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  1. Rumley1993

    FIFA 19

    Offline it's a better game then pes not many play offline anymore and I think pes is better gameplay as a whole but if your not on pen theres only really myclub or divisions you'l find it hard to get a decent game in myclub for me both games again
  2. Rumley1993

    Fantasy Football - 2017/18

  3. Rumley1993

    Fantasy Football - 2017/18

    Frillypink one I have no idea how this one works lol
  4. Rumley1993

    Fantasy Football - 2017/18

    Mind if I join never done a pl one ?
  5. Rumley1993

    PS1 and PS2 games. What am I missing?

    And the warriors ❤️❤️:D
  6. Rumley1993

    PS1 and PS2 games. What am I missing?

    The getaway ❤️
  7. Rumley1993

    England v Croatia

    TBF I'm a united fan dunno why im getting so f**ked off love him lol but either way Croatia or England would t win the final
  8. Rumley1993

    England v Croatia

    Did he play the final did he ???? O no they won it without him hahahaha hahahaha
  9. Rumley1993

    England v Croatia

    Still hasn't won the world cup 😂😂😂 get his dick out your mouth
  10. Rumley1993

    England v Croatia

    Ye where Ronaldo was along time ago you gay pookeynoodle
  11. Rumley1993

    England v Croatia

    France it is then hope they f**k Croatia up the arse
  12. Rumley1993

    England v Croatia

    Is the ref from Croatia???
  13. Rumley1993

    Stamp Duty

    https://www.moneysavingexpert.com/mortgages/stamp-duty Don't know if this is correct or not
  14. Rumley1993

    Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition

    Not a shooter fan but this game is by far the best and most fun IV played haven't stopped playing it since it's been on ea access
  15. Rumley1993

    Champions League 17/18

    Looks like Liverpool's year how much luck can one team get lol even in the quarters decisions went there way