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  1. Agreed mate.... Well played.... Enjoyed every bit of that, great game and even better chat
  2. Dont know about dick measuring, but been playing football since i was 5, so thats over 33 years now...... Still play actively in veteran leauges now, only once in a while at senior level, just so that i can be reminded that i do t belong there anymore . .... ........ Nothing hits you more than realization that i cant even shadow 18 year old kids running past me like a practice cone, let alone compete with them, but my inner football idiot has to be reminded now and then all over again. Most of my friends and generally life situations came and revolve around football, beeing it personal or job related stuff...... Croatia is a small country and everyone knows everyone, and a lot of those "everyone" plays or played football, so playing football really helped me in life, just not the way one would expect from a footballer he he he Never got to any kind of professional level but enjoyed and still enjoy it as much as i can, and these days that means 2 times a week, three tops, but for that the wife has to be compensated in some way
  3. to put my two cents in this..... Stupid to compare players which you didnt watch play (all the talk about Pele).......from everything i read and watched "tape" about football, most of the historians are saying neither Pele or Maradona, but Alfredo di Stefano (some even Cruyff), but anyway, the point is you can only compare what you saw, not what you heard people talk ybout... There are two (three) different things when discusing this stuff........one is who is your favourite player (who you enjoy watching the most) and another is who realisticaly is the best player (most complete) you watched......my two list would be a lot different .....and also maybe even a third is who is the MVP (mvp for his team....what team would look completely diferent without him in the squad) a.) FAVOURITE .....1. Rivaldo.....2. Ronaldinho.....3. Messi........4. Kaka........5. Zidane/Pirlo/Klinsmann b.) BEST...........1. Messi........no one for a mile.......................2. CR7.....3. Zidande......4. Ronaldo........5. Maldini c.) MVP ...........1. Messi ......no one for half a mile........2. Rivaldo (at barca)........3. CR7 (at manu).........4. Zidane (at Juve & france) ......5. Pirlo (at Milan and Juve) ....now this would probably be my final list of all time.....they are very subjective as personal lists should be, but they are a lot different from each other. If we are watching this last decade - 20 years there really cant be anyone else than Messi.......anyone picking someone else other than him is just mixing his FAVOURITE/BEST/MVP lists........the things this man is doing for 10 years now are just unparalleld......but the main thing is not what he is doing, its HOW he's doing it. The man is out of this planet....the ease he is doing everything on the pitch is disrespectful to other players. No he hasnt won the world cup or copa, but to put that on him and say he isnt better than CR7 who won Euro by playing s**t every game bar one vs hungary and somewhat wales (not to mention he didnt play in the finals)is just plain stupid....Messi took argentina practically by him self to 2 Copa finals and a world cup final. Messi is the only player i ever watched for which i can safely say he could play any position on the pitch (GK???? )and still be the best player in the world hands down. Not saying he's perfect, because he has a lot of flaws aswel, but his are not football skils related....they are simply of psyhologycal nature......his determines is often very low, he does crack under pressure now and then...etc. OK now that this is setled......a few words about Dor this year. Yes VVD did deserve it, but so did Messi, probably even more and thats why he did win it.....also he was more MVP of the season than VVD for me, because he again almost singlehandedly won them la liga with 36 goals and 13 asissts in 34 games....people forget how absurd those numbers are really and i am 100% sure that without him barca is fighting for cham. leauge spot and not the title........VVD while being extremly important to his team, i am not sure that by taking him out of liverpool team their season would end any different than it did.
  4. ...never has a bigger truth been told
  5. you mean this: https://support.spirit.com.au/hc/en-us/articles/231298087-Connecting-PS4-via-PPPoE ...if so, I have no ppoe username and password.......
  6. Yeah tried that a few times but no luck......
  7. Result: 3-4 ========== Home Team Manager: @Nipper_lawrence Franchise: Genoa Players Info Scorers: Rebić x 3 Assists: Embarba 2 Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Hulk Franchise: Colo Colo Player Info Scorers: F. Guarin x 2, C. Jerome; D'alessandro Assists: C. Jerome; D'alessandro Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): F. Guarin ========== Match Report: Just when it looked good, pure Konami crap kicked in for the last 3 goals .........nevertheless well deserved win for Jery's boys with Hulk killing me the whole second half. As allways a great chat with you and thanks for enduring my kids in the background good luck for the rest
  8. Just had this again with @munkfish ....... Gonna need someones help with this or else not gonna be able. To play my fixtures..... This is My router:
  9. Agreed mate...... Well played.... You played like arsenal 5-6 years ago..... Beautiful and efficient until the 16 yard box Good luck for the rest
  10. 1. player switching JUST BROKEN 2. defenders/players often just not defending....ignoring the ball all together......game breaker for me...too frustrating 3. no dribling what so ever (and i hate dribling) 4. too MUCH emphasis on physicality of players (which seems to me is the core problem of the game, from which numbers and numbers of problems arise ) 5. reffs awfull (a little better since dp 2) 6. rebounds/ricochochets were awful in 2019 but here its taken to a whole another level....the ball simply doesnt rebounds like that irl after the shot or something else....majoriti of goals come from this 7. free kicks still a 80% goal chance.....when thinking about it some more it seems to me that free kick is easier to score than penalty 8. soooooo many blocked shoots which are a activated by my complain no. 4 which result in either my complain no 2 or complain no 6 9. too many of tackled balls always go bact to opponent....no reward ....these are just on top of my head now, and these are not opinions, these are THE FACTS, and if someone is enjoying the game doesnt mean that they are not there.....it simply means that you have found a way to ignore them and still enjoy the game.......a thing that I am not able to find unfortuantely
  11. well for me its unplayable.....wont really go into details, as I am sure its all been mentioned a lot of times......find ZERO enjoyement playing it, and maybe it has something to do with me playing a total of 10 games (and thats including 6 leauge games), but when all of those 10 are just horrendus I cant be bothered to play any more
  12. have they changed anything in the last week or so, since i last played it?
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