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  1. Govie

    The greatest ad of all time

    f**k me, the owner of roller kingdom is the same boy who has the van. Someone call the authorities.
  2. There's bigger things to worry about than f**king menus. Things like keeping the SPFL licensed in the game.
  3. Govie

    Winter Transfer Window 2019

    Chelseas reply was "noted"
  4. Result: Govie 1-4 d-a_BAT ========== Home Team Manager: @Govie Franchise: Sassuolo Players Info Scorers: Rodelin 50 Assists: Fischer Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @d-a_BAT Franchise: Inter Player Info Scorers: Pepe 32, 39 Giminez 80, Nathan 83 Assists: Giminez, Ze Turbo Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Pepe ========== Match Report: A well deserved win for the away side here that was a bit closer than the scoreline suggests but two late goals stopped any chance of a Comeback. Well played mate. Good luck in the rest of the season.
  5. Stats agreed Well played in both mate. Not easy for me to compete with only one Aberdeen player in my team
  6. Govie

    Scottish football thread season 18/19

    Not just that though. Steve Clarke and Levein have both been in trouble for comments about refs while Gerrard gets away with it.
  7. Govie

    Scottish football thread season 18/19

    Delivery driver from down south came into my work today and asked if we were all Aberdeen fans here. I said no as there's a celtic fan and a rangers fan who both work with me. The driver tells me he's a rangers fan. Celtic fan is working in the background and I point to him and say "he's the one who's a big rangers fan" Then when I drive past the celtic fan I tell him that the driver is a big celtic fan as well. Then I sat back and enjoyed their attempted conversation about a shared love of their team that descended into confusion and then a mutual dislike of each other
  8. Govie

    GTA V

  9. Govie

    NBA 2K19

    Got this game for Christmas and tried to give it a proper go last night but a bit more work needed I think. Less than 10 seconds into the game this happened. Yes, I was the white team. Snapchat-2076620238.mp4
  10. Govie

    Celebrity Dead Pool 2019

    Programme on channel 5 tonight at 9pm Chris Tarrant: Extreme Railways Let's hope nothing goes wrong
  11. Govie

    Smoke Free

    Oh you got the watch FROM Lisoti then?
  12. Govie

    Scottish football thread season 18/19

    There's two teams that get decisions in their favour more than most but the SFA are an utter joke. Referees are not accountable for their mistakes and there's like zero consistency. This season it just seems even worse. Logan got sent off last game of last season at Celtic Park for goading the fans, yet when Boyd did it to Aberdeen fans it's banter. Morelos kicked McKenna off the ball and got it rescinded. McKenna followed through in an attempted clearance and caught Edouard, 2 game retrospective ban. The ref said he didn't see it, yet McKenna won the ball first so what the f**k was he watching? Devlins red card against Killie when he wasn't last man, appeal failed. The penalty celtic got in the cup final for deliberate handball in the box that wasn't deliberate or even inside the box. That's just Aberdeen, that doesn't include Rangers getting an offside goal allowed one week then a legitimate goal disallowed the next. The whole Candyass fiasco. Gerrard slating refs but Steve Clarke getting charged for similar comments. The penalty for St Johnstone against Hearts. Nothing against Morelos for a kick in the bollocks but a ban for Steven McLean for a grab of the bollocks. Gary Dicker being sent off for Killie and losing the appeal. Jordan Jones getting a pen for diving, even though he got a retrospective ban, Killie already got the penalty scored and the three points. And that's just off the top of my head
  13. Govie

    Scottish football thread season 18/19

    Well it was another terrible decision in a long line of them this season. For Beaton to say that he seen the incidents which means nothing can be done is a disgrace. Something does need to be done about it because he then thought they weren't even worthy of a warning let alone a yellow card. That is the worrying thing.