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  1. If anything if they can't help us, next best things is to see them get stuffed ha ha.
  2. Not really - would be Frillypink of course. When we dropped an 8-point lead just after X-Mas, that's when the writing was on the wall - said so myself too, in this thread. Happy we've kept going though and kept City honest. I'm not really one of those blind fans to gets offended by inter-club BS. LOL.
  3. What's happened to De Gea aswell? Some of the goals he's conceding aswell. Darmian, was it? What is he doing on the pitch? he left Sane in acres. Sorry state.
  4. United are f**king pants. Look clueless in possession, players standing in each others pockets - waiting for something to happen. Over-rated twats.
  5. Thank God we have Ashley Young for England LOL
  6. That Fred for United is playing more like Fred Flintstone. What a jobber.
  7. Theres two @Sunzibad on PEN. It wasn't me Screenshot for future bailout:
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