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  1. April's third event will be....

    Maybe a friendly heads up of the PES patch @tezombie? So everyone is ready half 9?
  2. Data Pack 4 is Go

    yay, I got a face
  3. April's third event will be....

    Isnt it enough with one "none-PES" out of 3?
  4. Whisky drinkers.

    As long as the whiskey tastes like an ash tray and served neat im happy. Im weak for islay single malts. Norwegian Aquavit (scandinavian caraway flavoured spirit) is another favourite of mine.
  5. Snus in the Prem.

    There was a story about a norwegian footballer that went over for a trial that got a bad reputaion after he spat a large cluster of snus in a bin in the hotel room. The maid found it while taking the trash out, and thought it was a turd. Cant remember who and how likely it is...
  6. Snus in the Prem.

    Yeah, except you put it under your lip and not in the nose
  7. Snus in the Prem.

    Same, Im going to start again when I turn 70.
  8. Snus in the Prem.

    The "bag" is for girls
  9. If you want puzzle, @Lisoti says Frozen Snowball is good
  10. Lvl1 then, dont make me play 50 levels...
  11. Sorry, forgot the xbox boys: Consoles
  12. I think we should stay on ps4
  13. Back Pain

    Atleast make your doc get you a MRI scan before you go chiropractor or start a training program.
  14. My new PC series. stick a like on it lads.

    What are the lowest specs to play it flawless? (please dont cite steam spcs) And who is cheapest?