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  1. Cick


    It's a free game mate massive community I think anyone will help. You on there
  2. Cick

    Tempted to switch

    Ye if you check there website there doing it with a game for £288 aswell and you always end up paying for consoles in phone deals I think they jus DO NOT BUY THIS PLAYER HE IS TRULY AWFUL AND HE WILL BE GOING TO MLS AND AWOL FROM PES prices up lol
  3. Cick

    Tempted to switch

    Not seen any jus seen this though https://www.tobydeals.co.uk/en_GB/product/nintendo-switch-with-neon-blue-and-neon-red-joy-con-1.html?gclid=CjwKCAiArK_fBRABEiwA0gOOc2L5rwOwRaKPVuuREQ4SxMmmZNbzJoRmPjOBQqGjrH4Hdu_IDyf7yRoCEV4QAvD_BwE £249
  4. Cick

    Tempted to switch

    Think Currys doing switch plus mario kart for £299 bud
  5. Cick

    Ps vita ?

    Tbh mate I might see what deals come up on the switch black Friday if there is anymore to come
  6. Cick

    Ps vita ?

    Reading mate and how much any games ?
  7. Cick

    Ps vita ?

    Ye I jus wanted something to play with limited time I did like the switch jus see the vita was cheap and see a few bids about why you should get one an all that stuff jus wandered if anyone still plays em
  8. Cick

    Ps vita ?

    Anyone got one loads of cheap bundles going I'm seriously considering getting the switch again but the vita cheap as hell
  9. Cick

    How much more evidence do you need?

    I'd love the win rate of you handicapped team mine must be severely disabled 😅
  10. Cick

    PEN Switch Gamers

    Anyone tried FIFA on switch ?
  11. Cick


    Probs the way forward to be fair
  12. Cick


    Swear the YouTubers are raving about how good the patch is Everyone here seems to think different 😕
  13. Cick

    Tactics help

    Try counter tactic and tiki taka advanced tactic only used it a few times but seems to bring a bit more of a midfield to the game
  14. Cick

    Deep defensive Line + Swarm the box

    Think this is one way to try fight the game game is attack Vs defence counter Vs counter gets kinda boring tbh
  15. Cick

    FIFA 19

    Same with both games this year I think both underwhelming