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  1. £800mil offer for Wembley!

    Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL) and Fulham owner Shahid Khan has offered the FA £800mil to buy Wembley https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/43906272
  2. Safe Standing Debate

    Hate the name 'safe standing' Are the thousands of fans that stand every week at lower league clubs not safe? Been standing on the terrace since I was 10, never seen anyone get hurt, other than the lad that punched the back of the stand when we missed a penalty, his hand and wrist was proper f**ked.
  3. Avicii dead!!

    oh man he bad some bangers. 1.4 BILLION views that has just on Youtube.
  4. Konami lose UEFA license

    Who actually ever played it anyway? I'm sure it's barely anyone. Shame you couldn't chose the styling for online matches, because that was pretty cool, but it was just wasted offline.
  5. Xbox New Boys.

    He's in the game, plays for Besiktas so try getting him directly from them
  6. City vs United

    True champion lost, just like last night Jk. I sucked
  7. City vs United

  8. No problem leaning towards a style, but you'll have much more success mixing it up at least a bit than crossing for the whole game. Tight marking on wingers can shut down crossing pretty well
  9. Retweet This, Earn 2.5m

    mattryanbennett Cheers!
  10. Congratulations @Qvart, fantastic comeback, well deserved win. Good game mate! Hope everyone enjoyed watching. 60+ at one point, thank you all. Video is on my profile for anyone to watch
  11. Couldn't let wheresmark be right could I
  12. Anyone around in 10 mins or so that could give me a friendly? Team is just getting off the team bus Mainly so I can test connection and twitch
  13. Retweet This, Earn 2.5m

    Hopefully, I've changed my settings on twitch so it should be stored for 14 days
  14. Massive shout out to @Thesecondcityt for lending me his PS4 account so this game can go ahead! PES Downloading now. Legend. Give that man a reward, I heard he likes Niang http://pesdb.net/pes2018/?id=44601