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  1. Not to say he isn't already mercurial - just you don't know what to expect with him which is good and bad. You can see his team-mates instructing him on what to do and who to pass to as his head his down and in the dribble more time.
  2. Adama's an absolute livewire. When his touch evades him, his pace to make up for it bails him out - a few times tonight it looks like the ball has just gone beyond his control and he's just blitzed the man to regain control and lose him in the process. If his end product was consistent, he would incredible.
  3. Terrible week. Full of Ifs and buts. Players I thought about did well. Calculated gambles I went with, all flopping. Zaha my Capt. had a mare. Wish I stuck with Firmino as originally planned. Poor week. If I achieve 40 points Id have done well.
  4. Have you checked the in-game command list. Everything apart from the really specialist skills are usually covered in there.
  5. Adrian's got that ropey distribution about 3 times in that game he's nearly been caught out... and then he gifts Ings a gimme.
  6. Apoarently Pukki's scored a great goal @Jookoi Mane glossing over a poor performance so far. Saints playing well though, Adams working well with Redmond.
  7. Pope was quality. A couple of good saves off Aubameyang and Torreira
  8. Swear down. I took Ashley Barnes and McNeil out of my FF this morning because Arsenal!
  9. So after giving it the biggun in here about hop-ups and classes and what-not, I was looking forward to playing yesterday but didn't get on due to the Super Cup. Played this morning and had an absolute mare... awful lol. Finished with a great last circle, Solo, self-resus win which glossed over it all! There are loads of Gold Knockdown shields in Solo.
  10. Sugar Mahoney! Will take that as that was a tough game - good viewing as well TBF.
  11. Oooo. Here we go. Penalty.
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