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  1. haha, why could it have not been last season? i actually won a league for the first time since pes 2013. wont happen again. great gesture though sami, fair play
  2. Tottenham are the first English team to concede 7 in a champions league game. Another one for the trophy cabinet for spurs, goes along side the we gave Man City something to worry about trophy from a few years ago, haha wankers
  3. Jammed a 4 star rwf scout after a random game, added that to one of the arsenal 4 star to get guaranteed Pepe, which is Frillypink. From these scouts this week I have got Rodrygo, Marcos llorente, theo Hernandez, Tierney, guendouzi, mctominay, Pepe, and Ashley young. Not a bad week of easy to get players, do like the scout incentive of matchday games.
  4. spragga

    EFL Cup 19/20

    haha, had a funny feeling with this one, tbh if any west ham fan never saw this coming, are you even west ham? haha happens all the f**king time, we f**k up so ofen, thats why i could not give it about the spuds.
  5. around 20 seconds in i was thinking it was one of them bad lip reading things with a canny impressionist of Joris. but no its real, magnificent stuff from Bohnson, maybe this Jorsi Bohnson would make a great PM unlike Boris
  6. spragga

    EFL Cup 19/20

    Gonna see how we get on away to Oxford tonight before celebrating the fact these dicks got knocked out, but this did make me laugh.
  7. Cant wait for the MLB game, love me some baseballs.
  8. haha, yeah i only see this coz Joris Bohnson was trending on twitter, typed it in and was rolling about laughing, started to feel sorry for the lad a bit, becoming a meme all because he popped to the local shopping center for a bowl about. video is a classic though, the way he says "I agree with Joris Bohnson, we should stop parliament, and errrm we should ermmm............Leave" legend
  9. Knows his onions this lad, Joris Bhonson hahahahaha
  10. spragga

    myClub 2020

    Got the souped up Laca from the arsenal agent, along with Hazard and Varane from Madrid, gutted really as i already got the 87 rated normal Laca. also when i got the 4star Man u scout and also had a 4star curl scout, that gave me the 2 ;possibilities of Martial and Ashley Young, thought yeah 50/50 i get Martial, err no, as i suspected it was 100% gonna be Ashley young haha but using the 4star Madid scout and 4 star defender (i think) gave me the 2 options of Nacho and Eder Militao, so as they are 82 and 83 rated i went for it, and did get Militao, which was a touch. Most ranked games i play are 1 or 2 star teams though, then use the mental type squads for online comps and the like, think the game plays better with lower rated teams. not having much luck with the agents so far, best players i have spun are probably the laca and Kepa,
  11. lol, i cant believe you forgot this filter bully, hahaha
  12. spragga


    yeah, the scouts themselves are worth the effort, still got my 6 milan ones and 4 european ones from last week, haha, will come in handy sometime soon i guess.
  13. spragga


    yeah played a few of these in the past few weeks. mainly for the 4 star scouts, as i cant be arsed to play more than 1 or 2 games, touch atm is i can play 1 game in the man u, Arsenal one, then go and play in the madrid derby one for 4 scouts. other than that its a load of bollocks, juiced up teams (non myclub ones) all on up arrows, being hounded to death as soon as you get the ball in this mode is far more intense that normal games, haha
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