ number plate the used to get here
  5. Yep I’ve read that mate, leave they car keys down stairs. To be fair I could give a f**k about the cars it’s more that some pookeynoodles been in my house. As long as the wife children and the dogs alright( maybe not in that order 🤣) it’s all good
  6. Just my daughters car unfortunately, just before we left the wife stuck our keys in the safe as they were in the kitchen but my daughters keys were in her bedroom. They turned the house upside down left £50 cash the girls jewellery and imac’s, Mac book Iwatch they just wanted the cars by the looks of it. Apparently a house about a mile away got robbed as well not sure what was taken
  7. Just a A180 sport so a 1.3. I think they probably wanted the mrs GTI or my 1 series but the keys were in the safe
  8. Well this isn’t relevant anymore some pookeynoodles decided to break into our house whilst we were at wedding and steal the car at 7 in the evening https://ring.com/share/6746608454764067409
  9. My daughter got bought a new car, she had some issues with the speedo/driver's side screen going blank for which it has been back to the garage twice for a software fix which seems to have been resolved now, but on receiving the car back from the garage i noticed it had a horizontal scratch on the rear passenger door, a very light scratch it looked more like a hair on the paintwork until i tried to remove it and then realised it was a scratch, the garage took it back yesterday and repaired it but as soon as i looked at it i could see it in the light that it was still there (it had one of them smart repairs) so looks like its been lacquered, in different lights you can't see it and you can't feel it. Ive said I'm not happy and would like it done properly and the garage don't seem to be happy about it and have now said they have checked the cctv and can't see how it was done. Am i being unreasonable asking for it to be repaired properly? im waiting for a phone call from the manager to discuss
  10. hold on let me see if i can find a photo of the mother-in-law
  11. Shamina Begum is flying into the UK today. That girl who left to join isis. Secretly been flown in. No press coverage allowed for her safety. Being represented by Cherie Blair. What a joke
  12. Wow your back to running already after 4 months i was still in a boot at 4 months, i done my achilles 3 years ago and my calf muscle is no where near what it used to be size wise and in comparison to my other calf, i am getting back into running though before i done my achilles i was averaging about 100 miles a month and started playing football and POP.
  13. Good variety of tracks loads of action in races, the racing is good Only gripe is it’s not enhanced for the X, having said that the graphics ain’t bad
  14. loving this game and only 35.99 on the xbox store
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