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  1. I came into post the same thing. Hurts - Vice captain Tammy did nada either.
  2. Wow. Lazio coming from 3 - 0 down in 40 minutes to grab a point in a 3-3 vs Atalanta.
  3. Me too. I think I went Ceballos assuming an Arsenal win. Arsenal will lose, Lundstram cheeky assist and Clean sheet inbound.
  4. 43 minutes to go - Lundstram or Ceballos? They're playing agaisnt each other
  5. Captain Kun or KDB? At Palace? Captain Tammy? Hosting the Toon? Captain Haller? At Everton? Captain Sadio? At United? Heart says Kun - sods law says Tammy. 6 sense says Sadio.
  6. I didn't get in to TitanFall 2 that much - the original would be up there in an all time list of favourite games... easily. Insanely good.
  7. Fair enough. If it aint broke. Dont fix. Yeah second wild card becomes available from Jan/Second half of the season IIRC. Not sure if you can sleeve both of them if the first one remains unused. No trouble with that for me lol!
  8. Van Aanholts a baller for the cost. Scores, Assists and Palace not conceding many - but not scoring many either. McGinn is solid, he'll replace Ceballos for me when I get the Free Transfers to do so. Strong position to be in with all your Perks available and Transfers up your sleeve - don't think you can stack 3 can you? So might wanna use one to not lose one?
  9. I'm thinking that Aguero/City should be champing at the bit following the Wolves result. I'm gonna put it all on Kun again. In fact, I'm transitioning to what we were talking about a couple weeks ago; removing the value from my Defence and sticking it all up top. I'm going to transfer Kun last, if at all. Matip, Wan-Bissaka need to go. I've caved on drafted in Lundstram - he's grabbing mega points for, what was, a 4M filler initially. He's hurting me when he scores points and costing my opponents nothing when he doesnt - had to pull him in. Next week, providing there's no issues - I'll be drafting in another s**tter at the back. I have De Bruyne + Mane - I'm thinking I need another premium MF around the 8-10M mark (thinking out aloud that forgotten man Martial is due back soon and will surely play up top for ManUre), to join Aguero, Tammy and Haller - go for broke. I've made 30 points up in two weeks. I'm still 30 off the pace. I've got Dunk ATM, but I need to get shot of Wan-Bissaka and re-invest. Thinking of a Palace bum at the back. Kelly did me proud and Cahill is playing well IRL, even if that doesn't transfer to Fantasy points hes "actually" good for the price. Not sure though - it always looks good until the Game Week plays out lol.
  10. Agreed - it's all about the hype isn't it. Not saying Fortnite's not/wasn't decent but it's literally not that much better than counterparts. It has put BR's on the map (more) over the last couple years though, undeniably inspiring COD, Apex etc Apex would seriously take some trumping for me. Long-winded reply in progress.. but Titanfall was meant to be a COD Killer - it all comes back to hype though. That game was brilliant, I'm sure I can't have been the only one to think that? It had fluid movement, fantastic mechanics and the integration of Titans was done so well, yet such a revolutionary game still couldn't top the COD of the time (Ghosts which was absolutely awful) - Ghosts was your bog-standard, Multiplayer with kill-streaks as churned out every year. Apex has the same sort of feel about it - those who eventually get into it and value it, absolutely love it; others don't/won't because it's not hip. It's a lot of fun - probably saying it to the point of going blue in the face but Im determined to make people see what a gem this is. IMO
  11. Well, well, well boys - it's that time again
  12. It's also fast-paced (not everyones cuppa) as opposed to defensive/campy. Great game.
  13. Been saying for months, it's a sick, sick game. Not been on console much but I literally I rinsed this game out. The new Halloween event looks good and I need to grab Season 3 Battle Pass too. Just people aren't sucking it off like the other BRs - it's a bonafide shooter (a shooter on a par with games like COD for example) compared to other BRs, with a good meta/balance without any sacrifice in the gloss/appearance. Such a good game. Anyway, since you're on it, I will get back on it and would be up for some ranked with you? We won a high proportion of the games we played together, considering we didn't play that many. I was Gold last time I remember but none of the Apex homies play ranked - so I end up just playing pubs with them. Let me know!
  14. Damn. Good effort man. We still love you.
  15. Go on the Jooks. Represent brah!
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