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  1. Result: Govie 0-0 Phillyrich ========== Home Team Manager: @Govie Franchise: Aberdeen Players Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: Lewis MoTM (if applicable): Lewis ========== Away Team Manager: @Phillyrich Franchise: Fiorentina Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: Campana MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: A beautiful advert for manual football. Scrappy game with Fiorentina having the bulk of the chances but Joe Lewis was in fine form(except once when he thought he was dunking a basketball 6 yards wide from his goal) Good luck in the rest mate, and see you next time for some more manual goings on.
  2. Get a free pint of Tennents boys https://tennentsdedicatedtoyou.com/
  3. Stats agreed Well played mate, felt a lot closer than the stats suggested, especially second half. Good luck in the rest. @kennethrhcp I thought we were friends
  4. Scorer: Niall McGinn Assist: Hayes Clean Sheet: Lewis MOTM: McGinn Agreed, well played mate, good luck in the rest
  5. Stats agreed Well played mate. Typical Aberdeen performance away at Celtic Park, play well enough and lose 1-0 in the end. Good luck in the rest mate.
  6. Stats agreed Thats two late 1-0 wins you've had against me thanks to that prick Milik. Good luck in the rest of the season mate.
  7. "Mercedes have changed their tune" Can people not change their views for the better? Surely it's the same for companies? There was the Uncle Ben's thread, they are changing their imagery for the better, why can't Mercedes? You wouldn't say to a recovering alcoholic "aye you maybe haven't touched a drop for years, but what about those times you used to drink vodka for breakfast?"
  8. Yeah exactly. People will just see Leclerq not taking a knee rather than what he does from day to day.
  9. Facts and behaviours in our daily life should be second nature, but when you have millions of people, who don't get to see you in daily life, and only see you in the grand prix events, is not taking a knee the best choice? I don't think it is personally.
  10. Aberdeen player Shay Logan was racially abused in 2014 by a Celtic player, who got a 7 game ban for it. The Celtic fans have booed Logan in every game since. Anyone who says they boo him for "being a wee fanny" or "that they don't like him" I would completely disagree, because he was never booed before that incident. Aberdeen beat Celtic 1-0 on the last game of the season a few years ago, Logan said he was subjected to racial abuse from the fans, and this was his reaction to them at full time. He got a red card and a three match ban for this, and lost the appeal. He was also racially abused on twitter by a 15 year old Rangers fan, earlier this year. Anything done to try and eradicate this from society can't be a bad thing. Seeing a black Mercedes car, you immediately know the reasons for it being black, and it keeps it highlighted.
  11. Stats agreed Early goals in each half and it was game over. Good luck in the rest mate
  12. Maybe Mercedes WANTED to make a statement to support their driver? To let Hamilton know they are all behind him and support racial equality. Don't forget this is not just about Hamilton, his team mate also drives a black car. It's not a publicly stunt, it's a stand against racism. Anytime you watch the F1, you will see the black car and know what it's stands for. Why should they do nothing?
  13. Let's rule former members out one by one here Hey @PES Conqueror I have two questions for you. 1 - Is the earth flat? 2 - Am I unfunny?
  14. @rambovanhardnut here's one guy that's listened to your podcasts
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