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  1. spragga

    Premier League 2018/19

  2. spragga


    yeah see that earlier, f**king quality that is.
  3. spragga

    Favourite sweets, candy, pastries etc

    A confirmation party? can imagine a few throwing an alexselva deal, haha we should all throw confirmation parties when he agrees a deal with someone, haha
  4. spragga

    The f**king drinks thread

    Love Vanilla Coke. Pepsi. Dr Pepper and Cherry 7up used to be my drink of choice when cained. do drink a lot of Cranberry juice in the morning, gotta get that 1 of my 5 a day, haha Tea, tea, tea all day long, the yorkshire variety, gold if on a special in the supermarket. Un Bongo
  5. spragga

    Best burger you ever had?

    Moody means fake. like if you go down the local market and get a pair of nike trainers, they are gonna be moody Nikes Mickey burger was a moody McDonalds haha, but the burgers were immense, not as good as a proper rinser like being posted on here, but i was on massive comedowns in Lanzorote every daytime so maybe thats why my memory of them is soooo good, haha
  6. spragga

    Best burger you ever had?

    Best burger I ever had was at a place called Mickey's burger in Lanzarote, dunno why it was so insanely good, but in my 2 visits to Lanzarote I pretty much had a Mickey burger every day or at least every other. Like a moody McDonald's but imo better,
  7. spragga

    Favourite sweets, candy, pastries etc

    Fantastic things Still can't believe they renamed them Daim bar from Dime bar, you would call proper think stupid kids, dime bar at school, guess too many people moaned that their kid is being called a dime bar rather than thick twat, so Daim actually became a thing.
  8. Confirmed. Manual at its purist this one haha
  9. spragga

    Favourite sweets, candy, pastries etc

    talking of moreish
  10. spragga

    Favourite sweets, candy, pastries etc

    used to get these all the time in the 80's, beautiful and who didnt love these?
  11. spragga

    Favourite sweets, candy, pastries etc

    Family member went to Australia few years back, brought back 3 or 4 packs or Tim Tams, basically a version of a Penguin bar, they were unreal, so f**king Frillypink, have a range of different flavour ones, well worth checking out, not sure if they sell them in many places in the uk, but they are immense. also love caramac as sunzi said, used to chew the metal gold wrapper as a teenager to get some mad buzz from it interacting with any fillings you had in your mouth, haha, was crazy
  12. spragga

    Favourite sweets, candy, pastries etc

    always wanted to try a battered Mars bar tbh. i think i would find it decent..
  13. spragga

    Favourite sweets, candy, pastries etc

    best thread created here in ages. hope it dont degenarate in to mindless violence from the Fruit Salad v's BlackJack fan boys... anyway, love sweets/crisps/cake and all that, the woman makes a wicked rocky road, filled with pieces of double decker, mars, maltesers, matchmakers, f**king superb... i love love heart and them double lollys from swizzles, infact i love all swizzles stuff apart from Parma Violets.. but my go to sweet from being a kid are Tooty Frooties, amazing
  14. antofagasta for dj's team