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  1. Did you ever use it after a pass? No way it canceled a pass. EVERY other version you could cancel a pass until the foot hit the ball, even until it left the foot. This year only the bar disappeared and the pass still was done. Even if done right after pressing pass.
  2. IMO nothing but super cancel have changed in online games.
  3. Wasnt this a thing with a Man United Lukaku song too? "Hung like a babies arm"-or something like that.
  4. In game or "ps4 pes folder" the easiest way? Easier to ask than to check, took me almost 6 weeks to get the option file..
  5. Whats the easiest way to remove an option file? Asking for a friend...
  6. Think Its a seriously old film, didnt know you were that old @Roberto Larcos
  7. Whats new in it? Do I want to just load the whole shebang or add the ones I didnt have/ get in v1 ?
  8. They werent really interested in starting a "PES-Team" so they planned to get the f*ifa pros to learn the game.
  9. Ole "Mourinho" Solskjær, fakk this is boring as a neutral.
  10. Hah, that tackle on James got to hurt after the head smash in the weekend.
  11. In Norway Its online qualifiers for the finals, in December. Pretty sure the f*fa national squad goes directly to the finals...
  12. NM, the .nz link seems to work. The PES Universe file is the way to go?
  13. Too lazy this year, havent done an option file, anyone got a link to a good one? Cant find a working link. Cheers
  14. Aha, f**king grillsmak that bum! Did Konami groom you jooks? I was down in Oslo and played the Norwegian national team of f*fa last year, those guys are living the life, playing computer games for a good 1,5 x average norwegian salary... They were quite disappointed the big tourney this year is PES.
  15. Qvart


    Romania - Norway was supposed to be played without fans because of romanian racist bums. Ended with away fans and Kids home fans (one adult pr 10 kids), supposedly 30 000 Kids are expected for tomorrow... UEFA are s**te
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