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  1. One would kind to participate in this thank you
  2. The app had to be taken down for a bit today as it went fits up within the 1st few hours
  3. Why? Not as if it’s being cancelled
  4. Let’s get it done and dusted
  5. Would of been good to get a little tourney going on this Still play it a bit now, but since 11v11 has got me this game finds little time in the ps4
  6. Confirmed Well played bud, great passing as always All the best for season
  7. So it’s totally fine for this Dom Cummings guy to drive over 250 miles to take his son to a safe house while his wife showed symptoms, while telling us all to stay at home Wanker needs sacking, and it seems all at Downing St are sticking up for him
  8. So as soon as someone beats you they automatically get the PA2 card thrown at them?
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