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  1. He’s not bad, had some chances, one big chances but skied it
  2. D rock96


    Oh s**t I forgot it’s already march lool thought its still feb
  3. D rock96


    So March 12th huh, only over a month from now
  4. So is Alisson last night
  5. Imo still better than De gea lol
  6. Did you watch the game against Bayern? He made some incredible saves with his feet, chests, etc. His decision making maybe poor at times but when it comes to reflex he’s not that s**t. The goals that been conceded was by defenders mistakes, poor read of the game not his fault. He’s much more reliable than kepa at least he aint just stand there and watch the ball pass through him. I mean what you expect from a 38 year old man. He’s doing his best tbh
  7. Don’t understand how some idiotic Chelski fans say they should bring Kepa back in goal. Since Willy was brought in, he’s been doing quite well, and made some terrific saves where Kepa wouldnt be able to. So even though he let in 10 goals in past 6, he’s not the one to blame really, defenders are just s**t.
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