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  1. Kin ell Rambo, I leave and you immediately do a U turn! Maybe the whole thing was just a wind up on me 😂
  2. Macadonna


    Chimp paradox is decent, not really a holiday read tho! On a tangent, ‘the secret barrister’ is non fiction and eye opening! ‘Invisible women’ is also good, and if you haven’t already ‘blink’, ‘tipping point’, ‘outliers’ and ‘david and goliath’ are all v good. Freakonomics is also good! None of these are autobiographies, but most are in the same vein!
  3. If you want to make them really hard make a triangle with your thumbs and forefingers in front of your chest and do pressups like that, alternate with ones right by your hip bones with hands pointing forwards, or ultra wide ones. They used to be killers at boxing. Standard pressups seem like a relief after being forced into them for a bit! Knuckle pressups aren’t that hard but doing them on extended fingers is! I never could do a one arm one either. Oh and clap pressups were ok, but could never clap behind my back like some of the lads
  4. Think you meant to use the wildcard pal 😂
  5. Did you realise the free hit is for one week only and then your team goes back to the previous weeks mate?
  6. f**k me I hope googling that doesn’t follow through to Pornhubs recommended videos for me or I’ll never get it up again
  7. Result: 0:3 ========== Home Team Manager: @Macadonna Franchise: Chelsea Players Info Scorers: - Assists: - Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): - ========== Away Team Manager: @nizaam Franchise: Braga Player Info Scorers: Eder x2, Rogerio Assists: Berguis, Del Castillo Clean Sheet: Grant MoTM (if applicable): Eder ========== Match Report: Well played pal, sorry about the delay in writing up @nizaam
  8. Oh ha I just came in to write it up! Got outplayed here, could have been a lot worse scoreline wise. Well played mate, good luck in the playoffs! Stats agreed
  9. Don’t darken my door with that slur! Was born in Bolton but got the f**k out of there and live in Manchester now! 😂
  10. Thanks for writing it up pal! Stats agreed, good game as always! Cheers pal
  11. Stats agreed. Thanks for writing it up pal, still away with work. Enjoyable game, hopefully catch you when I rejoin mate! Always one of my favourite players to chat to. Good luck with everything pal
  12. Stats agreed. Another good game mate, thanks for writing it up! Cheers pal
  13. Great games mate, Richarlison is a pain in the ass ha! Stats agreed
  14. Result: 0:3 ========== Home Team Manager: Macadonna Franchise: Chelsea Players Info Scorers: - Assists: - Clean Sheet: - MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: @EMaNstkfantastiK Franchise: Guangzou Player Info Scorers: Warda, Moreno x2 Assists: Gagliardini, Rogic, Cardoso Clean Sheet: Boer MoTM (if applicable): Moreno ========== Match Report: Really sorry for the delay mate, missed this one when writing up about 10 at once! Sorry pal, gg and good value for the win again, Cheers, Dave
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