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  1. Stats agreed Yeah, was a s**t goal to win it really, but that's all that was between the teams. I'm more happy with the clean sheet than the win after shipping stupid goals at the weekend. @Bluebird clean sheet Joe Lewis for me.
  2. It's not mistranslated if that's the actual word he typed
  3. And this is a nickname as well?
  4. So the image of King kong is unacceptable but calling someone King kong is fine?
  5. Thats your context, you wouldn't
  6. Depends on the context?! You serious? Two men walking down the road towards you holding hands Do you say "good morning gays" do you f**k A black guy walking down the road towards you, do you say this? Do you f**k.
  7. Would you say thes things to complete strangers?
  8. I have more respect for people that simply say good morning
  9. This should be hush hush but I used to be involved pretty high up in the American Government
  10. Surprised the geezer who supports man utd who has his the spurs manager as his profile picture ain't in here gloating
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