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  1. Qvart

    Free legend today

    Wanted jarjar or Vieira, certain I was gong to spin Cafu or Kahn, Got Stevie G. Meh
  2. Qvart

    100% Scout Combinations

    Great squad player with good header stats (+card) for the CB cover
  3. Qvart

    MyClub PES 2019

    Got matched with 3 people the other day from the other side of the earth. Mr living in the oriental rainforest connected through a f**king parabola R2-cross with 2 big donkeys on top. A nomad with a router stuck in sahara sand spamming touch the line counter targets with an amazing team averaging about 96 OVR. Then I played an amazing flawless game with a guy from Doha. The servers arent flawless, but the first two was used to the lag and played like pookeynoodles as you could NOT play "normally" as the button delay was immense. Why do they bother going to another region? Are the african and Asian regions that bad? Anyway, about 75% of my games are matches with fellow scandinavians. Rarely any bad lag and I have still not come across any void/disconnect cheaters this year.
  4. Qvart

    MyClub 2019: Post your Gems

    Got a SILVER BALL trade coming up, any tips on who to pick?
  5. Qvart

    Promotions and Campaigns: What is it this week?

    Fantastisk to win 3 in a row to get a spin (gold+) that gives me Badelj..
  6. Qvart

    Is there a winning tactic in sim mode???

    Thats Frillypink. Anyway, what lvl do you guys keep your cloud team at? Havent gotten any bonus yet for my lvl4 cloud boys.
  7. Qvart

    gonna do a video on what needs fixing....

    Yeah, make the "loners" in coop search after a partner at least 10 minutes...
  8. Qvart

    Is there a winning tactic in sim mode???

    But Whereswaldos advice only counts IF you filter on team strength.
  9. Qvart

    Should we really go there? SIM Mode

    Only did one to get the coins. So TS isnt that important this year with sim'ing? Great for boosting some TS if so
  10. Qvart

    MyClub 2019: Post your Gems

    Lv1 is pretty safe? Last year I think white balls (as long as not trained into bronze lv) was counted equal, so having a 50 average rated bench gave you more of a disadvantage. Im at no filter with my lv4 team. Seems to be matched more equally this year, at least at "normal" game hours.
  11. Qvart

    Favourite managers

    Im using Jorge Jesus atm, 4-4-2 counter, wide/wide, aggresive FLP, only con is the high defence line as breaks makes me very vulnerable to pa3 blimp-passes into space. Been stuck on a "diamond" with LMF/RMF as my player base doesnt contain suitable CMFs for now. Do love the reasonable high familiarity. My 2018 manager was so low that new players needed 10-15 matches to get decent TS.
  12. Qvart

    100% Scout Combinations

    Its ok, cant spend any more time on pes atm. Feels good
  13. Qvart

    100% Scout Combinations

    Pretty sure 3 "Featured player Bamba"'s only gave Black balls, no featured players or legends and the player pool shown wasnt large enough to be other than bb.
  14. Qvart

    MyClub PES 2019

    So that possibly means none "featured players" either, even if Bamba was one... so probably just "normal" black balls