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  1. Awesome reason for your 2nd name, although I'd have gotten Madhu Sanish from it Wheresmark as I used to be called wheresmark when I worked in a pub when I was 18 after going to a fancy dress as whereswallt
  2. Eddie Howe who until the last 9 months has improved year on year and does play an expansive but still direct game of football. Not gone that well so far this season, but can’t knock him for what he’s achieved. Most clubs/managers coming up who have a few over achieving seasons often have a few dips. You guys had one last year
  3. I mean Burnley are earning 100m + a season just from TV and competitions never mind from commercial activities, so surely they should be able to strengthen.
  4. f**k Dyche, it’s all about Eddie Howe. I think Dyche deserves a chance at a bigger club - if he wanted it. But think he would have to keep a pretty similar brand to maintain his level of over achievement he has currently experienced. I think he’d be capable of other styles and playing a more expansive game but the results wouldn’t be as good comparatively imo. Eddie Howe; that’s the guy that should be getting talked about at all these jobs. I’d love Eddie at UTD
  5. Love playing football still. Played as a winger at school and CF Sunday league for my local pub team in the heavy woolen División 3 (the bottom league around us ) had a prolific season before I started working weekends and stopped. Now I play 5 a side on a Monday and Sunday night when I’m not working, no where near as fit and about 2 and a half stone heavier I’ve had to really change my game, used to be quite fast but now I get done for pace regularly. Which is upsetting still love playing though
  6. PS4 Prem is a nightmare nowadays Boosive
  7. Worried Barca will go the same way when Messi/Pique/Busquets go?
  8. It’s not the sole fault of the managers or the players. The players aren’t the best for UTD but there’s some quality throughout the squad. Likewise we’ve had numerous top managers in. We’ve tried many big signings and different managers and it’s not working. This only leaves one thing - the people running the club. There’s problems through out the club. From player acquisitions, to decision making - we don’t have my conviction or clear plan in what we’re doing. And that’s the problem. Get Woodward out, get a new vice chairmen in who knows what he’s doing, get a director of football in who knows the club. Have a plan and an identity, stick with which ever manager you choose to do this and give them time.
  9. WP mate. Could have gone either way this, with us both missing some gilt edge chances to score more. You put me under lot's of pressure and I couldn't handle Correa. Gotta try to! But I reckon the champion will be Rob, and doubt i'll finish ahead of Oldie. Just had a solid start
  10. Don’t agree with the multiplayer. It does play very much like cod though, very slick and excellent gun mechanics. But when I played the maps were too big for the player base, and for me the titans just spoil the game and disrupt the flow. Really excited for the single player though great free game
  11. Hardest COD released so far. Very different maps, no more 3 route long narrow maps but they're mostly squared multi angle maps. Struggling on this COD, like everyone it seems, but it's a great game and I'm really enjoying it
  12. I'm possibly going to buy a 4k gaming monitor. Currently looking at https://www.amazon.co.uk/ASUS-VP28UQG-Display-Adaptive-FreeSync/dp/B075CQ5Z8R/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=asus+27+inch+4k+gaming+monitor&qid=1574988532&sr=8-3 which is the 4k version of what I already have, if anyone sees any others that seem like I'm getting more quality for similar or not too much more price (couple £100 or so) then tag me with a link please
  13. Stats agreed. GG Taz, really enjoyed both our games, Frillypink chatting as always. I thought I was done for after conceding the early goal and didn't go into this game too confidently as I remember struggling vs you in friendlies so happy with the 3 points. Pssshh, the titles Owls
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