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  1. Result: 1-2 ========== Home Team Manager: @pranabrb Franchise: Bordeaux Players Info Scorers: A. Januzaj Assists: - Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Away Team Manager: @JeDaGi1961 Franchise: Lille Player Info Scorers: T. Matavz, N. Roux Assists: A. Umar, C. Lenglet Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): T. Matavz ========== Match Report: A tight edge of the seat thriller this ! The home team were in control for the first 30 mins, until Matavz got the lead for Lille . There was nothing but the goal to separate the teams at Half time . But then in the second half, the Lille keeper had a moment of brain freeze ( similar to a German 2nd division keeper two years ago) , and found himself chilling inside the goal, which Januzaj took advantage of and just scored inside an unguarded net. Funny, crazy, weird , or in one word - Konami . From then on, it was end to end , with both defences coming up Trump's .and the match had both the sides hitting the cross bars from free kicks too . Finally in the 89th min, from a corner, Roux scored the winner, that left the bordeux support in pin drop silence . It was too late for them to get anything out of the game . And for their manager, a 4th later heartbreak this season , which is proving to be a tough one for Bordeaux and him . The relegation battle is on! Cheers @JeDaGi1961, it was fun ! Well played , and all the best for the rest of the season! Cheers, Pranab "PB
  2. @Nipper_lawrencecompletely agree with every single point , and have many more of mine . The biggest thing is , I am not getting the "High" or "happiness" on playing this game after a long day at work . But ,I have noticed , that if I come up against an opposition ( almost always PEN guys, who have a Frillypink style of play, and who don't double press like crazy ) , I actually enjoy the game a bit . But the moment I come up against opposition , who hit that 40 yard straight ground pass to the striker, and Do a one -two , or just turn and shoot ( while I am p**sed off for that very second , because they bypassed my Well positioned CDMs as is they were KDB , but they weren't ; ) that p**ses me off But what p**ses me off most, is how dumb the CBs become just after our GK clears a ball. If the opposition wins it near the halfway line, with just two quick passes, their Forward will suddenly be in Acres of space ( because one CB would conveniently move as far away from his partner as possible ) . Easily throughball and goal. And this happens mostly in games where I defend with all concentration with a backline of 4 and 2 deep CDMs . This could be solved , if the defenders are not "switched off " by Konami during these transitions . This didn't happen in PES 2019 . Goal keeper saves almost always fall to the opposition for an easy goal. Just two days ago, I was actively tracking a left winger with my right back while using the double press button to pressurise the player in the ball with my CDM . The Player passed to the Left winger , as expected , and in that moment of AI switch, Konami made my Right back take an opposite turn and then resume his run .. the left winger was free on goal and scored . Happened multiple times . So I have also been playing PES 2019 a bit since two weeks . Yes the speed of the game feels line the players are on drugs . But so many of the above issues are just not present there . Defending is still a delight . Player movement feels much better. I just want a fair game , and my team's AI to be more consistent and real ! And I am done with the 4-3 , 5-4 injury time losses and wins . Way too many of them happening with or against me, and none of them have given me the thrill .
  3. Hey @Gale_Kast, welcome ! Add me for friendlies - pSn ID - ePikbhelBhatta
  4. Welcome @Ketrato ! Add me for friendlies . PSN ID : ePikbhelBhatta
  5. Welcome to PEN @Serchenko9 ! Add me for friendlies . PSN ID : ePikbhelBhatta
  6. Just saw this ! Welcome aboard @Pran_psy08 ! This is the best place to play PES ! The Indian representation is slowly growing Cheers, Pranab "PB"
  7. Stats agreed @munkfish ! It was a really tight battle indeed. My counter against your build up play , which was patient and amazing on the eye. Had to concentrate like hell to defend. Fun game ! Cheers for the rest of the season ! - Pranab "PB"
  8. Result: 1-5 ========== Home Team Manager: @pranabrb Franchise: Bordeaux Players Info Scorers: Joao Pedro Assists: G. Sio Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Away Team Manager: @swinny Franchise:Everton Player Info Scorers: A. Hamdallah (4), T. Rincon Assists: A. Zivkovic (3), Sabin Merino Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): A. Hamdallah ========== Match Report: Bordeaux absolutely battered by D1W championship Challenger, Everton. After a tight first half which was going good at ,1-1 . Bordeaux made a silly error in a dangerous position , which resulted in Everton taking a 1-2 lead into half time . And since then it was one way traffic . A. Hamdallah was on fire ! The Bordeaux defence was all over the place , and striker Slimani, was hiding either in the bench , or on the pitch once he was subbed in . Good game @swinny ! Cheers for the rest of the season .
  9. Keepers all around the world enjoying this community night like ... Frillypink event it was indeed !
  10. Whoa that's a surprise ! Cheers to all the participants , and congrats to the winners ! @Kaiser-1, that away kit shirt design is brilliant !
  11. Stats agreed @Sami3lungs Firstly , superb write up ! I absolutely enjoyed this one , after spending exactly half my day at work . The first half , even though was completely dominated by Chambly ,it was actually tactical , as I, being from the Jose Mourinho school of Dark arts and defensive mastery , just love to defend , and was relishing the superb build up play , and every tackle of mine was like a High five to myself . But then I realised , this is a league game , I need to put the lazy guys at front to work . I liked how the momentum of the match switched so suddenly in the second half , with one attack of mine . And it gave me confidence go on and on ..leading to an unrelated mistake , and the first goal . From then on , it was really enjoyable ! And for the 4th time in 3 seasons I lost to the very last Play of the match ! It used to hurt back then, but now I just have learnt to appreciate it, and accept that it was a good game It was fun and a pleasure chatting with you ! All the best for the rest of the season !
  12. Hey @tezmac Can we please have it at 9 pm. It would be 2:30 am here in India . If I had not got work at 10 am tomorrow , would have not mind. Anyway will try to make it . Cheers, Pranab "PB"
  13. Stats agreed @Bullstein ! You were just unlucky , and I just got some easy goals at the right moments . Very well played . All the best for the rest of the season ! I had to record the game , just for that Double post thing . It comes at 13:09 .
  14. Result: 1-5 ========== Home Team Manager: @pranabrb Franchise: Bordeaux Players Info Scorers: Derlis Gonzalez Assists: I. Slimani Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Away Team Manager: @fungusking Franchise: Sampdoria Player Info Scorers: Luan (2), J. Quintero, M. Terrier, E. Shomurodov Assists: Alisson (2), D. Barbona, E. Shomurodov Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): Luan ========== Match Report: Well a match with a very tight and end to end first half , turned into a horrific one in the second for home manager Pranab. His team showed good discipline in defense and maintained shape and went 1-2 into half time . But the decision to focus on attack in the second with the call to the Centre back to be aggressive on the opposition led to some real bad positioning , which was perfectly exploited by Sampdoria players . Some clinical finishing just kept taking the game painfully away from Bordeaux, who actually were controlling the game and creating chances in the final third , to no avail. Special mention to a brilliant 25 yarder free kick. Star striker Slimani, seemed to be out of form and that just didn't help Pranab's cause . The horror start to the campaign continues , and Bordeaux home struggle should worry Pranab now. It will be a long season , and a tough battle for relegation indeed . Cheers mate ! It was a good game and a good chat ! All the best for the rest of the season !
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