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  1. Another option is in edit mode; export your team data to a usb stick and import it to your friends PES.
  2. Forgot some of my early whites G. ALANÍS A. LEYA MOISÉS RIBEIRO
  3. BRENNER plays well
  4. I kind of gave up this and play with my Norwegians at this lvl, Check out Wikheim, Johnsen, Meling, Reginiussen (8 form captain) and Berget (the beard). The obvious: Henriksen, Elabdellaoui and Dæhli. I got these guys from a random scouts (some "easy" speed / card whores) H. AYAROĞLU M. KUDUS F. CHABROLLE KELVIN V. FAZLIU B. BURNS Pusic and Azango as mentioned.
  5. I know, f**king Babel. Ill eat someones hat if hes a success.
  6. Why would you even post that? PES 2019, Easy 30h PLAT
  7. I really dont care about the design, but I wish the menus was a bit faster. And a READ ALL button on the online messages...
  8. Your bums that year would have relegated even if Jesus himself was guiding them.
  9. Qvart

    Overalls ?

    Yeah, its a mess. Last year this guy http://pesdb.net/pes2018/?id=43816 , 71 rated CMF, goes down to 69 DMF (A-pos), but IF he was a registered DMF he would be something like 75 iirc.
  10. My avatar was better thought
  11. It was http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=109047 and http://pesdb.net/pes2019/?id=61082 a stamina issue for sure. As it was against the COM they shouldnt have been kicked of the pitch either.
  12. Ive had that "dying on the pitch" thing, but only on sub 60 stamina players (pre dp vs COM in myclub).
  13. Wtf, Bambi got a decent upgrade?
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