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  1. lets exit brexit we can call it exbrexit ho ho ho UK is now an exbrexit state but when we do brexit again we can call it exexbrexit and once there is the typical political haha (that ryhmed like a rap) sex scandal we can call it sexexexbrexit
  2. I dont think celtic were interested in this game, mentally exhausted and relief at actually going through on Thursday night they prob took a day off. Ironically had they lost out on Thursday i think they woulda rebounded with a big performance today. Which I think Rangers will, big win!
  3. Ah i remember i had a bit of a junkie mate who doesnt like video games but bought one for some reason or got some deal, maybe even of back of lorry or something lol, he knew hed never play it so he sold it to me (though i had no money but my other mate wanted to play online with me bought me it and i paid him in instalments ) and i cant recall which games he had but he had an unused last of us code not sure what else must have also had fifa i guess. Then im sure i got gta V and drive club had just come out so got that also, COD advanced warfare, far cry 4, dragons age etc...after paid that mate off end up having big arguments online and end up deleting him from psn haha, dont speak to him now back in ps3 era I remember I saw gta4 was out so wanted to get one, but i had no 1080p hdtv in my room and couldnt afford both so for a month or so i was playing my ps4 on my old tiny pc monitor, when i got a big 1080p 40 incher i was astounded, was breathtaking then there was no going back, PC gaming took a huge hit from that point onwards.
  4. My first game was fifa 15 also or was it 16 cant recall what it said, do any of you actually recall buying your ps4 and what games you got, my mind is blank haha,
  5. best bit about watching vr porn with headphones in is when your mate pops round and you dont even know hes in room haha hate when that happens,
  6. See you in Euro finals, live on BT splurt HD (huge dick) But no more flashing mate keep it for the comps dont want you getting arrested again..
  7. Thundershotsam


    worth buying, i dont like scary games but enjoyed how amazing resi evil was and appreciate though hated the scares and gave up after few hours, buy it used play to appreciate and if cant handle back on ebay!
  8. thought thread was about this lol
  9. broderlands 2 vr now out
  10. howdy doody partner seems like someone been playing too much rdr2 haha
  11. I know sorry i kinda bombed your thread, I know my discussion not answering your OP just related to it. Sorry about that.
  12. Well IM sure playing within a community also more fun and less rageness but still cant beat playing with your IRL friends always the best or you go to a mates and meet other people and play in same room always the best and just fun laughs thats what gaming and pes all about, playing online as said 80% of time im sitting in a raging mood and constnatly angry haha thats not fun is it. But still why is the question? Psychoanalysis of why playing randoms just mostly rage ha
  13. so you think a combination of pressing from top half of team and backing of with defenders is best tactics?
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