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  1. Govie

    GTA V

    Mr Bean has made an appearance
  2. Bernardo Erikson, what a player he is
  3. I Eat Pieces of Shit For Breakfast
  4. Congratulations mate Honeymoon away in a scarycaravan somewhere?
  5. SunzibadSunzibadSunzibad
  6. In that case I'll keep it as Goviegoviegovie
  7. Think my current username doesn't have enough Govie's on it. Might change it to Goviegoviegoviegoviegovie
  8. Good night all round. Hazard fantasy football captain, assist for Barkley and clean sheet for David Luiz and had my predictor banker on 2-0 Chelsea. Obviously I'm away to rip the head off it now
  9. Yeah definitely. Not even backing his own player. I also seen that Sarri hadn't spoken to Hudson-Odoi about it when it happened against Montenegro, and I find that staggering. This is two teenagers we are talking about.
  10. I seen their manager said something similar. Disgraceful. Was great to see him celebrating like that, same with Sterling last week. Putting 2 fingers up to the racists. I applaud the players for standing up to it, because the authorities are not taking strong enough action.
  11. Govie

    GTA V

    Recreated the famous scene from Fawlty Towers in GTA.
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