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  1. Hi mate, I recognize you from before, feel free to add me on PSN - Bullstein
  2. It will transport you to the moon and back if you change the display settings
  3. Jeez Chelsea getting humiliated tbh
  4. It looks like PA2
  5. You will need to access your router mate
  6. Actually i can’t remember if the ps4 one has the ip address it will have its own LAN one but thats not what you need
  7. It will be ipv6 then mate just check on your ps4 fir the 4 number one something like 198.68.etc.etc and set up a graph with that, it will look normal then
  8. Sunzi did you enter your ipv6 address when creating the graph? tbat gives crazy readings like yours is showing. go into routers settings (or check it on your ps4 network setting) and get your ipv4 address if its ipv6
  9. It depends on how far you are from the cabinet Greg. mine is fairly far away but if you are near it you get top ping and speeds i don't usually run graphs etc, gave up on all that years ago but yeah, generally now I don’t have that many issues playing PES on my Sky fibre
  10. Sky Fibre not great tbh, about 38MB download and about 8MB Upload I have my Ps4 in the routers DMZ so all ports open. The Sky router doesn’t support QoS but as I said, I just lock out every device when playing PES fixtures so only my Ps4 is connected to my internet once FTTP is available in my area I will go with that
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