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  1. Stats agreed, it seemed nothing went allright for either teams, kinky first touches, obscene body checks (I felt like Aberdeen players were made of stone and mine made of rubber lol), ball running away from the feet a draw would be probably more justified, but Milik climbed to the peak of his agility for that cheeky header in 90th minute so I took it on impulse. well played, good luck for the rest, Guv!
  2. agreed! yeah he's been on fire great goals from you, well played! gl for the season
  3. At first I thought, wow, marathon, what a guy, to run constantly for 24hrs, it would be painful as f**k. I only saw "Gaming" beside marathon on second glance, and then I actually started to be envious
  4. clearly, the amount of guilt surpasses the weight of the sin looking forward to the revenge as well!
  5. Result: 2 - 1 ========== Home Team Manager: baranello Franchise: Lokomotiv Tashkent Players Info Scorers: Milik x 2 Assists: Corgnet Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): Milik ========== Away Team Manager: @Mickyjustice Franchise: AC Milan Player Info Scorers: Mendy Assists: Muwashar Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Match Report: I'll just quote Micky here instead of writing report "f**king Milik" "That was the worst cutback I have ever seen in my life, baranello"* * disclaimer: it wasn't THAT bad. but it was there i dont think I had any other chance to finish it I asked for forgiveness, reply still pending. good game and good chat, Micky, i'll behave better next time Actually I thought Pato will tear me a new one, luckily, I got to tame him. gl for the rest! ** http://proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/155237-fixture-10-baranello-vs-mickyjustice/?do=findComment&comment=1529237
  6. Result: 0 - 3 ========== Home Team Manager: baranello Franchise: Lokomotiv Tashkent Players Info Scorers: - Assists: - Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Away Team Manager: @Flannybhoy67 Franchise: Celtix Player Info Scorers: Griffiths, Ntcham, Edouard Assists: Forrest, Mulgrew, Piazon Clean Sheet: Lafont MoTM (if applicable): Edouard ========== Match Report: I was nowhere near the ball for whatever reason Also, my 1st choice attackers were on red arrow The only highlight for me was a shot landed on post. Flanny played his game and delivered easily. Good game and Frillypink chat! stay safe pal and get to see your kids finally. gl for the rest ** http://proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/153752-fixture-1-baranello-vs-flannybhoy67/?do=findComment&comment=1518941
  7. Result: 1 - 0 ========== Home Team Manager: baranello Franchise: Lokomotiv Tashkent Players Info Scorers: Fofana Assists: - Clean Sheet: Radu MoTM (if applicable): Fofana ========== Away Team Manager: @dobermanxedos9 Franchise: San Lorenzo Player Info Scorers: - Assists: - Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Match Report: pretty relaxed game, Loko took a lead, and only in 2nd half San Lorenzo pushed the pedal a bit, but failed to equalize thanks for the game! great chat as always. all the best for the rest pal! ** http://proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/153807-fixture-3-baranello-vs-dobermanxedos9/?do=findComment&comment=1519001
  8. Result: 2-2 ========== Home Team Manager: baranello Franchise: Lokomotiv Tashkent Players Info Scorers: Milik, Corgnet Assists: - Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Away Team Manager: @Pagi Franchise: Atalanta Player Info Scorers: Caputo x 2 Assists: Ilicic Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): Caputo ========== Match Report: Even game with a bit more chances on for home side, sadly, only two FKs converted, rest blocked or wide. Atalanta responded with a good counter in the 2nd half. Gl for the rest! thanks for cool chat! ** http://proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/153947-fixture-8-baranello-vs-pagi/?do=findComment&comment=1519150
  9. Agreed, very good game as always! GL for the season!
  10. agreed, yeah that time when ball travelled across the goal 0.5 yd out good game, at least I was able to harness Clavert-Levin the sneaky f**ker this time
  11. agreed, well played good luck for the rest!
  12. oh, that...... yeah my kid used my discord account to talk to his classmates didnt notice, sorry for that
  13. I'm drinking regularly to stand that s**t, but no, not that bad honestly, rambo posted this on facebook
  14. not sure guys if you seen that but if it doesn;t get 50 likes, his wife is putting him back on the house chores until quarantine ends. so be reasonable here
  15. get back to the f**king kitchen
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