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  1. I get the appeal for apple and that their for 'special' people.... and i agree its shiny.
  2. It's a myth between gheyphone users
  3. Budget phone? I never buy apple
  4. Rambo only fights the under 8's you never know
  5. I use the site where I can and imgur where I can't, I dropped photo bucket a few years back when they dropped their image hosting
  6. Phuck me, check these out.... Careca shirt 700 nicker...... Yes indeed. https://www.rb-jerseys.com/product-category/match-worn-issue-shirts/
  7. Aberdeen will never win anything..... Ever
  8. @Mickyjustice remeber you paying big for him shortly before he phucked off mooohahahaha
  9. I got the mayan Mexico shirt last year in Cancun. Looks the nuts I tell thee
  10. Seen alot of these shirts popping up but here's a place to nail the lot. Pwopper sweet imo https://beautiful90s.com/
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