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  1. Result: 0-3 ========== Home Team Manager: @BenStatman Franchise: Porto Players Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: Oldeuboi Franchise: Southampton Player Info Scorers: Mendy, Ings, Diaz Assists: Redmond, Ings Clean Sheet: McCarthy MoTM (if applicable): Ings ========== Match Report: Ings made the impact from the bench as Porto held fast for 60 minutes and looked to frustrate the away team. Once the first went in, the home team needed to push for an equaliser and Ings exploited the extra space to bag a goal and assist. Good game Ben! Good luck in the rest!
  2. Result: 0-4 ========== Home Team Manager: @munkfish Franchise: Fenerbahce Players Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Away Team Manager: Oldeuboi Franchise: Southampton Player Info Scorers: Diaz x2, Elkeson, Moutinho Assists: Valery, Moutinho, Elkeson, Armstrong Clean Sheet: McCarthy MoTM (if applicable): Diaz ========== Match Report: Definitely felt like I was countering a bit more than usual this game and it paid off. Ings out and unable play did cause some early nerves but Elkeson filled in with a goal and assist on his return home! Good game buddy
  3. Hahahaha - the first American revolution was directly tied to the French revolution in the late 1700s/early 1800s. France supported the states against the British and then the states stayed neutral in the French revolution. The French revolution was actually part inspired by US independence. ps. you should watch Hamilton for historical context (on Disney+)! I think you'd get a lot from it if that's gonna be your take. The only reason I know this is because of Hamilton
  4. Yeh, some other things we have that the US don't: Bank transfers take seconds, not days. In the UK we have Faster Payments (or speedy bank transfers) - some financial techs have come about to try to fix that in the US. Venmo is a thing where you can send money to other people with Venmo accounts (Monzo did it in the UK to start with) In the UK most our salaries go through something called Bacs straight into our accounts. Lots of people in the US still get paid by physical cheques We use the chip on our card for almost everything. US still uses the "magnetic" strip on the back of the card to "swipe" instead - this is really dodgy and can be cloned We have centralised banks that most people know. The US is all regional state-to-state (apart from a few big ones like Chase etc). It's very likely your bank in the US is one of 1000s and they don't work together In the UK we can switch bank accounts within a week, without even talking to our bank, using something called the Current Account Switch Service. No such thing in the US, you'd have to manually close and then move all your payments and money over (why people don't switch in the US!). It's actually quite scary how far behind they are. More than happy to answer any questions about how banks in the UK work too if anyone's curious! I firmly believe how money works should be taught at school
  5. True! It's a bit of free market capitalism too. Making money just by having money at the expense of people who don't have money. But at the same time banks do need to make money. There's a thing called "ethical banking" which is something you might wanna look into. https://www.curiouslyconscious.com/2020/02/best-ethical-banks-current-accounts-uk.html/ - surprise surprise all the big UK banks are unethical (a big reason people don't trust them!). On cash/criminality I'm kinda torn. On one side I've seen the impact of financial crime to another level, on the other I don't believe catching criminals is enough to remove people's rights (I'm the same with mass surveillance). I guess money I feel a bit differently because, from my experience, cashless is fully consumer focused (whereas mass surveillance doesn't give me any benefit at all) - especially in the UK where one of the goals of the regulators is to increase competition in the sector. I guess as well a lot of it is tied into how untrustworthy banks have shown themselves to be. I'd argue it's not a problem with "cash" or "cashless" - it's a trust problem and how the traditional banks have abused that! I'm sure if you felt your bank had your interests at heart, you'd be more comfortable with the idea of being cashless! ps. Irish banks are notoriously s**t too
  6. I'd also add that in a cash society it'd be: Impossible for lenders to lend as responsibly as they do now. Yes there is still shady payday loan crap, but at least most people can get easy access to credit because of things like your credit reports. Much easier for criminals to launder/hide money. Why do you think all the criminals on TV keep their money as cash? I'm sure if I really thought about it financially - I'm probably more likely to lose my money as cash than the bank is If you wanna see a nation that is seriously stunted by its use of cash (maybe tied to libertarian values?), look at the USA. They're so far behind Europe it's scary and they don't even have free ATMs (costs 1-5$ to withdraw!). Most of their card payments still use signature as a verification (pin numbers haven't really taken off) which makes it ripe for fraud and even an overdraft charges similar rates to a payday loan. It's why pawn shops and loan sharks are so popular over there and endemic of a cash society. It's important to remember how much our economy is propped up on borrowing (whether that's a good thing or not is a different story). Personally I'd much prefer that to be backed up by robust technology!
  7. Very interesting vid (is the sound a bit de-synced for me or is it the vid?) @rambovanhardnut Would've loved to debate you on a few of those points Loved your anal beads example but it's not that fun/exciting in real life The information a bank gets when you pay is actually not that much (mainly to do with the merchant you spent it at) - even less for online. They basically get a Merchant ID and a category code, and along with the time + date, those are really the only bits of usable data around that specific transaction. Of course if you bought your anal beads from www.analbeads.com, that's kinda obvious, but most sites like that use discreet payment portals to hide it for customers. They do the same for Porn sites so nobody would know you've got a premium pornhub account! Our personal data (like this) is also heavily protected by GDPR which means banks can't share it. On the flip side, there are places where it doesn't work like that and it is a bit scary. Most people in China use AliPay/WeChat through their phones instead of a card (it's an entirely different approach to payments) - this isn't the same as Apple/Google Pay (which are super secure and use the same data a card payment does). WeChat data is used as part of China's mass surveillance - it's like paying using Facebook. From my experience (mainly UK), our banks are regulated so much to look after customers (after the financial crash) that we'll never get anywhere close to that. As bad as a lot of banks are in the UK, they do need to stick to the law or lose their right to take deposits. Also the idea of banks being hacked is ridiculous - the more likely thing is they mess up themselves and lose customer money. A bit like TSB did a little while ago
  8. Great game @alexselva - you definitely deserved more as your build up play + possession was really Frillypink. Just need a bit of shooting practice (it comes with time!). Really enjoyable and Frillypink chat too
  9. Result: 2-0 ========== Home Team Manager: Oldeuboi Franchise: Southampton Players Info Scorers: Redmond, Diaz Assists: Moutinho x2 Clean Sheet: McCarthy MoTM (if applicable): Redmond ========== Away Team Manager: @Timbovici Franchise: PEC Zwolle Player Info Scorers: Assists: Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Pasveer showing why Southampton shouldn't have sold him. 16 saves for the Zwolle bloke - what a hero. Good game Timbo!
  10. It's basically this. I totally get cynicism, especially from people of colour in the UK who've literally experienced unconscious bias/racism and nobody has really given a s**t until now. Sometimes it is a company doing it for some sinister reason. I do feel like this time right now has a bit of a different vibe to it though. This feels a bit more genuine and that places are doing it without that corporate goal. It feels more societal and everyone's moving forwards, not just some big companies having to play catch-up.
  11. Sorry to pick out a little bit, but this part rang true with me as I run Diversity and Privilege Awareness stuff in a traditionally very white male industry. People don't have that awareness built into their systems as we've mainly been taught to ignore and avoid conversations around race by 1. Staying out of trouble or 2. Being normal because racism doesn't affect us. In a perfect world everyone would have this awareness, but unconscious bias is a very real thing that infects any company. If you leave unconscious bias unchecked it leads to stereotyping and ultimately discrimination. I'm sure loads of companies do diversity training as a checkbox exercise and that's super s**t (it needs to dig deeper) and doesn't help at all.
  12. Welcome to the club @ClaretMatt and @wheresmark. This is just sad to the point where I think you might actually be racist, not just blissfully ignorant. Just think about how mad you're getting about a black sportsperson driving a black car in support of black people.
  13. @Gale_Kast https://www.photopea.com/ Is basically a fully fledged Photoshop but in browser
  14. It'll relax later in the year
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