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  1. Result: 1 - 5 ========== Home Team Manager: Clarkof Franchise: Benfica Players Info Scorers: Kiyotake Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @SAMCRO925 Franchise: PSG Player Info Scorers: Wolfswinkel x3, Bobadilla, Ben Arfa Assists: Fritzler x2, Stanislas x2 Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Wolfswinkel ========== http://proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/124311-fixture-14-clarkof-v-samcro/ Match Report: Wp m8.
  2. Clarkof

    I need help

    @ninjabean87 go to PESLEAGUE pratice mode, (all teams will be equal in rating) and choose some random teams and play with their formation and tactics, just change players if you like. (all players in normal arrow) Then choose one that you like.
  3. Clarkof

    Look at this fake trash

    I wonder how erorrito had 125 wins in a row? He knows cheats to disable the script... I only know cheats to change to PA8.
  4. Clarkof

    Look at this fake trash

    I’m curious to play vs you @handicapped.
  5. Clarkof

    Look at this fake trash

    Lobby after some “friendly” messages. My bet.
  6. Clarkof

    Community Events November 2018

    1st already rage quit.
  7. Clarkof

    Community Events November 2018

    I can give you a 5-0 advantage mate.
  8. Clarkof

    Community Events November 2018

    If someone, please, can agree my Crystal Palace swap for Colo Colo and then my swap with Claretmat for Benfica i can start my event. Thanks. For @tezombie, all the best mate. For the new group of staff...
  9. Clarkof

    European Football

    And another for CR7.
  10. Clarkof

    European Football

    Livingston 0 - 0 vs Celtic.
  11. Clarkof

    New season

    Great work guys. Congratulations. Tiki taka rules.
  12. I fall asleep watching the Arsenal vs Sporting @Seanachais. Really sorry mate.
  13. With a great assist.