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  1. his arm was going inwards, not increasing his body area, I think that was the key. also, just wanted to note that Trippier had a bad day I guess...Sterling was on fire thats for sure, but Trippier didn't really do very well, let sterling pull out waay for too much.
  2. seems like a clear penalty...
  3. Ziyech should've been in the shower already for last 20 minutes, no contribution, just holds the ball or misses shots
  4. yeah...as much as I'd love him to win CL I'd like to see Ajax do this even more! just they need to stick one in and keep their heads cool...
  5. yeah but knowing how they sneaked to quartefinals at all, can you really wonder ?
  6. I wonder how they didn't learn that Ronaldo is doing that ALWAYS, the runaround thing anyway, lucky kick from Ziyech, gooooo Ajax!
  7. I've always been put on CB or LB but I always wanted to be a unicorn CB/LB/DMF
  8. you are probably right, the keeper had a proper wank on this one in the firest place
  9. GK: I need no wall, come test me Szymanski: Hold my beer.
  10. Result: 1 - 3 ========== Home Team Manager: baranello Franchise: Santos Players Info Scorers: Skoda Assists: - Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Away Team Manager: @nizaam Franchise: Braga Player Info Scorers: Bamba, Ben Yeder, Del Castillo Assists: Bamba, Ben Yeder Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Match Report: poor game as a topping to a s**t season. got brand new fibre connection but seems that nizaams african magic does not yield to that thx 4 game ** http://proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/131052-fixture-32-baranello-v-nizzam/?tab=comments#comment-1317005
  11. milan just being robbed by the ref. no penalty, disgusting dive.
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