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  1. Result: 1-8 ========== Home Team Manager: @Pagi Franchise: Marseille Players Info Scorers: Anselmo Clean Sheet: no MoTM (if applicable): no Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: Red Cards: Own Goals: ========== Away Team Manager: @Rdotman Franchise: Arsenal Player Info Scorers: Mor, Cofie, Sarr, Iwobi x5 Clean Sheet: no MoTM (if applicable): Iwobi Manager Info (amount only) Yellow Cards: Red Cards: Own Goals: ========== Match Report: Well played mate, yeah a bit of an off day for me! Lost my way in the second half when most the goals went in.
  2. Well played mate, was a good game
  3. Agreed, great gsme mate, was equally frustrating for both of us, but fun.
  4. Pagi

    Fixture 16: Pagi v Sunzi - [Confirmed]

    Yep, good game mate, was a tough game and good counters. The game wasn't like really laggy but played very weirdly, like the game didn't react quick as usual and didn't do what I was telling it to, but well played and merry Xmas.
  5. Pagi

    Battlefield Bad Company 3?!?!?!?!

    I still play Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3 on PC. Both have good destructibility
  6. Pagi


    I saw you saying r2 close control used to work better in beta, it did. I loved the beta. In pes1-6 days, close control worked so much better. As you got rewarded for using it well and it was as responsive as it should be. Now it is often way too clunky especially with any lag. It's a real shame, as now the game favours counter attacks as tight close control isn't rewarded as it's so difficult to do with the way control works and the way defenders home in on you and can just grab the ball from anywhere. I used to love using close control in the box around players, dummy the ball and goes to next player and fake shot, none of them work like they should cos of the reasons I said, they just aren't responsive enough and defenders just home into the ball. fake shot around the keeper was a joy before.
  7. Pagi

    Beating Superstar

    Superstar isn't that difficult once you know how the computer plays and its patterns. I usually beat top teams now with my PEN team.
  8. Pagi

    Any one else struggling at this pes?

    Yeah some parts are bulls**t but clubs with us lot playing good football and all using player cam, different Pansexual.
  9. Pagi

    Any one else struggling at this pes?

    I'm confident we can get regular 5-10 guys to buy it and play. It is really fun and yeah adds another sense of realism if we say we all have to play on player cam, great idea! Clubs is completely different to PES and regular 1v1 games, so not like they're buying 2 of the same game either. Delia has a message for yous...Let's be having you!
  10. Pagi

    Any one else struggling at this pes?

    We should do that ASA[ and teach FIFA guys how to play some real football ha. FIFA is crap but the clubs mode is great, as it most replicates real football cos you're, you, one player on a team. Konami are missing a trick by not creating a better mode of clubs for PES, as FIFA largely ignore it but it has scope to be awesome with leagues, transfers, world cups etc.. Can we get a PEN FiFA club arranged!?
  11. Pagi

    Fixture 1: Dortaboy v Pagi - [Confirmed]

    Agreed, yeah was a pretty even game and I just got the break in the ball falling for me for the two goals. Good luck for the rest of the season mate.
  12. Pagi

    PES league

    I get bored of 1v1, would love some decent regular co-op or 11v11
  13. Stats Agreed. Well played mate. I usually go three at the back but I change things up depending on how I feel and who is on form. @Qvart I couldn't do anything against you though, well should have scored but my net was rubbish, I'll be having a word with housemates
  14. Pagi

    Data Pack 2.0

    Nah it's definitely not just switch fix. Players more responsive and react much better to loose balls, better at first time shots