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  1. spragga

    Apex Legends - Respawn's F2P Battle Royale (out now)

    also read that the game code already has Solo and Duos written in to it, just a matter of time before they open it up. https://screenrant.com/apex-legends-solo-duo-modes/ this does look decent, doubt it will match PUBG for the sneaky sneaky catchy monkey kind of s**t, but each to their own, whats not to like about having more quality games to play, free to boot. dont look as tense as PUBG can get though, more John Rambo than Sam Fisher haha
  2. spragga

    Champions League 2018/19

    cant seem to find anywhere where the press are hounding Man Utd fans for throwing glass bottles of beer at Di Maria? if that was west ham it would be the back page headline "thuggish fans bring back the 80's to english football, AGAIN!" as its Man U, dont really hear jack s**t. just casually mentioned in the press, remember when someone lobbed a can of fosters at the utd bus as it happened to be late and drive down green street during the party being held to mark the last game at Upton Park? well they labelled us animals as rooney might have been hurt haha, f**king levels. still thought Marquinos and Thiago silva were immense, superb positioning all game from Thiago it has to be said
  3. spragga

    30 biggest clubs in the world

    this is a great watch tbf Matt. if you have 30 minutes spare sometime, worth making a brew and watching, mainly about the Hungary team in general,
  4. spragga

    30 biggest clubs in the world

    they are legendary. spawned Puskas, among others, also most of the team formed that unreal Hungary team that changed the way football was played in the 50's bit of a mythical team, as this article mentions, but their impact on football in general means they are more relevant than west brom, Hull City or rugby league teams like Wigan haha
  5. spragga

    Gordon Banks Hovis.

  6. spragga

    Gordon Banks Hovis.

    Passed away this morning, RIP big man Save of the century here. Bobby Moore's reaction after the save says it all.
  7. spragga

    Premier League 2018/19

    This is magnificent, f**king rent boys imploding, glorious. Such a 2 Bob club f**king 4 nil after 25 minutes, superb
  8. spragga

    The uk citizenship test!!!

    was all the answers Mayonaise, Cannabis and Gullit Rijkard and Van Basten? haha
  9. spragga

    DLC. 4.0 February 7

    haha, now thats a touch for ya sean
  10. spragga

    DLC. 4.0 February 7

    only dmf or cmf i believe, still not used the player yet, im sure Diop and him will be ok together anyway.
  11. spragga

    DLC. 4.0 February 7

    was already a cb, now a destroyer though, 70 rated dmf, now a 76 rated rb instead of 79, few stat changes though, looks a bit s**tter now
  12. spragga

    The uk citizenship test!!!

    got 15 out of 24. misread a couple, only putting 1 answer instead of 2. but bollocks to this im as british as they come, but with a dutch surname and russian ancestors haha. still born and bred haha
  13. spragga

    Twitter Tuesday (ish)

    Brings a tear to my eye as my mum is going through all this again 21 years after beating this b*****d of a disease,