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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-52231592
  2. http://content.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1860871_1860876_1861029,00.html they are HERE 🤪
  3. Did anyone see David Icke on LondonReal last night? A quick google and you will find the whole video. I skimmed through it but basically: there is no covid-19, it’s a result of 5G stopping the lungs absorbing oxygen its all a hoax to lock society down (get this) so they can install 5G in schools (whilst they are shut) in order that the economy can be decimated, giving control to the secret cult that runs the world, as well as being able to control peoples bodies and minds via 5G they also aim 5G at care homes to kill old people and blame covid 19 (which they have a fake test used to diagnose) if you go out on the streets, you will see them building 5G towers man, oh man 🤩
  4. No doubt the telescopes are rigged so that other planets appear round NASA make and fake all telescopes eh @NicShoneeBoy ?
  5. PAH !! i remember being on FLM 5 or 6 years ago. The Tories had already started to decimate the NHS. I was on a pension scheme where I could retire at 60, Cameron and Osborne attacked the NHS Pension scheme, forced everyone onto a new scheme that meant we all had to retire at 67 instead i complained on FLM and was met with howls of derision about why should NHS get a good pension deal etc etc FFS, look at the people who work in the NHS, nurses, doctors, carers - it’s a tough stressful job, who wants to do that till they are 67? now this situation hits, and suddenly the NHS is “appreciated” makes me sick to my stomach, I have worked in health care for 30 years in many different situations including A&E, acute surgery, acute mental health, the State Hospital for the criminally insane and psychotherapy services Ive recently had cancer, still recovering and having treatment - jeez I’ve about had enough of trying to help others in the face of ungrateful Government and public reaction sorry if I’m ranting but the too late hypocrisy is sickening
  6. Cant stand Boris but hope he pulls through this
  7. Nic whats you belief about the Sun? You know the star at the centre of our solar system that all the planets travel around? it takes Planet Earth 🌍 a year to go around the Sun, with Earth 🌍 itself rotating once every 24 hours you understand that? Or are you locked into a delusional denial ideology?
  8. Sorry bud, but sadly you need to realise that you are the Bellend here
  9. You beat Govie to the “unfunny one” title Nic
  10. Is this what you are saying you have? perhaps we are all “in on it” what medication do you take mate?
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