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  1. Yeah, that's why I'm banned from playing superhot, got carried away, lost my bearings and punched a mirror.
  2. evil-cat-lord


    Might dig the PSVR out this weekend. I'm still banned from superhot, resi evil can f**k right off. Wipeout makes me sick so I'll stick to astrobot.
  3. I love advanced shooting, takes a bit to get to grips with but you have more variety when it comes to shooting. You can hit really powerful daisy cutters or Frillypink little finesse shots along the ground. You also really feel the difference in kicking power.
  4. I'm enjoying master league, played online a few times but didnt enjoy it. Need to play a few friendlies against st pen members to see if i can enjoy it.
  5. Pavon in the national team f**k yeahhhh
  6. For me, i have 2 Books that I go back to and read at least a few times a year. 1st, I Am Legend. I can begin to say how much I love the book, the genuine feeling of loneliness and decent into hopelessness is superbly written. The films have never gotten this book right and completely miss the point of the title. 2nd, World War z. After his first Zombie book (Zombie Survival Guide) Max Brooks realised this Book, a collection of story's from people that survived the zombie apocalypse. Told in the style of interviews, unsettling at times and with some amazing mental imagery. Again the film completely s**ts all over it. Would have been a great HBO series though.
  7. Yea, I'm in the same boat as a few others. Really not enjoying it, Long Thru balls are as OP as ever with moronic AU defenders almost stopping to let a player past. And it seems I just conceed the same goal over and over, shot rebound ds of the post straight to someone to prod it in.
  8. evil-cat-lord


    Mine reading is primarily Graphic Novels and trade paperbacks. Can not recommend these books highly enough. Kingdom Come. Alan Moores Swamp Thing. Constantine, HellBlazer. Dark knight returns. Animosity. Saga. Sandman. New Frontier.
  9. evil-cat-lord


    Sandman is really good, they have released new sandman titles pretty recently also worth checking out.
  10. I got, Kepa, Pavard, T. Hernandez, Nedved, Di Maria, Coutinho. Need a striker and solid midfielders.
  11. Got one casualty so far, that's before the update. A. Gonzalez, my trusted winger. I'm dreading this update!
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