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  1. im surprised. Pes18 i got region 3 but not region locked, i guess they changed it?
  2. I got PES 19 Z3 asian version and founded out I can't play with any other servers, excepted for these 3 below. I think it's region locked. Even for Pes 17 and 18 I also got asian version but was able to play everyone. Does anyone outside of UK having this kind of problems? and are you guys from UK able to play anyone outside UK? This worries me, what should I do? I asked the game seller, and he said I need to wait for new patch for it to be unlocked, but can't see it happening
  3. yep 76 AMF, surprised move you think he’ll be a starter at Fener?
  4. only couple days you guys should be waiting lol
  5. gameplay is pretty slow, slower than demo i think
  6. Valverde not ig bruh Guendouzi 69 Cmf box to box, rising shot and weight pass kluivert - scissor fient, cut behind and turn, steop on skill control, rising shots, trickster, mazing/incisive run, speed bullet
  7. a store in Thailand, it actually came out couple days ago, I just known lol
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