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  1. You may think its with respect but the reciever of said words may not. Media shouldn't be putting that type of language in the public eye. Full stop. Political correctness or rather lack of. The material posted in those three headlines above are disgusting.
  2. When started secondary school in England after coming back from Mauritius I had curtains with red streaks. The chavs nicknamed me Mowgli. I embraced nickname to wind them up. Has stuck to this day amongst friends with some of their parents still thinking my real name is Mowgli. However go by mowg now. On pen however its now Mow. Mowgles is just another variation of the identity of my superb existence.
  3. Watching it from the start. Yeah bumbling idiot. He didn't respond to Corbyn calling him out for his letterbox comment. They both repetitive but Boris just bumbles and tbh I trust corbyn more. Deal to be done by January 31st?whete have we heard that before All Boris does is swipe as opposition. Not say what he's going to do. I'm going to add more police and nurses. He's the one who took them away in first place. Hurry up election day
  4. Boris is starting to crumble in this presidential debate. Looking forward to it kicking off. Obviously Brexit his main drivel. Got drinking game going. Drink everytime 'get Brexit done' s said.
  5. Mowgles

    Borderlands 3

  6. Yeah the thing is with Rdr even early on in single player you're poor AF. On PlayStation you get trader role free, which just requires you to hunt then sell. That's 500-600 dollars per run. But the whole buying new role for 15 gold is a rip off. You will make it back but it is very Grindy. Of you haven't played it yet there's lots to do but if you started before and been waiting for updates it gets boring. I'm not doing once in a while and saving for the Moonshiners update. But yeah until they add a lot more and fix this glitch that has every griefer obline using I'm staying away (tonics and perks making them pretty much unkillable) True. Although you didn't put any work in at all haha iirc you bought a bunker and didn't ever do any sells. If you buy businesses and don't run them Im not surprised you didn't make any money
  7. Pes forum might be a good place to look...
  8. Yep point to prove. When I saw the line up I was worried. Yes it's a great squad and need to rotate but f**k me. Second half to come can still go other way. Hopefully see more Liverpool goals
  9. Yeah mane and trent been ace. But origi. Mate. Those touches. Perfection. Just hope there's no red card for trent in second half. Robertson looking fiesty too. Lallana and shaqs putting a great shift in too! Lovren with an assist! Loving it. f**king yes
  10. What a half. These goals. Origi
  11. Haven't seen that name for long time. Nah. FLM Dead.
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