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  1. Waffle Heads - (think about the merch... small bodies big waffle heads like the old premier league figures)
  2. Haha cheers Mark I got a fair idea of what you were saying! 👍🏽😂
  3. Thank you guys. A lot of familiar names already which is cool 👍🏽😎
  4. Hi guys, My name is Ren, 30 years old from the UK. Recently got involved in the 11v11 WAPES LEAGUE and I’m new to manual. So I’m trying to improve my game. I do really love the BAL mode but interested to see what other modes I could get involved in. Have always loved Pro Evo especially 5/6 on the ps2. Have been away from the PS4 completely since 2010. But I’m back and loving this years game. Keen to learn and get better. I have plenty of spare time regardless of the Coronavirus lockdown so I am reliable if I sign up for any leagues/competition. Cheers
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