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  1. Haha. Scared me for a sec. Keep rinsing those tenners!
  2. I also regularly switch and drag players up into space if I think they're a bit deep.
  3. I've found my players only drop back when I'm outnumbered defensively. If their whole team is pushed back near their box my team stay pushed up which means winning the ball back is easier. Almost everyone plays counter football so surely you want your team back to stop an overload in those situations? I think it's more a combo of your + opponent's style of play than anything tactical.
  4. Manual viewpoint I like it. It's harder to pass around the back and I've been punished a few times. One or two freaky moments where I've full powered a pass and it's come out at 10% power for no reason. Bit s**tty when it's a simple pass from your CB to your other CB. As someone who doesn't rely on dribbling too much, it isn't bad. I don't use the right stick but do use sprint sporadically and left stick and that works for me. First touches are great as I don't sprint much. I've always found dribbling ok as I go out my way to create the expectation that I'm gonna pass. Unbeaten in manual divisions but drawn a few games I woulda won on 2019 - still dominated the ball/chances though. Spammed long ground passes through the middle are a bit iffy and can cause defenders to do freaky s**t, chips on manual are still a little cheap and I haven't figured out beating a monster GK yet - finishing chances is much harder as it's more unpredictable. I must've played 50 manual games against non-PEN peeps on the demo without losing and it definitely felt easier in a lot of ways. I don't know if that means my style of play was just a bit too overpowered on the demo as I've found it tougher on the full game
  5. Elkeson moved to Guangzhou in July - he's still at Shanghai on PES
  6. Chinese Super League also not updated
  7. Secret Diary of Adrian Mole It's one of the only books I've read more than once. Hilarious.
  8. I like turning pages and flicking through real books. I also like the smell of (new) books I did read Watchmen on my phone (even though I've got the paper version) - Comic Books are so well designed on Kindle for smaller screens. That was cool being able to swipe from panel to panel / zoom out. I tried Audible and "read?" 1984 with it. It was quite cool, but felt a lot slower than reading. I had to put it at like 1.5x speed.
  9. I think this is an interesting way to see if this is a book for you without doing a review My first bit is by Kurt Vonnegut. I love the fact he uses simple language and sentence structure while his words/ideas are so brilliant. This part from Slaughterhouse Five (probably his most famous time-bending book about the Dresden bombing) is one of my favourites. It's about a boy (Billy) who watches WWII documentaries in reverse. Have you got any favourite bits from books?
  10. Exactly right! My problem in the past was traffic shaping. If my wife is scrolling Facebook it's clogging the tube full of memes. Sky were so incompetent they couldn't prioritise high urgency packets (like gaming) over images which caused something called Bufferbloat (a backlog of packets that causes a spike). Adding in some Quality of Service and moving to a provider that actually supports custom routers and cares about traffic shaping (Zen) and it's all but eradicated. Love the highway analogy
  11. It's what internet companies sell you on. Bigger bandwidth means downloading things quickly - but it doesn't mean a faster connection! There's lots of hidden things you should look for - connection quality, traffic shaping and even customisability. Bandwidth is just a big number that makes people go ooooooo. Realistically all it means is you can download things quicker. Much easier for a company to sell big bandwidth than it is to fix poor quality hops (stops on your internet's journey to where it's going) or physical lines. It's a bit like TVs - a low latency TV is infinitely better for gaming but people just see big size, high quality picture instead of looking a little deeper.
  12. At that point the size of packets (even for gaming) have to squeeze down the tubes of that size (if the tube isn't big enough, it lags) - theoretically though, your latency/lag would be just as low Because the tubes of internet are much bigger now (10mbps is the standard as opposed to 56kbps), latency is the important thing for gaming (no gaming packets would fill a 10mbps tube). Most people think Fibre is inherently better for gaming but copper internet is usually lower latency (signals travel faster than light through copper)! Copper just had a higher chance of interference. Don't you remember dial-up? Could even play Quake over dial up without lag - that was only 56k
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