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  1. Brizzle already has the full collection of pre worn PESEP shirts (and pants)
  2. I thought you were looking good to have a decent season! Should of given him more than 8 games surely
  3. There was a vote of some kind if I remember and there wasn’t enough members to sustain a ps3 or xbox 360 league. With the release of the ps5 at Xmas this time it could be a different story
  4. Me and @Slicklu proper sweated one out
  5. I did the standard once or twice and when i saw some of the efforts other parents had made i upped my game a bit Had to make all sorts of s**te over the past few years will see if i have any pictures
  6. Would of but promised the wife a night on front of tv. Im online now but getting off as soon a she's back from visiting a relative in hospital
  7. Not everyone is as good as Julie
  8. Zzzzzz bore off grandad ive played konami football games since the snes days all have had flaws in one way or another people need to get on with it
  9. Im still enjoying the game Had some cracking matches lately
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