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  1. Yup, with the new arangal
  2. Your snoring is unbearable, I’m surprised she’s not swapped you out
  3. I think surgery is the most effective fix
  4. Used to go quite alot back in my early 20s with my mates. It's easy Rambo, taking a mechanic or someone who really knows about cars is more important than taking someone who knows how to auction.
  5. I like the bizarre weird ones that people do. But these made up ones I don't get. Sounds like an entry @jmk7 would have entered
  6. I’ve already earned quite abit through referrals, everyone should get on it for the free cash tbf, the account is awesome, does so much more than a standard bank account. Just follow these instructions for a free fiver https://join.monzo.com/r/9kmkd8i
  7. It mentioned being able to play in the same lobbies, didn't say inviting, dunno how that would work without a PUBG own party/friend systeem which they don't currently have - but hopefully we can, will be awesome.
  8. Giving that vague 3-10 parameter so we don’t realise you’ve tried and know the exact number I see
  9. Occasionally, early on I had this frame rate drop when there’s lots of bodies in the box. But they patched it pretty quick IIRC. Are you playing on some random close camera angle or something, sounds like the CPU is struggling to process everything on the screen, which is weird considering you have a pro. Maybe it’s struggling with all the 4K?
  10. @Chucka & @Macadonna are Prestonites I think
  11. Result: Wheresmark: 1 Zeemeister: 0 ========== Home Team Manager: Wheresmark Franchise: Rangers Players Info Scorers: Lingard Assists: Clean Sheet: Romero MoTM (if applicable): Lingard ========== Away Team Manager: @zeemeister Franchise: Desportivo Aves Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Wp mate, Frillypink little Konami BS to get my goal
  12. Result: Wheresmark: 1 Dobby: 1 ========== Home Team Manager: Wheresmark Franchise: Rangers Players Info Scorers: Wilson Assists: Embolo Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Wilson ========== Away Team Manager: @RiQ1987 Franchise: Real Madrid Player Info Scorers: Bouadu Assists: Danjuma Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Wp mate, could have gone either way this match but was a little gutted to only come away with 1 point, I felt I did enough to win it. See you next year on Efootball 20
  13. I thought we'd playe this WP mate, f**king Joronen. Big Jev with the MOTM
  14. Can't tell if it's one joke or two, but |I don't get it
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