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  1. Gg mate. Wp good luck with the rest. Lovely 2nd goal scored!
  2. You will be shocked how fast paced and accurate a good manual game can become. The lines definitely get finer as your efficiency improves. Infact you will realise how limiting assisted play can be compared to manual along with the importance of player stats.
  3. Listening to it now. Love it. Very much a conspiracy theorist and moneyless is a part of the new world order to come. In Islam we are allowed many wives even if all are alive so join the party man
  4. 😂🤣😍😮😍👍😊❤️🚀🌹🚀⚽😮🙈👍⚽🌹🚀😢👪😭😮 Best Idea Ever
  5. Check PESDB.net and PESMASTER if it shows as free agent and he isnt on a national team then he is AWOL For example Mak is and Pantilimon isnt as per pics
  6. Result: 0-0 ========== Home Team Manager: Barnsley Franchise: @GusNeib_ Players Info Scorers: N/a Assists: n/a Clean Sheet: Lomba MoTM (if applicable): N/a ========== Away Team Manager: Zeemeister Franchise: Internacional Player Info Scorers: N/a Assists: N/A Clean Sheet: Pichu Cuellar MoTM (if applicable): Pichu Cuellar ========== Match Report: Good game man unlucky shot off the post. Catch you in the return leg. **
  7. Result: 2 - 2 ========== Home Team Manager: Zeemeister Franchise: Internacional Players Info Scorers: El Arabi x 2 Assists: Mak Clean Sheet: N/A MoTM (if applicable): El Arabi ========== Away Team Manager: @Jookoi Franchise: Bayer Leverkusen Player Info Scorers: Smolov, Allen Assists: Smolov ? Clean Sheet: N/A MoTM (if applicable): N/A ========== Match Report: Good game Jooks Bummed I squandered way too many opportunities and screwed up a 2 goal lead but such is life. Good luck for the rest. I missed the second assist off the header. You dont perchance remember who it was.
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