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  1. could not find anywhere else to put this , camera settings online cannot seem to change it to the offline settings (stadium zoom out and height 8 ) any ideas please t a!
  2. Had 3 games last nite against rdot all superb for me am loving the game atm roll on market
  3. am loving it same as every year , 60 quid for 12 months enjoyment a steal ! , cannot understand buds complaining about people using high pressure in game , surely its the most used tactic in real time ? I do it a lot in game specially when the other team is slaggy haha!!! and it should not be a problem for most top players to counteract if they are as good as they think only started playing online last night and played about 7 games enjoyed everyone of them especially best of 3 against Dan (every year a pleasure bud ) will be on later for more HIGH pressure games later haha!!!
  4. its great for me atm loving it
  5. after playing demo online 3 cbs is king ?
  6. will i be able to download pes2020 at midnight ?
  7. Hulk


    f**k him , me accumulator is gone already haha!!!
  8. what is the best camera settings for online 2020 ? ta!
  9. Hulk


    great accumulator for small monies on tomorrows matches
  10. Hulk


    this PUKKI cannot stop scoring goals !!! what a start to the new season for him what is he rated on 2020 ?
  11. Hulk


    ITALY 8/11 easy money hahaha!!!
  12. done , small donation made
  13. appreciated bud thx again @RenPalmeiras
  14. thx bud @RenPalmeiras
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