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  1. Happy birthday Davo!

    Have a good'un lads.
  2. who has one of these...

    Had a few of these. They gave one an insight in to the depth of the game. A fair few tips in them that the manual and in-game tutorials didn't cover - actually made these strategy guides valuable. i.e Thierry Henry (possibly Del Piero too) had a special lob/R2 shot that you could perform when parrallel to goal. 85 Dribble-Accuracy could perform the Two-Foot Feint (now known as the Double Touch). 90 Dribble-Accuracy enabled the 90-degree/L-Turn. Things like the Rabona and Marseille Turn variants were covered (when these moves weren't tied to cards or stars as they were back then). And how certain stat combinations enabled certain moves/touches/abilities. Form arrows broken down and the stats were defined in proper English. Really good.
  3. January Transfer Window!

    Just seeing that Juan Quintero might be going to River. Could be a good move for him. Think he's also been patched back in to PES via the Live Update this week (pretty sure he didn't start PES2018 in the game as he was on loan in Colombia)... he's on the Porto roster now.
  4. Live Update Pes 18

    Little trick I found as its not always entirely clear who is on form for what teams unless you're looking at the main summary featuring about 300 other players. If your press 'SQUARE' on a team from the team select screen, you can see what players from that team are on/off from. So... take Arsenal: Press 'SQUARE' on the screen above and you are presented with this: I.e a breakdown of Arsenal's affected forms for the week. New to me, so if you also didnt know, enjoy If you did.. well.. congrats. LOL. Doesnt work with PEN teams sadly but decent all the same and a quick reference guide without scrolling through pages of the update summary.
  5. I won Myclub

    The ear-ring. Baller.
  6. RIP Cyrille Regis

    Just heard he passed away after suffering a heart attack, aged 59. RIP.
  7. Premier League 2017/18

  8. Premier League 2017/18

    Please tell me the BODs still open...
  9. January Transfer Window!

    Saw the Miura extension earlier. Insane. Remember him getting on, on Football Manager 15 years ago LOL. DZEMA! BOD My Season 10 Captain.
  10. January Transfer Window!

    Pritchard having a medival with Huddersfield @BAZ - guess you knew this though. Tevez back to Boca.
  11. January Transfer Window!

    Nah not reliable. But that Arsenal rumour been doing the rounds. It might intensify with the Sanchez to City speculation... Pavon said he wants to play the Libertadores (i.e stay at Boca until the Summer at least). If the buyout clause is met though - who knows.
  12. January Transfer Window!

    Would love Mahrez - guy is class. Proven in the Prem aswell and deserves that move.
  13. Premier League 2017/18

  14. Premier League 2017/18

  15. Fixture 19: Parrish v Sunzibad - [Confirmed]

    Cheers mate - Well played. Stats Agreed. Good Luck in the rest, catch you in the reverse. Edited it to stick Friday in as MOTM BTW.