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  1. I will partake of these festivities @miken333
  2. Super Cancel and a few other things getting patched up
  3. Oh @rambovanhardnut Why you do this? Every bone in my body now wants to vote no.
  4. Noises starting. Konami are no better
  5. zeemeister

    myClub 2020

    Trying to bag Ansu in the featured players. He is the lowest rated player and they still won't give him to me
  6. @Sunzibad that is amazing work man. Do you think it's necessary to lose more? Maybe take up a good activity like cycling or weight training to tone rather than lose more mass.
  7. Agree with this I like that there varying pace to the game depending on the opponent. I enjoy my break neck games against @swinny as much as my slow burners like the one's against @Tazarr and yes precious people it's against assisted and manual players Sorry if this offends is my new sign off so p**s off @Govie
  8. Man this just upsets me. Watched only a few minus and already it looks a slower more measured game and dribbling with Messi is actually a joy. We should all buy WE2020
  9. This is true we can't take moral higher grounds and expect everyone else to follow suit anymore
  10. It's isn't a bad game. It's great offline it just lacks polish and a few bugs. Don't think anyone truly hates it do they?
  11. Broken, works sometimes but most times not. I wish we could go back to the days of game testing before releasing it.
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