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  1. Rumley1993

    Stamp Duty

    https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/mortgages/stamp-duty Don't know if this is correct or not
  2. Rumley1993

    Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition

    Not a shooter fan but this game is by far the best and most fun IV played haven't stopped playing it since it's been on ea access
  3. Rumley1993

    Champions League 17/18

    Looks like Liverpool's year how much luck can one team get lol even in the quarters decisions went there way
  4. Rumley1993

    Metal Gear survive Beta

    Just picked this up and then read about it wtf have i done haha hoping everyone is wrong
  5. Rumley1993

    Pre order and get a free ps4 !!

    Guesing its standard ps4 im on the standard xbox aswell just thought it was a bit of a steal but im not sure on the phones
  6. Rumley1993

    Pre order and get a free ps4 !!

    Ye im iphone user but im not paying to get the x its a joke
  7. https://www.carphonewarehouse.com/sony/xperia-xz2.html#!colour=blue&capacity=64GB&dealType=pm looks like a hell of a deal anyone used the sony phones are they any good ?
  8. Rumley1993

    Dbz FighterZ !!!

    Awsome games anyone into fighting games on here ? Im stuggling hard could do with smashing some buttons against somone
  9. Rumley1993

    Premier League 2017/18

    Take salah out of Liverpool and see what gets said then nail on the head
  10. Rumley1993

    Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition

    This game is sick as f**k played it once thought it was a bit weird but its fun as s**t
  11. Rumley1993

    Fortnite: Battle Royale

    Does everyone prefer this to pubg ?
  12. Rumley1993

    Any one else struggling at this pes?

    Ye i ise the fifa controls in pes lol but the movement of players and passing and shooting feel totaly deferent to me also the sheilding of the ball on fifa is Frillypink to use but fifa is more ping pongy basketbally i havent played since the patxh though aparently its slowed down
  13. Rumley1993

    Any one else struggling at this pes?

    Play both mate both have diferent fun things about them and both have there bad sides too but if your guna try fifa grind through a good few hours before making a judgement its hard to switch from pes to fifa or fifa to pes
  14. Rumley1993

    Football index ??

    Has anyone had a dabble on this if so is it worth a go or a waste of money ?
  15. Rumley1993

    Project cars 2

    Didnt play the first jus downloaded this and got sent home from work cus of a fire so will be busting this most the day anyone played it is it any good iv heard its hard as f**k though lol ?

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