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  1. There won't be PENce every week mate
  2. Will slow everyone down a bit at least and a spammer won't win
  3. Maybe next time say everyone only has one chance per clue to answer
  4. https://clips.twitch.tv/AdorableVenomousNikudonFrankerZ This would of been been a lovely counter if @jazfiction managed too finish, was a tight angle though
  5. Scored this last night https://clips.twitch.tv/CrazyPlacidMomFUNgineer
  6. I've asked before, no bueno
  7. You should try 11v11 mate you'll never have to shoot then, assist king
  8. You put 7 past Alex lol Nah the Prem is great, enjoyed every season there Tbh the sweatier football was in the lower divisions when I was there Old D1 was a mess back then, probably more to do with the version of the game though lol no idea how I got out of there
  9. We've all got to start some where you may surprise your self with a bit of perseverance
  10. @Madhu SanithSanith wp bro keep it up, I'll have my shooting boots on in the return
  11. 6.28 if the time stamp doesn't work And I'm not saying the connection was bad I can't remember any issues but the distance will always be a factor
  12. I think it may be more to do with the distance between isps then anything I missed a host of chances against Madhu aswell but he was clinical with his http://www.twitch.tv/dotmanlive/v/612075170?sr=a&t=394s Game is just about to start
  13. Rdotman

    Manual Noob!

    Turn off advanced imo Takes way too long to release the ball and is inconsistent Try to not think about what you are doing and just play naturally, you will pleasantly surprise your self Shooting is one of the hardest things to master as you have to adjust for the angle you are to the goal Also I find blimp very useful on manual as you can see more players and the nearly top down view makes it easier to get your angles right for passing /shooting
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