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  1. Looks tidy tbd, if only it was on Apple
  2. If anyone can, Mancan can Welcome back
  3. Just enjoy the game Everyones in the same boat Personally I enjoy the game
  4. Drag your dmf back to track the run
  5. Brizzle

    myClub 2020

    For once i agree with you
  6. Must be your connection mate Im finding loads of games on 2 star
  7. You won’t win many then 😆
  8. People thought David Luiz would be your answer this season 🤭
  9. Note all you want, we all know it will be City too come May
  10. Played a couple of my club games last night, felt different to the night before, felt better Love this game though, don't know what all the fuss is about
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