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  1. @CMYKhazi Dan ! Could you please post the pictures I've sent you in the PSN ?
  2. Please stop calling my Sir ! haven't received the Knighthood yet !
  3. From Sunday till Thursday it's ok for me ! Fridays or Saturdays .....clubbing !! time do misbehave Highlight of the week
  4. Result confirmed ! good luck on your forthcoming fixtures @zeemeister
  5. Result confirmed ! A well deserved victory and good luck on your forthcoming fixtures . @Tjodd
  6. If you don't have enough players you can count on me
  7. also got LB and LMF BAL players ready ! one is even almost bald like me !
  8. Water and other refreshments will be available ! @CMYKhazi
  9. A s**thole called Mozambique / South East Africa . Well ! the country itself it's Frillypink but the people in general are s**tty
  10. Where're you from if i may ask ? @Bitter_rivals
  11. I'm always available for Manual friendlies ! Eagle_1302 my PSN id @Bitter_rivals
  12. The least we would expect from someone who spends almost every night playing multi player !
  13. With this new skill you can stop any opponent player !
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