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  1. Agreed Well played amigo was an enjoyable run out and happy with a point with how the game went especially considering that save at the end
  2. Result: 1-1 ========== Home Team Manager: Sean Franchise: Rayo Players Info Scorers: zarate Assists: bertolacci Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @ClaretMatt Franchise: sporting Player Info Scorers: wood Assists: barnes Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): wood ========== Match Report: Good game pal. I look forward to the return. Best of luck
  3. Agreed Ye enjoyable game Boss. A draw about fair but as you say you had the better chances. Couple of Frillypink finishes on both sides
  4. Result: 2-0 ========== Home Team Manager: Sean Franchise: Rayo Players Info Scorers: Konoplyanka and Rog Assists: Zarate Clean Sheet: Bravo MoTM (if applicable): Konoplyanka ========== Away Team Manager: @Lisoti Franchise: Brugge Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: hard luck Lisoti
  5. Agreed Well played pal you battered me Assists were Muller x 2 and Wu Lei all for Sanfrecce
  6. Lads I'm stepping down as captain. Been doing it a while now and having to chase lads to get 8 players most weeks has taken the fun out of it a bit for me. I know Boss isnt interested in taking on the captain's role anymore either. So if the team is to keep going it's going to need someone to take the reigns in terms of organising fixtures etc. So if anyone want to do it let me know and i can give you the info and let the organisers know. @Brizzle @djquantum @BenStatman @wheresmark @JamboGee92 @Kaizer @Lisoti @Kaupp @Big Boss @Gregmeister @Jookoi @Vegasvoss @Clarkof @CMYKhazi @baranello @tezmac @Phillyrich @Janguv
  7. 7 now so lets play. Khazi will you get a party going @Brizzle @djquantum @BenStatman @Goat261 @wheresmark @ParrishJ @Zakremoor @JamboGee92 @Fubar @Stev3n86 @rambovanhardnut @Kaizer @Lisoti @venom984 @ajbhat1990 @thecomposer @Kaupp @Treny1984 @Big Boss @Tjodd @Gregmeister @Pagi @Jookoi @Vegasvoss @Clarkof @CMYKhazi @baranello @tezmac @alexselva @Bridgey @Phillyrich @Janguv
  8. No game tonight not enough @Brizzle @djquantum @BenStatman @Goat261 @wheresmark @ParrishJ @Zakremoor @JamboGee92 @Fubar @Stev3n86 @rambovanhardnut @Kaizer @Lisoti @venom984 @ajbhat1990 @thecomposer @Kaupp @Treny1984 @Big Boss @Tjodd @Gregmeister @Pagi @Jookoi @Vegasvoss @Clarkof @CMYKhazi @baranello @tezmac @alexselva @Bridgey @Phillyrich @Janguv
  9. Who's available ? @Brizzle @djquantum @BenStatman @Goat261 @wheresmark @ParrishJ @Zakremoor @JamboGee92 @Fubar @Stev3n86 @rambovanhardnut @Kaizer @Lisoti @venom984 @ajbhat1990 @thecomposer @Kaupp @Treny1984 @Big Boss @Tjodd @Gregmeister @Pagi @Jookoi @Vegasvoss @Clarkof @CMYKhazi @baranello @tezmac @alexselva @Bridgey @Phillyrich @Janguv
  10. End of the day lads if we are struggling to get numbers for games (last few have been the same) this 11v11 craic will come to an end. It's self explanatory. Not enough players = no team. So time to pull the finger out or call it a day. @Brizzle @djquantum @BenStatman @Goat261 @wheresmark @ParrishJ @Zakremoor @JamboGee92 @Fubar @Stev3n86 @rambovanhardnut @Kaizer @Lisoti @venom984 @ajbhat1990 @thecomposer @Kaupp @Treny1984 @Big Boss @Tjodd @Gregmeister @Pagi @Jookoi @Vegasvoss @Clarkof @CMYKhazi @baranello @tezmac @alexselva @Bridgey @Phillyrich @Janguv
  11. Anyone else around? Have 5 atm @Brizzle @djquantum @BenStatman @Goat261 @wheresmark @ParrishJ @Zakremoor @JamboGee92 @Fubar @Stev3n86 @rambovanhardnut @Kaizer @Lisoti @venom984 @ajbhat1990 @thecomposer @Kaupp @Treny1984 @Big Boss @Tjodd @Gregmeister @Pagi @Jookoi @Vegasvoss @Clarkof @CMYKhazi @baranello @tezmac @alexselva @Bridgey @Phillyrich @Janguv
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