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  1. Stats agreed @fungusking ! It was a crazy match . I just had no clue how to stay in the game . But some superb goals ( at least 5 of them ) in the match . Cheers !
  2. Can an Admin please change the number of Goals of G. Caprari to 3. The assists remain the same . Let me know if the thread needs to be posted again .
  3. Result: 2-5 ========== Home Team Manager: @pranabrb Franchise: Bordeaux Players Info Scorers: I. Slimani, Derlis Gonzalez Assists: Clinton Mata Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Away Team Manager: @Bullstein Franchise: Utretcht Player Info Scorers: R. Vormer, G. Caprari (3), Raul De Tomas Assists: P. Kaderabek Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): G. Caprari ========== Match Report: It was one crazy Match ! From 1-1 , to 2-3 at half time . And then the game just went the way of the away team . End to end stuff , and was fun ! Cheers for the game, and all the best the the last fixture of the season @Bullstein !
  4. Stats agreed @alexselva! The winner was a wonderful goal indeed ! Superb assist it would look for the neutral . Cheers for the game , and good luck for the rest.
  5. Result: 1-5 ========== Home Team Manager: @pranabrb Franchise: Bordeaux Players Info Scorers: R. Rodelin Assists: Bernard Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Away Team Manager: @alexselva Franchise: Bologna Player Info Scorers: A .Gomez (4), Willian Assists: A. Iwobi, M .Pasalic Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): A. Gomez ========== Match Report: Newspaper Headlines : "That night when whatever King Gomez touched turned to GOAL" One helluva match . Started with the first attack being a trademark Teji Savanier Hollywood ball to Bernard , who didn't catch the ball well and drove it straight to the keeper . Immediately followed by a narrow miss by forward Rodelin . This was the action in the first minute of the game! But from then on, it was the Alejandro Gomez show ! A beautiful free- kick - goal ! An edge of the box snapshot - Goal , An opportunistic finish to wake the sleeping Bordeaux defender - Goal ! It didn't rain goals, it poured . And the home team , though not playing that badly , just didn't understand what hit them like a tornado . Home team manager Pranab was left scratching his head at full time, wondering what went wrong. Maybe not much, and just that the visitors had a day of exceptional finishing . This surely makes the relegation zone interesting now . Well played mate @alexselva ! Waiting for the reverse fixture to maybe not concede so much
  6. Stats Agreed @Tottiwhat! Frillypink write up ! It was a fun game . I was lucky to not have been 3-4 goals down in the first half. Second half was a good contest . If not for the brilliant save by your keeper, Bernard would have broken Santos' hearts completely by finishing a crazy Hollywood ball by Teji Savanier . Cheers , Pranab "PB"
  7. Result: 1-0 ========== Home Team Manager: @pranabrb Franchise: Bordeaux Players Info Scorers: I. Slimani Assists: B. Douglas Clean Sheet: V. Babacan MoTM (if applicable): I. Slimani ========== Away Team Manager: @Sami3lungs Franchise: Chambly Player Info Scorers: - Assists: - Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Match Report: A tightly contested battle this was . Both team showing some brilliance in defence. The match started quite even ,but was being played in midfield . But then the away side , Chambly , had a spell of intense attacking near the end of the first half , and went very close to goal just before half time. They started the second half in same fashion , and for most part of it, Bordeaux were pegged back to their own half . It was wave after wave of attack being stopped either by some stupendous defending by back up CB , W. Moke -Abro or by one or two good saves by back up keeper Volkan Babacan . Chambly were unlucky once , when they hit the post from a position where Babacan had just given up hope. But then came the twist , the only substitute of the game Bordeaux , the fake slim shady, Islam slimani, actually stood up and scored a fine left footed low half volleyish shot directly from a cross from the left just after coming onto the pitch . It was a goal which surprised even the home manager ,who has been left disappointed with his main target man for misfiring all throughout the season . It was a fine goal which not only gave the home team a rare win , but also brought the Unbeaten run of manager @Sami3lungs to a halt . Incredible feat that ! Yes, this has to be one of the upsets of the season for sure. It was fun @Sami3lungs ! You were a bit unlucky , but a fair game overall . Cheers and all the best for the rest of the season ! - Pranab "PB"
  8. And notices a thing about finishing , that was not that glaringly obvious in PES 2019 . In the match that Konami want's me to score, no matter which side of the goal I will point , the ball will go past the keeper. But then I had 2-3 matches , where I was in complete control , playing the game in the counter and my striker was through on goal 4 times , one on one .. every 3 times the ball went wide , and one time the keeper saved. I was in the exact same situation twice in the immediate next match , I was just pointing at the keeper and pressing shoot, and the ball conveniently found its way past the keeper from his side ( not through the legs) But what the hell . Have to get on with it. Only changing to Manual will help I think.
  9. Completely agree with all the points here , @Tazarr, @Sunzibad, @Bullstein, @Jookoi, @Jakey Fantastic , @Rdotman ! Will keep them in mind .I've really been trying to ignore the faults and try and play the game at a slower pace ( if possible) , to get to know the changes if any . Also regarding the connection. I have played a lot of Offline matches, ML or Normal kick off, which felt lag wise no different than all my Online games with European oppostion. I will need to monitor how the connection has an effect . But also I made two big mistakes too . In frustration . Last month I downloaded PES 2020 demo , played it a bit. loves it . And then reinstalled PES 2019 too . I spent one whole weekend transferring players manually for all the big teams , also updated kits to reflect the current season designs .At least that gave me some happiness ( rather than Option file method ) . This all I had to do to take a break from PES 2020, last month . I started a career in PES 2019 with Leicester . And to be very honest it felt so much better than the 2-3 ML seasons I had played on PES 2020. Gameplay, Menu - ease of navigation , transfers ( which were already bad) everything . I could actually completely implement the Foxes' current style of play in PES 2019 much better in comparison to PES 2020. But what do I do about how Assisted PA1 feels ? That won't be changed with connection? That is the fault of the game right ? It's as if the game has no calibration with the left analog stick and also the input power we give . Only solution to that for me currently seems , is to switch to FUMA ( atleast the pass will go always where I intend it to ). But that would take away any fun that I have in League matches in PS4 D1W . This brilliant community and the transfer market ,the comm events , and also the patient way the members play , are what has kept me clinging onto this game. But atleast once a week the game really p**ses me off mostly due to the AI weirdness and momentum. ( and I am not that kind of guy who gets agitated. On the contrary I consider myself to be a cool head ) . Maybe I am overplaying the game . Maybe I am too analytical. Maybe I am stuck with PES 2019 in my head and need to break up . I don't know . But what I know is, if a game is good , one directly builds a connection with it. I had that connection with F1 2019 , the day I bought it. I found it easily a step up from F1 2018. And lot of subtle changes , and I never felt like going back . Again that is another game which has average looking menus and all , but a fun gameplay . Sadly finding it really tough to build that connection with this game . Anyway, I will try and be less analytical about this game . And also closely monitor the effect network has on each game. Will surely have to learn to dribble too ( as I find attacking boring because I can't dribble and just keep a low block and enjoy the game in my own half) . Maybe learning to dribble might cheer me up a bit . If anyone has any Dribbling suggestions , please create a post or something and do tag me in it . ( I sold januzaj recently because of my inability and frustration ) Here's hoping for no more rants ! Merry Christmas all ! Cheers, Pranab "PB"
  10. Will take note of that. But what about a game which feels heavily out of control one half , and then completely under control the other half . So unfair to both the players . And feels completely automated . As during the phases when big brother Konami is on my side , I can point anywhere and press Pass button, it will always go to the right person with the right weight of pass. And always my finish goes past the keeper . I am seeing it so much so often that spoils the mood totally ..and there are games I defend so well, and feel confident , and then For no reason one of my CBs just drag themselves wide, and leave a gaping gap to put an opponent striker through for a sure shot goal. So many more such AI positioning awfulness that I can go on and on. And I am noticing everything more and more everygame , and also feeling that so many actions repeat so frequently with every passing game . This just want the case with PES 2019, and That's what irks me.
  11. There is no lag at all in single player Online. I play against Madhu, who is in the same city as me, and I play against other PEN players based in Europe. It's exactly the same. Surely no input delay or connection issue or lag. 100% sure about that . To me the game feels exactly the same online against Indians as it does against European opponents . Which is exactly how the reaction of players is offline . The online co-op thing is just weird . It's absolutely unplayable. I mean , the input delay is so much, that the player always takes a touch first and then the next action is registered . I thus struggle so much during community nights . luckily it's all played in fun , and I can ignore the delay. But I , it other Indians won't be able to play an online co-op match without hurting the team .
  12. Ok. So it took me more than a month to get used to the game , and start winning and drawing ( and not continuously losing ). But I am one of those guys, to whom a small but important bug magnifies significantly and spoils the complete experience . In PES 2019, there were issues, but none so glaring that it would spoil the complete experience at all. Even after 5-6 months of playing , I discovered some new actions in the game which were so pleasing . And most importantly "Konami" would intervene just once in maybe 15 games . Which would suck, but it's a ratio that's acceptable. Coming back to PES 2020 - GAMEPLAY : What on Earth have they made ? I have been told 1000 times , "you'll have to get used to the 'new' game play." I respected that advice , played a lot , and tried to make peace with the game . Last month , I played with that ignorance , and felt okay ( as I had too much crap going on in work and life , that I couldn't afford to let a game get to me). But since the last two weeks, my original senses are awake again, and the game is getting more intolerable with each passing day . Reason 1: How assisted is PA1 ? Examples - 1) I am the CDM , my RB is past the halfway line, I point right at the RB and press Triangle ....and the ball goes to my Center Forward ! 2) I am the CM, who is deep in his half, I want to play a tasty diagonal ( I have all the cards, low trajectory, weighted pass). I press the combination for lofted throughball, and sometimes the ball is just lofted for 20 yards to the other CM ! 3) I want to switch from my Left CM to my free RM . I give 80% power, and the ball correctly goes to the recepient. Just after 5 minutes, same situation, this time I just give 20% power, and the exact same pass is executed perfectly. Feels just so unreal . Reason 2 : Switching 8 out of 10 times , after switching, for 1 second you have no control over the player you have switched too and more often than not they start running in the opposite direction to what you want, already handing the opponent an unfair advantage. Reason 3 : Konami acting as big brother If the above two reasons don't p**s me enough ( I am actually raging within by now ). Big brother Konami decides to spoil it even more. So , the last two days I have played around 10 games ,where the first half and Second half were polar opposites . First half my players just couldn't be anywhere near the ball, while the second half my players just would leave the ball at all . And worse, if I switch to 4-1-2-1-2 from 4-3-3 in the second half, just pass pass pass shoot with my eyes closed results in goals ! Have scored 3-4 goals in the second half using this awfully overpowered , Konami helped tactics , for 5-6 matches . Especially shocking because I am more about defending and counter and I don't even take much shots, as I can't dribble with my wingers at all . Konami intervene in 8 out of 10 matches for me, and it's really obvious . Feels like putting my controller down after half a match in such cases . ( If I do so, I thing the AI might end up playing it enough to just concede 1 or 2 goals only in the half ) Reason 4 : DRIBBLING Don't even want to start talking about it . MASTER LEAGUE : Horrible horrible main ML menu . So difficult to navigate the top menu. Why , just why ? They said the new thing this year will be that the Wages and player value will be like the real world . L-O-L . Whatever you do . Only the players that the awfully random scouting system will throw at you are available, that too at dirt cheap prices . The ones on your wishlist, which would actually suit the system of your team , well forget that . Have started seasons with Wolves, Leicester, Everton . Didn't feel like playing it after first two windows, as my squad was completely sorted by then , with Difficulty of transfers set to the hardest level. And also because , there was nothing new to offer what wasn't there is PES 2018 and 2019. And finally - TOP MENU : Well, whoever designed the Top menu , or whoever passed it to be fit for the final product, should just change their role . Don't see any sense at all in it . Don't know who makes a scrolling list on the first page . Don't know why they have Arrow like things on the sub-menu items, even when there aren't any more sub-menus and giving right direction on left analog stick does no action. Bottom line : I have played this game enough , and against a diverse list of gamers , and quite a lot of matches to easily conclude , that in comparison to PES 2019 ( which is a fair comparison ) , this game is a HUGE downgrade , in every single department. And i'm really grasping on straws here . The only game which used to actually give happiness after a s**tty day at work , is actually p**sing me off more than anything . P.S. : Indian players still can't play online co-op , because there is a massive input delay . Konami doesn't care, and we don't have enough representation to raise our voice .
  13. Welcome @Priyeshj7 to PEN ! The best place to be for PES ! Goodness, the Indian contingent keeps growing . This time, last year, I was tired of posting on Reddit to find other Indian PES players . And also being p**sed about having massive input delay in online co-op ( Konami still haven't fixed that ) Add as many PEN managers to your PSN and get playing them friendlies, thick and fast. According to existing member feedback you will get a league slot , whenever there is an opening . P.S. : I don't rant much here, just because it's just way too fun an atmosphere and managers really play with respect, without exploiting the broken components of the game ! Cheers, Pranab "PB"
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