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  1. For sure many more are affected if we start earlier. Look forward to this
  2. @tezmac Thanks for this man can't stress how late this is for 1 or 3 of us appreciate that it's a minefield to try and keep everyone happy.
  3. f**king hell bottom of the log and it doesn't look like I am getting out there. My strikers seem to want to score after I drop them
  4. They missed some proper sitters and chances. Liverpool were way more efficient and got the result they deserved.
  5. Ball to hand. It's different rules with this ref today
  6. I feel like city are playing manual and Liverpool PA3
  7. Am I delusional about salah being offside there?
  8. City expecting favours from VAR hahaha against Liverpool
  9. Jimmy G force is a damn legend. So many friends I have made on PES it's astounding.
  10. Not a sheffield fan but a fan of football and this thing is f**king it up Man that gif is next level
  11. An ensemble of s**t that happens with VAR
  12. Brizzle and Djquantum lured me here by saying Sami resides here after I hung up my virtual boots a few years after my PEEL days.
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