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  1. Did city play any empty stadium games before the shutdown ? , no soul to the games its s**t. Hopefully not much to revel in for you though
  2. Steve Vipere ere is here haha Welcome Steve
  3. I got a puppy in december , much harder work than kids - its non stop. Same issue biting but its calmed down now , she is 6 months. Get ready for the destruction , they chew everything quickly become proper little characters though.
  4. The second spike will not be acted on , no way we get locked down again.
  5. Too early over here , Germnays worst has been our best and they had no intention of playing at that time. Integrity of the league ? Do me a favour. This will have direct impact on the league , gone is home advantage which is much more important to some sides. Resuming with this part of the season remaining with these implementations in place is a joke , not to mention no fans. Resume when the fans can attend , or scrap the season and start a new one with a level field. From a safety point of view , this country is not ready. If it saves hassle , give The Cringe the title , they earnt it but who really gives a fk. Also with all the money involved can see the testing being bent and twisted and pressure applied to suit a situation
  6. State of our death rate our city went from 1 new case thursday to 5 friday , still a way to go with this
  7. About 6 weeks out I think
  8. It will turn out Cummings is a The Cringe fan..... Them games must be played
  9. Anybody actually looking forward to it ? Real feel of pre season nonsense about it to me
  10. Cant imagine Drogba or Terry being a problem for Mourinho , they needed each other. They give him commitment , he keeps them pushing. Different mentality these days in most cases , still some old school players that are there to win no matter what it takes but a lot will hide. Think he is done as an elite manager , bit of a shame because he is an amusing character at times but his style and mentality are out of date. What Fungus said rings true to some extent that they wont be treated this way with rights etc and a sense of entitlement but lets be honest , some of them just dont have the balls and metal to dig in and do what it takes. I aim most of this at Pogba the fking pookeynoodle
  11. Excellent article mate. Can remember so many good games through the years. European club soccer was the business, remember renting that from the video store with my pocket money. Another good game on mega drive was Total football. Emlyn hughes though , that was immense. Pull bak on the joystick for the high shot.
  12. Love it Govie , zoe simple but so true
  13. Fully agree , but he didnt and thats the problem
  14. Fking double post , such is the rage
  15. Not that simple Gregg, I understand your view point ie boring news/ bigger problems but this s**t house sets the rules and needs to follow them. People have missed and lost so much trying to follow the rules and he flaunts them and doesn't give a fk because he was doing what suited him. It's such bad double level standards and now he doesn't have the decency to put his hands , it's a massive sham
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