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  1. Clarkof

    Fixture 16: Lisoti v Clarkoff

    Was a good warm up. 😋 Thanks. 👍
  2. Result: 4 - 0 ========== Home Team Manager: Clarkof Franchise: Barnsley Players Info Scorers: Kuca, own goal, Vermeij, Sturgeon Assists: Quaresma, Sturgeon, Nelson Clean Sheet: A. Rossi MoTM (if applicable): Quaresma ========== Away Team Manager: @thecomposer Franchise: Torino Player Info Scorers: — Assists: — Clean Sheet: — MoTM (if applicable): — ========== http://proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/116756-fixture-26-clarkof-v-thecomposer/ Match Report: Not much to say here mate. Today no chance vs Barnsley. Thanks for the game. Cheers.
  3. Result: 5 - 1 ========== Home Team Manager: Clarkof Franchise: Barnsley Players Info Scorers: Paciência x3, R. Nelson, Quaresma Assists: Sturgeon, Paciência, R. Nelson x2 Clean Sheet: — MoTM (if applicable): Paciência ========== Away Team Manager: @Janguv Franchise: Watford Player Info Scorers: H. Goios Assists: — Clean Sheet: — MoTM (if applicable): — ========== http://proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/116696-fixture-19-clarkof-v-janguv/ Match Report: No chance today for Barnsley mate. My players ’re very excited because of the CR7 thing. 😜 Thanks for the game. Cheers.
  4. Clarkof

    Fixture 25: don_hate86 v Clarkof

    I told you that my team today looked like a 99 rated and with script. I even score without shooting. Lol Thanks for the game mate. Cheers. Stats agreed.
  5. Clarkof

    Fixture 9: Thecomposer v Clarkoff

    CS: was A. Rossi. Who’s that guy that you wrote? Lol Thanks for the games mate. Cheers. Rest of the stats are ok.
  6. Clarkof

    Fixture 16: Lisoti v Clarkoff

    Rest of the stats are ok. 👍
  7. Clarkof

    Fixture 16: Lisoti v Clarkoff

    Result was 0 - 2 mate. Lol And why we played 2 fixtures? We only had one to play. Hahahah Only Sturgeon takes anabolics, no doping control on PEN, so.... 😂 Cheers mate.
  8. Clarkof

    Fixture 22:nizaam v clarkof

    Stats agreed. My assist was the left post. 😂😂 Well played mate. Cheers.
  9. Clarkof

    England v Croatia

    Sleeping already? I’m still celebrating.
  10. Clarkof

    England v Croatia

  11. Clarkof

    England v Croatia

    Can’t disagree. 🤔
  12. Clarkof

    England v Croatia

    Imo better than celebrating vs Tunisia or Panama. It’s....
  13. Clarkof

    France v England

    Ups. Maybe in 200737738383, you still young mate.
  14. Clarkof

    France v England

    And that’s the reason. It’s.....
  15. Clarkof

    England v Croatia

    I’m not a hater, i’m just a fan of football. But when some guys celebrate before the game... I’m still a fan of the Fat Lady. Maybe when CR7 gets the British nacionality. Keep dreaming mates. Cheers.

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