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  1. Yeah sorry meant GE first my bad. Ballot imo would be options of how Brexit should come about in terms of the deal. Remain should also be an option. What worries me about GE is the next person in power Corbyn is all mouth. I really liked him before but it's almost like he doesn't want a the job. The Lib Dems are the liveliest in Parliament but yeah.. Its the lib Dems.
  2. Boris throwing toys out of pram right now best course of action would be a people's vote of how to go forward once extension has been done. General election too. Going to be an interesting few months of uncertainty again.
  3. Mowgles

    Borderlands 3

  4. Triumph for democracy great way of saying Surviving a Disaster. I'm sure you realise I was joking. But seriously doubt the DUP will accept it neither will parliament. 'Triumph. Lol.' This is like waiting for the deadline of your coursework and doing in last night before it's due. Handing it in and Just passing. It's barely getting over the line.
  5. This whole thing could've been avoided by deporting leave voters to US, Africa of Oz and letting UK and Europe get on with a prosperous life
  6. Rightfully so penalty wise! Still loving the game apart from that. It's made me slow things down and focus on holding the ball and passing instead of being direct. But when the fouls start happening like that I tend to go back to giving it to Sarr or sahiner to get me out of trouble hahaha
  7. No mate was spoiling game for me hence was lolling at fouling. Sure if they trying to make midfield battles more challenging. That's great but don't make it so unrealistic like that. They literally break legs and drag you down yet no penos or cards or fouls. Then when you try to tackle whilst staying on feet and DO NOT BUY THIS PLAYER HE IS TRULY AWFUL AND HE WILL BE GOING TO MLS AND AWOL FROM PESing them a little bit whilst applying pressure the whistle goes straight off. Its dumb.
  8. fouling. Lol my god. Was like every dirty tackle cpu did was fine yet every innocent nudge or pressure I put on was a crime.
  9. This was On ML! Could've just been me nearly falling asleep in morning but yeah script central
  10. Played few games earliar and felt so different. Have they changed something?! Gameplay felt like fifa 17
  11. Mowgles

    Borderlands 3

    Normally just instruct them to attack or whatever tbh. Only when having to pick stuff up or select action for mission do they sometimes get in the way for me haha
  12. Mowgles

    Borderlands 3

    Siren has bonuses in tree for close combat damage. It also has both offensive and team play strategic powers. It's okay mid to late game power wise but early game you're going to have to hang back or be on point with your crits.
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