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  1. Data Pack 4 is Go

    Been touched though, as you pointed out
  2. Data Pack 4 is Go

  3. Data Pack 4 is Go

    Havent seen any. Very few IF any
  4. Data Pack 4 is Go

    Looks like very few if any stat changes
  5. Data Pack 4 is Go

  6. Chill

  7. Scottish football thread

    Livingston 1300 average attendance Greenock 2000 (Thats only from big gates v St Mirren) Dumbarton 9th 846 Lets be honest the teams that would come into the league would be of a poorer standard than the already poor bottom 6. If Scottish teams are to progress in Europe etc. they need to be playing better opposition more often. Agree on the tv deal, its up this Summer, they need to put the foot down, go with out tv for a while if need be. Read an article about it the other day, compared to comparable leagues the deal we get is terrible. BT supposedly looking for sole control, hopefully they get it as Skys coverage is s**te.
  8. Scottish football thread

    Personally not in favour of a bigger league, adds a s**tload of s**t games. Would much rather play Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs four times than playing the likes of Dumbarton, Queen of the South, Greenock, Livingston
  9. Scottish football thread

    Not perfect but next season, why dont they 'guess' the top six. So at start of the season they base the next seasons fixtures on the top six being the same as the previous season.
  10. Scottish football thread

    Thanks for the offer, but we'll be continuing to throw the onion bears out of their section for Glasgow Derbys, and filling their area with Celtic stickers. Cheers. https://celtsarehere.com/broomland-end-is-green-and-white-gers-fans-disgust-as-celtic-stickers-remain/
  11. Safe Standing Debate

    @djquantum has a season ticket in the Celtic safe standing section I think. I prefer standing at the football mostly, I think its right for those who want to stand to have that option. Its been great at Celtic Park, and it certainly helps generate a better atmosphere.
  12. Safe Standing Debate

  13. April's third event will be....

    Xbox people have voted for all potential outcomes.
  14. European Football

    f**king beautiful Forza Napoli Not only do Juve have to go to Inter, they also have to go to Rome to play Roma. There was 20,000 Napoli fans at the airport last night, at 2/3 am. Theres footage of Sarri giving the Juventini the finger arriving at the stadium too haha @alexselva Yous buys going to get involved in this party next weekend in Torino ?
  15. Sofascore app - track your players!

    I use fotmob, can do the same on there afaik