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  1. Never understood the collapse from the point of view that people said they hated the game , quit and then played nothing but FUT , yet they always moaned about FUT. was a shame the way it went down , when I joined at fifa 14 it was quite lively with some welcoming people , DannyHTD , Mowgles , Geasers and a few more with tournaments always on the go. There were some top lads on the site and it wasnt all bad. Poor old Steven86 was regualry accused of custom tactics etc but it was just bitterness - if you think he was good at pes , he was levels higher at fifa - he didnt even really bother building his team as he didnt have to Staff wise it needed some keen fresh blood , too many happy to let others do the work and some even joined the admin team just to wear the badge. I still blame it on FUT , that s**t can change a good man over night The game didnt real progress but you could still have a good game on it
  2. Only seen the first goal on the news , really dont think that would have beaten Ederson , could just be the angle i saw it from but Bravo seemed really slow to move
  3. Use to scour pes fan for ML gems and got a message from Goat about this league , to start for pes2013. Didnt know what to think at first as I was completely new to everything online really. Didnt take long to be completely hooked. Had some fantastic times , I think this is something you need to experience to feel just how immersive it is. Remember my first big signing , It was a midfielder called Almiron. Signed him from Dortaboy after constantly messaging him offering more money. Think 20m got him in the end. The message said “ I can deny you no longer “. Funny how little things like that stick in the mind.
  4. Confirmed well played mate, very happy with a point here. Goodluck for the rest of the season.
  5. I confirm this pumping. Wp V all the best for the season.
  6. Also a lot of the controls have just been remapped , its about learning them and when to use what. Always been the pes way , I look forward to next season already as its always better for me with the amount of time it takes me to adjust.
  7. The collisons issue must be a difficult one to get right , I agree they happen a lot but they were there in 2019 too. This game can be very frustrating but they all were at times. If people think this game is a step backwards I find that laughable. Dribbling is hard ? It should be , how many times do you see a player waltz around somebody in a real game ? Not many and its usually the top end players that do. Its been made more realistic , what people were crying out for ? Yes there are still odd parts , some of which are absolutely rage inducing but again every pes has had this and also every fifa. A lot of the stupid stuff happens when the connection is not the best , more collisions and extra touches seem to occur. Personally think it has made a lot of progress , would change a few things / sharpen them up but overall quite pleased with this years offering. Also press like a pookeynoodle , expect a s**t error strewn game . Cant have it both ways. Manual defending is the future if you want to enjoy a game.
  8. Result: 1-1 ========== Home Team Manager: Tazarr Franchise: Real Betis Players Info Scorers: Suarez Assists: Jota Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Suarez ========== Away Team Manager: @Seanachais Franchise: Rayo Vallecano Player Info Scorers: Konoplyanka Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Good fun game with Betis lucky to take a point but also a little unlucky not to get 3 with some final minute shenanigans. At 1-1 in the 91st minute Betis got a corner and went for gold send everyone forward including the keeper , Hansen rose highest and directed a header into the ground and had goal written all over it only for the keeper to produce a top notch save and prompt an attack. Luckily for me sean didnt realise my keeper was 20 yards behind his attacker as he advanced on an unguarded goal and a defender managed to get a tackle in well played Sean , enjoyed that one
  9. Result: 1-2 ========== Home Team Manager: Tazarr Franchise: Real Betis Players Info Scorers: Nwakeme Assists: Jota Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Cartesian5th Franchise: Atletico Miniero Player Info Scorers: Rodriguinho , Ramirez Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Rodriguinho ========== Match Report: Battered for the most but ended up losing to the s**t that this game is. Well played @Cartesian5th you deserved to win but how it happened is just annoying. Goodluck for the rest of the season
  10. One of the worst i saw was Demba Ba in china , he goes to hit a volley and hits a defender and the leg just folds in half , truly sickening.
  11. Thats aurier , why son gets red is bizarre. Terrible injury , going to be a tough time ahead for the lad.
  12. Result: 1-3 ========== Home Team Manager: Tazarr Franchise: Real Betis Players Info Scorers: Jota Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @Big Boss Franchise: Ajax Player Info Scorers: Cornet x2 , Nam Tae Hee Assists: Vecino x2 Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Cornet ========== Match Report: Out played in this one with Cornet scoring a delicious Lob as the real highlight of the game. Well played Boss , 2 good games. Good luck for the rest of the season
  13. Confirmed. well played Boss , simply had no answer. The free kick at the end was like a sympathy goal vwp and goodluck for the rest of the season
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