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  1. Great football articles

    http://www.thewesthamway.co.uk/2016/07/03/odd-couple-dani-met-dowie/ seriously when i think about how bad things seem at west ham right now, i think back to Dowie leading the line for us and realise thingts aint all that bad tbh. great little piece on the beauty and the be ast, great times tbh, home and away games all the time in the early to mid 90's, shame life changes but i do miss those days.
  2. 90's Football

    80's and 90's football on twitter are just magnificent btw, literally football porn to me
  3. 90's Football

    look carefully, Baggio, Roberto Baggio hung a West Ham scarf on his bedroom wall, omfg!!!! what a lad
  4. Retro gaming systems

    so basically this is just a raspberry pi witrh retrorama installed? looks decnt tbf, especially as they offer a choice of cases to go with it, and some proper pads, let us know how you go with it tez, might look in to this myself
  5. February Update

    not had a good day old rambo haha
  6. February Update

    one of m y worst players after reset 71 N.S. VUKCEVIC turned in to this over night N.S. VUKČEVIĆ looking pretty tidy now, added Anchor man and fighting spirit, plus speed and defensive stuff. crisp
  7. Happy 5 year anniversary PEN

    haha willian jose was a joke back then, im sure you struggled shifting him for 1mill at some time, haha, no f**ker wanted him, now look at him. been funny things like that over the years, love it
  8. February Update

    and you would be well entitled to do so rob.
  9. February Update

    i dont see a better box to box center mid outside the so called top 6 than him rob. when mark noble is probably (not checked) still rated higher than him then something aint right. so yeah, i would have imagined him somewhere around 78, but alas none of my business, enjoy mate
  10. February Update

    tbf, i had doucoure for 4 months or so, waiting for his upgrade, i would have been pretty p**sed to see him only go to a 75 from 73 when he is much better than that imo still he does look better now, touch for you, but had i not reset myself i would have been pretty f**ked off this morning seeing him only 75
  11. Happy 5 year anniversary PEN

    he was brought on the very first deadline day we had, somwething like 25m also looking through the sales list, there was a time where pen had the 1mill player, what the hell happened to us all? greed? you could have 20m and literally buy a back 4 if you wanted hahaha, 20m dont get nowt but gash on here now
  12. Happy 5 year anniversary PEN

    Luca Toni and Chicharito the ultimate little and large combo. also Beckham shame we reset after this season tbf, had Beckham for 4 games i think. also i was the first person to ever recieve a fine on pen, dont think i have ever had another one since, sold forlan for 55 and got an 8 mill fine added to it, that hurt at the time i remember it well.
  13. Need a price guide on Xbox one

    yeah, i got my ps4 from gumtree, and sold a tv that was free to sky customers for 120 nicker, lovely stuff. just gotta have the baseball bat ready for when the person walks up your path, just incase they look a bit lively or something, haha, nah both my gumtree deals were flawless, infact this right sort came round to pick up the tv, she was fit as you like, shame the mrs was here at the time also, haha
  14. Happy 5 year anniversary PEN

    hahaha, yeah it is. i just about spend more time on pen that watching Midget lesbian porn, its close, but pen is still winning the battle for my free time.