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  1. Result: 0-2 ========== Home Team Manager: Qvart Franchise: Clermont-Foot Players Info Scorers: N/A Assists: N/A Clean Sheet: N/A MoTM (if applicable): N/A ========== Away Team Manager: @Zakremoor Franchise: Boca Juniors Player Info Scorers: Huntelaar 31', Van de Beek 75' Assists: Davies, Huntelaar Clean Sheet: Onana MoTM (if applicable): Huntelaar ========== http://proevonetwork.com/forums/topic/111802-fixture-1-qvart-v-zakremoor/ Match Report: The s**t streak starts as Clermont continiues the awfull finishing just to see Boca score a goal with their first attack/ shot of the game in the 31st min. The come back is made less likely as Boca double their advantage on a counter in the 75th minute. My final third is relegation worthy...
  2. You were the most clinical finisher today, Good game, stats agreed.
  3. Qvart

    PES 2019 - Best place to pre/order

    PSN store for me, need that digital version.
  4. Qvart

    PES 2019

    My bet is on Japanese league and Liga MX
  5. Qvart

    PES 2019

    "Depending on their performance in last week's match, these players will have boosted stats and possibly new skills for a limited period" This could be interesting in a PEN view
  6. Qvart

    Summer Transfers 2018

  7. Qvart

    PES 2019 Reveal Soon!

    Full reveal May 9th
  8. Qvart

    April's third event will be....

    Maybe a friendly heads up of the PES patch @tezombie? So everyone is ready half 9?
  9. Qvart

    Data Pack 4 is Go

    yay, I got a face
  10. Qvart

    April's third event will be....

    Isnt it enough with one "none-PES" out of 3?
  11. Qvart

    Whisky drinkers.

    As long as the whiskey tastes like an ash tray and served neat im happy. Im weak for islay single malts. Norwegian Aquavit (scandinavian caraway flavoured spirit) is another favourite of mine.
  12. Qvart

    Snus in the Prem.

    There was a story about a norwegian footballer that went over for a trial that got a bad reputaion after he spat a large cluster of snus in a bin in the hotel room. The maid found it while taking the trash out, and thought it was a turd. Cant remember who and how likely it is...
  13. Qvart

    Snus in the Prem.

    Yeah, except you put it under your lip and not in the nose
  14. Qvart

    Snus in the Prem.

    Same, Im going to start again when I turn 70.
  15. Qvart

    Snus in the Prem.

    The "bag" is for girls

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