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  1. how is it fkin wednesday already? where are the days going?
  2. You can see how the game developers just ripped each other off!
  3. Thanks for posting Davo, i thought the guys would enjoy a trip down memory lane, just like i did!
  4. True, people will be stupid, one other thing struck me about that US video, in the states most people pay a s**t ton of money out of their salaries for medical insurance, this is not only stupid for the health reasons, but for a tight ass like me this is unbelievably stupid for financial reasons too!! (lets go for a beach party, doesnt matter if Dave dies and I have a $20k medical bill, it was worth it, ffs) in fact there are so many reasons this is bloody stupid.
  5. fk me, thats crazy. darwinism at its finest.
  6. Probably a Thursday as it steers clear of the main out nights (Fri, Sat, Sun) and only utd fans watching Europa league on a Thursday would miss it. Other than that maybe Mondays as it would be a good way to perk up the week ahead.
  7. Frillypink work @rambovanhardnut & @DJTruckstop76 tough nite with all the heckling from the PEN crowd, who invited them hey? 不不不
  8. could probably do the first one, but if its a double header, probably best i bench good luck chappies !
  9. Dearest Captain, what time is the match tomorrow? i can play if its before 930
  10. I was made for this competition, shame i cant use my Uruguayan CB BAL, the Butcher of Montevideo. 不
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