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  1. UK: We want a unicorn. EU: Unicorns do not exists. Instead, you can have a pony. UK: We vote against your pony. EU: We already discussed this in details: it's a pony or nothing. UK: We vote against your pony. EU: Alright! Then you get nothing. UK: We vote against your nothing. EU: ...you really don't get it, do you? UK: We need more time to think about it. EU: About a pony or about nothing? UK: We want a unicorn.
  2. bednarek 73->76, Frillypink. kownacki 73 -> 71, not Frillypink, but cant say im surprised. the faces though, they look very real alike, in most cases!
  3. of course it is, you now got Poles to do all dirty stuff for you honestly, theres NO WAY to compare world 50 years ago to nowadays, I hope you realize that. and dragging argument like that out doesn't really give you much credibility in the discussion, honestly. China's economy was non existent, there was no Schengen treaty, europe and uk were still feasting on Marshall plan to make West Germany a counterweight to USSR on the continent etc. oh, and there was no internet and lets face it, this is the prime evil with all the idiocy it spreads. I hope for the best for Europe and UK, but well, I'm skeptic.
  4. except that it's a game where europe is at stake. so what USA is now doing is divide and conquer. united europe is a pita for USA, whoever is in charge. useful idiots like Boris or our polish government hope that opting for uncle sam is better for them. france and germany are the biggest economies in EU and they sure force their hand from time to time, but without europe being united we have no chance (economy and military wise) against USA, China or even Russia with their hand greasy with oil they sell. it might not be the end of the world with your splendid island isolation. but it's a devils play rolling out.
  5. USA, Russia, China. the only beneficiaries of that clownery shame
  6. yeah that feeling when you play a guy who doesn't even want to win, and lose stats agreed I should have taken that shameful goal, stupid me gl Dan! thanks for the season,pal!
  7. Result: 0 - 0 ========== Home Team Manager: baranello Franchise: Santos Players Info Scorers: - Assists: - Clean Sheet: Begovic MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Away Team Manager: Bayer Leverkusen Franchise: @dobermanxedos9 Player Info Scorers: - Assists: - Clean Sheet: Samassa MoTM (if applicable): Mitrovic ========== Match Report: I'll remember this game for two things: last man hack on Kownacki resulting in a straight red for doberman and Kownacki denied his legit revenge by the f**king post in 91st minute :wall: "I really tried to hack him from the side" he said Fun game m8, tight as always, and this time you were lucky to escape from my last minute sniping a winning goal gl for the rest! ** http://proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/140254-fixture-30-baranello-v-doberman/?do=findComment&comment=1388591
  8. Stats agreed, 3rd time lucky your bad luck with my 3rd goal... gl for the rest!
  9. Stats agreed, good game, your team looks sweet with all those big game meat such as Clichy, Alli etc. I had a lucky opening, and then some again in my own box. Good luck for the rest pal!
  10. Just played 3 online games of demo. they have been the best PES games I ever played, ever since PES 6. the flow, ball mechanics, tekkers happening right when you want them and looking ssssssssooo sweeet didn't go thru all 19 pages of the OP, hope you guys feel the same. we're into the treat boyzzzz
  11. Tough game for me lucky to gotten away with a point Stats agreed, good luck for you as well bud!
  12. anybody knows the reasons behind Schone's move to Genoa? @Big Boss @RiQ1987
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