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  1. Loads in the Prem could turn the pass assist levels up and do a Steven if they were bummy enough
  2. Always get Salzburg and Liepzig mixed up Do they do many transfers between each other?
  3. I think Haaland is much less of a risk though, Can never guarantee but it looks like he's going to be a top top player. Seems to have the mentality to match his skills. I think UTD have got a chance tbh, apparently his agents/family don't want him to go to a top club straight away (which is why they chose Liepzig when some big clubs were fishing around) I think he knows he could probs nail down a spot for UTD for many years. All just wishes and dreams though, he could easily stay at RBL for 2/3 years then move to Juve or Madrid
  4. I think we could do with him, someone who can play our way but also offers us the physicality - not to mention score goals. Just steven from the Prem IIRC
  5. How excited are you about Erling, Kris?
  6. A true Prem Champ! Welcome back man, we've missed you
  7. Yeah Adam tweeted recently that they’ve already made some changes to dribbling and tackling that have brought it inbetween the demo and the game
  8. They've already stated that the changes to dribbling won't come into affect until Patch 2 end of October
  9. Yeah, this was ideal for PEN really, gave everyone chance to get a PS4. I remember hating firing the PS3 back up for league games though.
  10. Last of us is way ahead Read Dead Redemption for me. Was willing RDR2 to finish, TLOU I never wanted to end
  11. This is worrying. “ On top of that, Sony has improved the feature's network connectivity and audio quality, while increasing accessibility with a new chat transcription feature. The latter converts all your Party chats to text, while text can be spoken by a robot on the PS4 Second Screen app”
  12. Yeah, demo was amazing for dribbling. RIP
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