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  1. BS tbf if The Cringe don't get awarded the league. I'll f**king love it, but it'll be BS
  2. Couldn't agree more with you here, and that's the biggest scourge on the world at the moment, not the virus. A host of nations led by the US should be ashamed of themselves. Yet the civilians sit back and say nothing as their life is good. And we're one of the biggest cogs in the horrendous machine. Don't think it's this and that though personally. I think the Flu virus is already one of the biggest killers, throughout history the human population has been decimated by influenza as far back as written records began. I think it's a known quantity. Something we should be prepared for. After the outbreak of H1n1 in 1918 the country stocked up on iron lungs and led huge campaigns about washing your hands thoroughly. iI's happened throughout human history so often that we should always be prepared for it. Respirators, PPE, media campaigns and fast action. I think it could have been handled alot better. Like you say, you're supposed to learn at times like this, but it feels like we've learned nothing from our past.
  3. Surely the lessons should have been learned after H1N1 (where we were very lucky as a country in 2009) and throughout the outbreaks prior to that, throughout history not to mention recent Sars/Mers; that this kind of thing can and will happen - it;s just a matter of when and how dangerous the virus will be. Surely there should always be a contingency plan in place for when a huge viral epidemic breaks out. Same as there should always be a contingency plan for if we get invaded or if the economy collapses.
  4. Just finish off your kills. No one can self reviv that
  5. Can't you recall when and where you had conversations with people if you haven't had that many with people lately? Spoke to sunz 3 times in party this year apart from this week. twice where mid day one was early eve. 1st time we played cod, second time we played PES twice then cod, 3rd time we played cod. Can remember what we spoke bout on the first and 2 but not the 3rd (but we'd spoke quite abit day or 2 before so prob just general chit chat) Memory king. Or maybe yours is just wack
  6. Early morning party for both times you said both things. Then the next party we were in was the 11v11 one where we continued the convo we had the previous day, when you were getting numbers from Wiki. My memory is on point cheeky slanderman
  7. At the moment we see every death that's caused by Corona. But we only see a very small percentage of the actual amount of people who are infected.
  8. You 100% said that before it even reached Europe and there wasn't the hype like this. Then 3 weeks later when I next spoke to you you'd completely changed your tune (apart from still weren't bothered for your own health)
  9. f**k OFF You were in party saing , ''I'm a Pansexual, I won't stop going out or DJ'ing until I'm forced to, isn't going to hurt me' About 5/6 weeks ago
  10. think 3.7% of known cases, but there's going to be so many unknown cases. They reckon it's just above 2% in actuality, which is still pretty dam high
  11. Still not worried for myself at all. Never was. Was always worried about how it's going to effect others/economy (vulnerable people I know) that hasn't changed
  12. eats-markd46849ue £10 off works out much better than 25% if you’re just getting a little one
  13. Dunno if I’m going to be with the mrs or not tonight, and don’t fancy sacking her off if it’s going to be another 3 hour debarcle like last time. Will be back after my holiday where I’ve got an extra week off so available for all games
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