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  1. Welcome back. You the radio show host guy before Rambo and Chucka?
  2. Haha yeah. It's awesome when 7 in posse and all riding into battles or just into town
  3. Currently in a posse which role play the 7th cavalry: General do Gooders mainly patrolling the map, taking out gang hideouts, killing griefers and outlaw posses as well stranger mission Ms wise do the good honour ones and general helping of newbies online Some pics from the other nights session. After my drinking I passed out *oops* I'm far right. Didn't have my uniform sorted as not unlocked the best kit yet Flipping sun started going down whilst taking pic and everyone sparked up their ciggies
  4. Story mode on Rd2 is class mate get on it and take your time. There's loads to do and explore. It's obviously set before the first game. If you check out online mode afterwards you meet some of the characters from Rd2, rd1 and even other rockstar games! Loads of Easter eggs. I in my second play through and trying to platinum it. Amazing game. Been addicted to online recently though. Past three nights had massive overnight sessions ending at 10am or midday
  5. Just been grinding waiting for this summer update to hit. Career path characters and missions as well as usual new clothes and weapons incoming. Career paths are: Trader Collector Bounty Hunter Hopefully be more introduced to take advantage of the honour system which currently only involves you getting different missions in the 'land of opportunities' story line
  6. Result: 3-2 ========== Home Team Manager: Mowgles Franchise: Sporting Lisbon Players Info Scorers: oxlaide Chamberlain, Dabour, Sahiner Assists: Sarr, jojic x 2 Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Oxlaide Chamberlain ========== Away Team Manager: @Bridgey Franchise: torino Player Info Scorers: Dyzuba, Mak Assists: FLORENZI Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: Aah good game man second half you had so many chances but ghezzal just couldn't finish. Well played mate. Unlucky.
  7. Mowgles


    Frillypink navy blue envelope with my brand new card in yay so happy. Wait what the f**k is this colour. Then you say monzo plus you Pay for a better colour? Give customers horrible coloured card then charge for a normal coloured card. Scandalous b*****ds.
  8. @swinny for champion @Brizzle has the crumbling started already
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