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  1. Couple of gooners in europa team of the week
  2. What's this we business, you live in Ireland ya cu.nt
  3. Good result for celtic tonight. Played well, couldve went either way, but draw probably about right. Ref was a. Unt though, sent off Bayo with a 2nd yellow when he never even gave a foul!
  4. This is bummy, this isn't bummy. WGAF, play the f**king game! Been using diamond with SS and CF, high compact, medium backline and spaced out attacking. Working well online myclub etc. Mixed results vs pen players, feels better than last season though
  5. got the 185 scout an the goal poacher for winning/playing games. though i also bought the scotland scout for about 30k
  6. celtic scout cost me 61k though second place was 31k
  7. 3* Celtic 3* Goal poacher 3* over 185cm
  8. @RiQ1987 doesn't use square mate, he's not a bum 🙄
  9. djquantum

    myClub 2020

    Picked out fernando santos, 4312, like home so far also pick up Lennon but not great chemistry atm :p Spent about 110k to get scouts for Edouard. Any decent strikers getting made into trainers for him
  10. I played about 12 games on 2 star this afternoon... Won 10 in a row
  11. Available in myclub just now
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