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  1. Sunzibad

    Summer Transfers 2018

    Yeah I do know Caseres dude - was getting noticed for Velez this season. He's a good young player - has some hype around him... he had been linked with a couple of clubs - Villarreal is a good choice IMO (Atletico were also linked around January)
  2. Result: 5 - 3 ========== Home Team Manager: Sunzi Franchise: AS Monaco Players Info Scorers: Lautaro Martinez x 3, Lanzini x 2 Assists: Krovinovic x 2, Lanzini, Penaranda, Montoya Clean Sheet: NA MoTM (if applicable): Lautaro Martinez ========== Away Team Manager: @SAMCRO925 Franchise: Celta Vigo Player Info Scorers: Tammy Abraham x 2, Ghezzal Assists: Ivi Lopez, Tammy Abraham Clean Sheet: NA MoTM (if applicable): NA ========== FSL: Match Report: A goal-glut here in a frenetic game between two closely matched teams - in the table and on the pitch. Goals were exchanged but neither side was ever comfortable and even when Monaco gained a 2 goal cushion at 4-2, Celta replied with a 3rd to keep the game in the balance and the pressure on their hosts. It took a 92nd minute 5th from Monaco to get ovee the line. Vital points at a vital time of the season for me here but another game in which our frailties at the back were once again in evidence. Well played Daz... pleasure as always man. Good luck in the remainder.
  3. Sunzibad


  4. Sunzibad

    New member

    Sup Dude - welcome to PEN. Home of the best PES League running. Add me for a beatdo... err... I mean some good times
  5. Sunzibad


  6. Sunzibad

    Summer Transfers 2018

    Relevant now.
  7. Sunzibad

    Summer Transfers 2018

    Could be worse TBF. @spragga At least he made bail. Hopefully goes on to get a club and you end up getting a bargain for fronting decent papes for him - he is a one man army. Good players, players better than me, have complained about how good he is to play against.
  8. Ah... ended up doing the school run amd going gym anyway lol. Possibly on for an hour at around 10ish though 👍
  9. There goes my excuse to f**k the gym off lol.
  10. Sunzibad

    England v Croatia

    Long sideburns
  11. Sunzibad

    Summer Transfers 2018

    Football came home.
  12. Sunzibad

    Summer Transfers 2018

    Seri to Fulham.
  13. Sunzibad

    England v Croatia

    Yeah Modric is on another level.
  14. Sunzibad

    England v Croatia

    International* experience. Literally caps... they have an average of about 30 caps each I think. Im npt saying they're young and inexperienced, just giving the reasons behind why others are.

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