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  1. Agreed Enjoyable close game mate well played, best of luck with the rest
  2. Kaupp


    I use blimp as well, but I've always been a tactics/passing play guy in real life and in PES, so seeing the team shape/passing lanes is also more fun to me than dribbling Also prefer doing interceptions to tackles so blimp has that going for me too
  3. Tbh the only advanced instruction that's game breaking/unfair is gegenpress imo, both swarm the box and deep defensive line (or any other automative instruction besides gegenpress) have their obvious weaknesses that you can play around tactically and I never feel at an unfair disadvantage when I play against those
  4. Deep defensive line is a good safety measure and formation is important for defensive shape but to defend long through balls, tracking the runners manually is much more important than any instruction or tactic you can use I find, the AI isn't very good in this game so it's best when you take on as much as work as you can away from your AI players
  5. Result and stats agreed Really was a good close game mate, brilliant pass on your first goal too Well played and sorry again for making you wait for the game
  6. I find playing with low defensive line with high compactness in a 3 CB system gives 3 CFs basically no breathing room, also deep defensive line instruction if it's against a classic spam lofted pass behind type player
  7. Result and stats agreed Great game and comeback mate, sorry for the cough attacks
  8. Result: 4-2 ========== Home Team Manager: Kaupp Franchise: Galatasaray Players Info Scorers: K. Havertz, J. David, A. Dzyuba*2 Assists: M. Locatelli, J. David, A. Dzyuba, R. Fraser Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): A. Dzyuba ========== Away Team Manager: @Crn_14 Franchise: Hibernian Player Info Scorers: S. Bahoken, C. Cueva Assists: Gelson Martins Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Good, close game as always mate, unlucky for you I was surprisingly clinical with my chances for the first time this season Well played and best of luck with the rest
  9. I've always been part of various local leagues for both PES and FIFA but unfortunately most of them got too toxic/immature over the years, so it was either find some international options or quit football games and stick to FM for me at some point, luckily I came across a Reddit post from @donkeyhugger and decided to give this a whirl and I'm glad I did
  10. Result: 4-1 ========== Home Team Manager: Kaupp Franchise: Galatasaray Players Info Scorers: K. Havertz*3, A. Dzyuba Assists: A. Dzyuba, R. Fraser, J. David, A. Cubas Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): K. Havertz ========== Away Team Manager: @Big Boss Franchise: Ajax Player Info Scorers: M. Sulejmani Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Good game and well played boss, scoreline (or Konami lol) doesn't do you justice, Dzyuba and Havertz were uncontrollable
  11. Good tight game mate well played Also we are down 3-0 in 13 mins against Madrid, my inconfidence wasn't justified you see
  12. Result and stats agreed Like you said mate the luck swung it's sword both ways today, but a draw was the fair result in the end I think, very well played
  13. Stats and result agreed, well played mate close game as always
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