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  1. Chelsea had a major problem with player ego’s - player power to get rid of the managers Drogba, and Terry the worst culprits - that pervaded the team for a few years after Mourinho left the first tine Hazard and co carried that on
  2. Dunno why i said square folks, was posting in a rush as my pasta was ready lol of course I meant circle duh
  3. I really need help with this aspect of the game, It feels very random to me. Mostly when I cross, I aim for just around the 6 yard box but they can vary wildly, sometimes straight to the Keeper and sometimes out to the 18 yard box snd other times overpowered and way over everyones head and out of play i press square, is there additional button combos that help crossing accuracy? i rarely ever score from crosses. I realise pinpoint crossing is a help and Emerson had it but even so im really poor at them
  4. It’s a bloody racist murder disgrace mate, total disregard for human life so awful
  5. Haha class, yeah, me and my brother also sat at each side of the rubber keyed speccy mashing those buttons to death lol
  6. I remember Match Day on the ZX Spectrum
  7. Watched that little rat runt Gove this morning justifying Cummings and toeing the party line Sky’s Kay Burley gave him a grilling - pinning him on whether he thought it was a good idea for Cummings to drive to Barnard Castle the UK with Boris & Co has become as laughable as the US voting in Trump and all the dumb rednecks supporting the clown
  8. 43% of 67 is a majority no?
  9. Gaining some traction but tbh I think it’s a farce and won’t do anything useful other than allow the minority who didn’t vote Tory to vent the majority who did vote Tory will sit in their houses laughing
  10. Fkn ridiculous really, what a bunch of thick b*****ds they must think the general public is but then again the general public did vote for them.....
  11. Very quick rubbish google search lol
  12. This farce reminded me of the Prince Andrew interview re: Epstein monumental arrogance convinced of his own superiority over other stupid people -that quickly became a train wreck if massive proportions and so will Cummings f**k me, to think that Bojo was sitting watching that thinking “this is going really well” makes me shudder that these f**kwits are in charge of the UK
  13. “In 95, there were two relegation places and Aberdeen were destined for the 2nd bottom- an automatic relegation post. The authorities swiftly moved to introduce the play off with 2nd bottom of the Premier and 2nd top of the first. In 2000, again Aberdeen were due to be relegated for finishing bottom. It was decided that Falkirk didn't have a suitable stadium. Notably, Falkirk still don't have a suitable stadium, but were then allowed into the SPL at a later date, having to install temporary "jousting style" stands. So for the Aberdonian lurkers who have only just discovered "sporting integrity", here's another one for you... Hypocrisy.”
  14. “I thought id drive to my parents house where, if necessary, I could infect my nieces by asking them to look after my “small child” because that would be ok because i made a judgemental that they are in the lowest risk of dying category Jesus - why is no one asking him about this? absolute arrogance
  15. I see Cummings us giving a press conference later, I wonder how that will go resign? - Maybe arrogantly “explain” his reasons with excuses? - probably
  16. If your definition of racism is me detesting Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings, Michael Gove (a Scot) and Jacob Rees Mogg types then I must be racist
  17. Good, i also can’t stand Scots who vote Tory - just fir consistency
  18. And I also gave a problem with English voters who vote Tory tbh just can’t understand it given the working class outnumber the upper classeS and the Tories screw the working class over consistently
  19. My wife is English too, but your assuming I hate all English because I have a problem with the upper class, Etonian aristocracy types who dictate to my country but think what you will
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