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  1. Subscribed to this today to watch the La Liga games this season. I believe they have bought the rights for three years.
  2. I played a few online games last night, first time on the demo. I've been playing offline mode, to get a feel and play around with formations. After playing offline (where I would win every game), online was a completely different ball game - excuse the pun. I do feel the gameplay seems to feel slicker and faster (both on and offline); I like fast-counter attacking football, so was getting caught out a s**tload to begin with, but after making some slight tweaks it did help. Love the demo, so roll on release day...
  3. http://proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/134167-fixture-1-scarycaravan-v-j4m3513-ydb/
  4. Result: 1 - 3 ========== Home Team Manager: scarycaravan Franchise: Sevilla Players Info Scorers: J. Calleri Assists: M. Meza Clean Sheet: N/A MoTM (if applicable): N/A ========== Away Team Manager: J4M3513 YDB Franchise: Estudiantes Player Info Scorers: K. Boateng, V. Klonaridis, Iago Falque Assists: Jason, A. Barreca Clean Sheet: N/A MoTM (if applicable): V. Klonaridis ========== Match Report: Well played, mate. Apologies for posting so late!
  5. Result: 0-1 ========== Home Team Manager: scarycaravan Franchise: Sevilla Players Info Scorers: N/A Assists: N/A Clean Sheet: N/A MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: CuteBrownbear Franchise: Club Alianza Lima Player Info Scorers: Bozok Assists: N/A Clean Sheet: P. Gulacsi MoTM (if applicable): Bozok ========== Match Report: Good game, mate. Well played, unfortunate about the lag. All the best for the season @CuteBrownBear
  6. Our daughter's were giving an awesome speech at this point. It was such an amazing experience. Beautiful. X
  7. Thanks brother x Love you loads. Had an amazing day x
  8. Yeah, good game mate. My finishing was dismal! Well played, and result confirmed
  9. Good game mate, very well played. Yeah, wasn't the greatest defensive effort by me. All the best with your remaining games. Result confirmed
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