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  1. £800mil offer for Wembley!

    Spurs won't be getting it cheap They've been trying to turn Fulham into a top class London team for a while, get into Prem, play at home at Wembley
  2. Data Pack 4 is Go

  3. Data Pack 4 is Go

    Where these guys coming from? Obvs Viera is Arsenal, what’s scholes?
  4. Safe Standing Debate

    Allow it. More fans to watch, better atmosphere.
  5. Avicii dead!!

    It’s mention worthy. But not headline story like it was in a lot of media outlets. Not for me anyway
  6. Avicii dead!!

    Proper surprised there’s been such a reaction about this. Is a bit of a laughing stock among the house community, but he did make catchy songs and “make it” in the charts. Seems a Frillypink guy from what everyone’s saying. Not big news though is it?
  7. Wenger to step down, finally

    Spurs are bigger than Arsenal now. Just like City are bigger than UTD
  8. Wenger to step down, finally

    Like spurs? What a team that plays better football, gets better results and is a bigger team with bigger players
  9. #GameStruck4

    not this time. Completely other game mate
  10. #GameStruck4

    Alex the kid was fantastic. Played the s**t out of; Mario Sonic Street fighter 2 Turbo Gods Doom Desert Strike Fifa rtwc - actually all from 96-99 Premier manager 99 Brian Lara Cricket Champ manager 00/01 Virtua Tennis Top gear rally ISS deluxe - current PES Tonb Raider FF7 MGS f**k it, way too many to mention
  11. #GameStruck4

    Was wonderboy a mario copycat or was mario copying this? Can't pick just 4
  12. DLC 4.0 Next Week ?

  13. Sunday 22nd community event - vote now

    Only Konami could have the Champions League license but not have Bayern
  14. Premier League 2017/18

    Hmmmm. Tough one, I have seen similar gestures like that used before when someone's being racist but also if you're trying to tell someone who's speaks French he smells to wind him up I would probably do that or wave my hand infront of my nose. This has not proven to be conclusive