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  1. Seems Leeds have moved abroad on the look out for a CF with numerous attempts for Che Adams and Andre Gray with there Premier League demands Jean Kevin Augustin being linked today
  2. Bridgey

    Would you?

    Tipped us over the edge that prick lol
  3. I have read alot and heard about the Death of Jeff astle in 2002 from dementia @zeemeister and how this was related to Football /Heading. Now given footballs were alot heavier back then you can understand the link. What I will say is that although footballs are alot lighter these days the power and speed some of these balls are struck at it does seem plausible that it can cause long lasting damage across a footballers career Link below for anyone wanting to read more about Jeff astle https://www.expressandstar.com/news/health/2019/10/21/research-prompted-by-jeff-astles-death-reveals-link-between-football-and-dementia/
  4. I was just checking how many you were deducted Bearing in mind they also sold there stadium for 40m (cheating pricks )
  5. Derby County charged with breaking FFP On the anniversary of Spygate
  6. It was a handball though ,No ?
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