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  1. Flamengo have been brilliant this season, will be interesting to see how they get on in this
  2. It was defo a thread on PESFAN around 04/05/06.. Can't pinpoint when exactly Remember getting Wigan in my first season! Forget Neymar/Messi/Suarez!!! I had, Nathan " The Duke" Ellington, Jason Roberts and Henri Camara, other legends like Pascal Chimbonda! a young Leighton Baines! Jimmy Bullard and Graham Kavanagh Finished 2nd in the Prem that year by a point I think! That was the strongest Prem we've probably ever had, the guy who won it was like the best in the world at the point! Omg the sweat in that league was 15 years later and still here, unbelievable effort Davo
  3. I didn't think FLM was all that bad... I do however believe that Ultimate Team killed FLM, people were more interested in getting there UT games done so they got there rewards, and would prioritise it over playing their league games which was always a sad story. Bit by bit it started to crumble and it was better of putting it down I suppose that tells you a lot about the players who played on FLM more than owt else 🤣 One thing I'll never forget @DavoteK Me: Davo! Go!!! Davo: Going Team: What a ball!!!! Goaaaaaaaal 🤑🤑🤑🤑 Soccers very own hail Mary 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤭🤭🤭
  4. Not this year I don't think 😂 As much as I love PEN, PES's My Club, normal season mode and career looks bang on the same as last year 😂 When will they evolve!!!
  5. Ahh yes..PESFAN, didn't spend too much time on it apart from the offical competition threads. I played in loads of comps on PES5 I think it was. My claim to semi fame was being the 4th best player in the UK, at the end of that game cycle, and went to London for the finals for the top 16! Should have carried on with it all in the following years, but met my wife around that period and it all went to s**t 😂😂
  6. Good Morning young man We do play in 11v11 matches which does see us representing this site against teams from across Europe that much is true. This is also a setup in which you get to manage your own PES team, think of it as a 10x better version than my club without the imbeciles you come across in random my club games. But most importantly this is a community first.
  7. Stev3n86

    myClub 2020

    The online modes and especially the depth of them is horrific. It’s half the reason I’ve left, apart from playing PEN games/members this game offers absolutely nothing else for me, hopefully next year it’ll up its game
  8. @Worrisome Owl Take me off the list as I’m not gonna be playing in the leagues now Pal 👍🏾
  9. I just don’t want the opponent to be allowed to skip a replay, the game is stunning visually, would love to see some replays back that just get skipped
  10. 😂 Thank Pal great game very open 👍🏾
  11. I’ve literally had a horrid last few weeks, this bunch of games was the first time I’ve had some proper PS4 alone time in weeks and it bloody showed 😂😂 Night shift, come home to a nursery, then fall asleep at some point in the day to go back to work again at night! Id say I’ll pick up properly next season but don’t think I’ll be doing another year ☹️
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