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  1. Seanachais

    Fixture 23: Rambo v Seanachais - [Confirmed]

    Well played Bambi. You hung in there and took the lead totally against the run of play. I havent dominated a half as much as I did that first half all season but 2 shots on target from 14 in the game aint good enough. I should of shut up shop when I took the lead on '78 but you finished well to snatch the draw. All he best, might see you in the champions league.
  2. Result: 0-0 ========== Home Team Manager: Seanachais Franchise: St Pauli Players Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: Bravo MoTM (if applicable): Bravo ========== Away Team Manager: @Goat261 Franchise: Man City Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: Sorrentino MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Exciting enough game with a good few chances at both ends. The best of them came in the last 5 minutes as we both missed great opportunities to win the game. Always a pleasure brother Goat, catch you again soon buddy
  3. Not a great night the last night out, hopefully get back to winning ways in this one. Whos available for the new World Champions ? Sean Boss Flanny Matty Jookoi Cullen Fifty Seanachais @Brizzle @BenStatman @tezombie @djquantum @Big Boss @RiQ1987 @Jookoi @Sunzibad @Oldeuboi  @DJTruckstop76 @baranello @rambovanhardnut @spragga @ParrishJ @frooking @j0rd4n500 @Flannybhoy67 @RenPalmeiras @Cullen @BAZ @Zakremoor @Bridgey @FiftyShadesMCFC @AlexCage @Janguv @miken333 @MattyPThaG @Mowgles
  4. Seanachais

    World Cup 2018

    Place going football crazy over in Croatia bud ??
  5. Seanachais

    Scottish football thread season 18/19

    Calling games off cause yous havent enough players ? Whats that all about?
  6. Seanachais

    Summer Transfers 2018

    Thats a massive overpay on Anderson. Great deal for Lazio. Only started 9 of the 23 league games he was available for last season. Showed for 1 season a couple of years back how good he can be, but will be very surprised if he reaches those heights again.
  7. Seanachais

    Fixture 18: AlexCage v Seanachais - [Confirmed]

    Agreed I got my revenge Attention other managers, tackle Samp hard and they wilt like delicate flowers. In fairness Alex you deserved something from the game, but ill gladly take all 3 points. All the best in the rest buddy, a pleasure as always.
  8. Seanachais

    Summer Transfers 2018

    Paulinho back to Guangzou lol @AlexCage Whats the deal here? Some saying permanent some saying one year loan.
  9. Seanachais

    Game v Brazil Sunday night at 10

    Team for tonight - 4-3-3 with personnel kept the same where possible GK - Our good friend CPU RCB - Sean LCB - @Brizzle LB - @tezombie RB - @j0rd4n500 DMF - @Big Boss CMF - @FiftyShadesMCFC AMF - Sean SS/LWF - @Cullen SS/RWF - @Flannybhoy67 CF - @AlexCage
  10. Seanachais

    World Cup 2018

  11. Seanachais

    Game v Brazil Sunday night at 10

    Pogba is dissapointed
  12. 2nd group game this Sunday at 10pm. Whos available ? Great performance the last day, lets try and keep it going. Seanachais @Brizzle @BenStatman @tezombie @djquantum @Big Boss @RiQ1987 @Jookoi @Sunzibad @Oldeuboi  @DJTruckstop76 @baranello @rambovanhardnut @spragga @ParrishJ @frooking @j0rd4n500 @Flannybhoy67 @RenPalmeiras @Cullen @BAZ @Zakremoor @Bridgey @FiftyShadesMCFC @AlexCage @Janguv @miken333 @MattyPThaG @Mowgles
  13. Result: 3-4 ========== Home Team Manager: Sean Franchise: St Pauli Players Info Scorers: Dzsudzsak, Konoplyanka and Inui Assists: Konoplyanka and Sanchez Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @DJTruckstop76 Franchise: Bristol City Player Info Scorers: Nestorovski x 2, Obiang and Everton Ribeiro Assists: Piatti, Obiang, Ribeiro and Cosaro Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Nestorovski ========== Match Report: Well beaten here despite the tight scoreline. two last minute goals distorting the score. I do often struggle against you Chris, not sure why cause your f**king muck. Only messing, Nestor is a pain in the hole hes so good and you are clinical and effective in the final third, on the back of a Frillypink possession based game. Always a pleasure bud, look forward to the return.
  14. Seanachais

    Fixture 6: AlexCage v Carteisian - [Confirmed]

    Keep eeking out these draws and you might stay up cagemaster
  15. Seanachais

    Fixture 03: rdotman V Seanachais - [Confirmed]

    Agreed Well done bud. As you say the tactical changes worked a treat and gave you the upper hand. My goal was s**t as well All the best

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