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    You can't beat good, old fashioned 442
  2. Wenger to step down, finally

    Should have gone about 5 years ago That said still a legend of the game
  3. Berlin

    Kreuzberg, home of students , artists and Turkish......sounds like a recipe for a top stag do I went to a couple of bars in west kreuzberg. Frillypink vibe . Tbh it doesn't matter where you go the beer is always good
  4. DLC 4.0 Next Week ?

    I've seen a few people asking bhatti about DLC4 and he hasn't responded lol
  5. DLC 4.0 Next Week ?

    Pes universe just retweeted this No idea if rhodolfo already has in game face though
  6. Berlin

    Did a tour of Herthas Stadium. It's impressive
  7. Berlin

    Buy a Berlin Pass - Covers all your travel for your stay on all transport and gives you money off stuff. But mainly the travel
  8. DLC 4.0 Next Week ?

    We can only hope
  9. Championship thread 17/18

    Gets better every time you watch it
  10. Goodbye, Life: Football Manager on Nintendo Switch

    Was gutted when they stopped making it for the PSP/Vita
  11. City vs United

    Well that's all gone a bit pear shaped lol
  12. Well played lads Not much in that tbh. Thanks for doing a great job of representing the community @Qvart @MB 11
  13. Corrected that for you m8
  14. Im so excited!

    I'm no expert but I think it's something to do with the licencing. So it's not just as simple as updating the squads
  15. Fixture 32 Amoss V Bridgey - [Confirmed]

    Stats agreed