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  1. Always good when you see a player in your PEN team celebrating Gonna trot out the old cliche that there's still a long way to go
  2. Just like the old firm, strong in my own country but struggling in Europe
  3. Three emojis sum up this weekend The Aberdeen one The league table And the "it's a marathon not a sprint"
  4. It's not enough that you're here to send me a PM, you're here too.
  5. This is one of the times of the season where my blind loyalty costs me guaranteed points ffs
  6. Welcome back mate, was always a good laugh with you on mic in the old ps3 community nights. Haven't played you since the good old days of pes on the ps3 and Rangers scrambling about in the lower leagues. Great times.
  7. Wildcard used for me this week. Pep f**ked me over with Sterling and Zinchenko, and Salah being overly greedy without getting big points. No goals for Vardy, Abraham or Pukki upfront so gone big on Aguero, Firmino and Kane instead.
  8. Actually what about The Bullstein?
  9. This should've been your new username
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