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  1. Finished 7th and qualified for the Europa League in my first half season. Overhaul of the squad continued in the summer. Sold a load and signed: Asensio (27) Embolo (26) McTominay (26) Martial (27) on loan with option to buy. + A couple regens. Too many games now though. Sitting 11th at Christmas. + into the league cup semi final. Sold too many players without enough replacements, Halaand is jaded and gone off form. Embolo can't hit a barn door, 1 goal all season.
  2. 3 consecutive promotions took the mighty Yeovil to the championship Was comfortably sitting in the top half at Christmas, with a miniscule budget.. 80k per week total wages vs some teams who have a single player on 30k pw. Then out of nowhere, the Southampton manager Frank De Boer leaves to become England manager following the 2022 world cup. They offer me the job, I take it. Clear out the squad in January and f**k waiting until the summer. Sell 5 first team players, sign Draxler, Dani Cebellos, Dean Henderson, and.... Haaland for 17.5mil , somehow he's still at Leipzig. He's just recovered from a broken leg and his contract is up at the end of the season, but I swoop in and get him. So far playing as a Raumdeuter, 8 goals in 8 games. Already done from 4* CA and 4.5* PA to 5* both!
  3. MB 11


    Anyone else doing a lower league save and bleeding money? I have no transfer budget each season despite back to back promotions. Always under the wage budget, but forecast to be 6mil in the red by the end of the season!
  4. I think part of my problem for the first 2 saves was team cohesion and tactic familiarity. I made so many changes to the team that both were awful. 3rd save I put team bonding and community outreach into the training every single week of preseason at team cohesion shot up.
  5. Prologue - Been playing Football Manager since the first one in 2005. Championship manager the year before that. Basically, since I was 8 years old. That's madness thinking back now. Every Christmas I'd get the new FM and install it with joy Christmas day on my old windows XP computer. Lost so much of my life to this game, probably missed out on a lot as a child, was I addicted? Definitely. People talk about kids being addicted to Fortnite these days. Well, that is nothing compared to my level of addiction to FM. Probably wouldn't change it though, I've turned out alright, now even a football coach. Year on year, I'd start as Yeovil town, take them to the Premier League. Every single FM this was accomplished. Anyway, computer died in 2015. Never bought a new one, didn't need it. Just used my phone for everything. Also I was a broke teenager. December 2019, find myself with some time on my hands and a computer. Thought, what the heck, I'll download the FM 2020 demo. Played for 5 hours before I bought the real thing. Straight back into it. Yeovil Town to the Premier League is the goal as always. Made a little harder this time, by our unfortunate demise and slip to the conference for the first time since 2003. 1st save. Completely lost in the new complexity of the game. Sacked in December. 2nd save. Still getting to grips with it. Seems like I'm getting f**ked over in every single game. Didn't even make it to December, sacked in November. 3nd save however. I've got my knack back. 1st season, promoted to league 2 via playoffs. 2nd season, promoted to league 1 as champions with a joint record points total. Undefeated from November until April. Lead by a 36yo ROBINHO, as captain. He scored one goal from open play all season. But chipped in with 15 assists. He retires at the end of the season to become a head of youth development. His youth development rating is 2/20, so we send him off a hero to find his one way in the coaching world. Now into my 3rd season. It's preseason, I have former Brazilian international Diego on trial for 4 weeks. He's 36 and intends to retire in December. Perhaps I can hand him the captain's armband and convince him otherwise... Anyway, this whole post was to say I signed Robinho for Yeovil Town in League 2. What a game, I love it. Dream maker
  6. 2013 was a great game. How the went from that to 2014 I'll never know. MLO used to annoy the hell out of me, but I still loved playing it. Everyone with 69 rated Van Der Mirch up front and Mphela on the wing. Thinking back, at least you could just buy whichever players you wanted, and you had to actually earn your way up to a good team. None of this scout bollocks. I had a 5* team on PES 2020 myClub after 5 games
  7. MB 11

    PES 2020 News

    He was pretty s**t at his job tbf. Asim got a lot of stick on twitter, but it's almost like he could have solved that with the simple trick of making his account private. There was no need for his name and face to be associated with PES publicly. Any communication from him should have been behind an official account, like what they're doing now. Almost like he wasn't qualified or experienced enough for the position, but got a job through his mate Adam, who himself wasn't qualified or experienced enough for the job.... Just a couple of pes players.
  8. I got Nedved. Also Zanetti from the agent. Had to play a back 4 of: 91 De Vrij, 95 Varane, 91 Van Dijk, 90 Maguire. Just held out for a 0-0 draw and beat them on penalties
  9. Untitled goose game is on game pass ultimate
  10. He's North East Somerset, minus the city of Bath which is its own constituency. Basically just a bunch of tiny towns and posh villages full of rich people, or racists. Awful person
  11. Won't make a bit of difference who I vote for today, South Somerset will come out as a Conservative hold. Was Lib Dem for 30 years, Paddy Ashdown then David Laws. As soon as Laws was named in the expenses scandal for renting an apartment for his gay lover, it flipped to Conservative. Now we're stuck with Marcus Fysh. Could be worse though, North Somerset has Jacob Rees-Mogg. Might just draw a big fat dick on the voting slip.
  12. MB 11


    I just bought FM2020, my first one since religiously playing from FM05 to FM15. So many details and features. My brain is fried.
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