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  1. Shame everyone else did s**t but I’ll take it
  2. Worked out well aye, although I didn't account for 3rd place having KDB as Captain, my lead has now been reduced to 8 points
  3. Bloody hell, that's glorious!! I've a 23 point lead over 2nd, 24 over 3rd. So sod all really. Although it's 4th place I'm keeping tabs on, I'm 48 clear but he's Aguero © & Silva to play. We've all got KDB. Haha, mate. If I've one player that does s**t in the early kick off, I think it's the end of the world. Every time!
  4. Aye, although bizarrely, I find I do best when I least expect it, so I’m hoping Lady Luck shines down once again How are you doing in your league?
  5. Start Ayew & Lundstram for Maddison & Soyuncu? Still think Lundstram is a massive rotation risk, but injury aside he's still worth the punt. Tough match for Dunk away at Sheffield but not too shabby fixtures for everyone else. Maybe see how City fare tonight, I'm expecting some kind of siege mentality, the world is against us, performance. But could easily go the other way to have Leicester fancying their chances
  6. I'm guessing Rugby fans can't hear the ref talking to the TMO, that's more for TV viewers, but the fans can clearly see what's occurring via the big screen?
  7. I don't know, it feels like now we're using the technology, marginal calls are unavoidable. Could even see it evolving from 'there must be daylight' to 'there must be clear daylight' just because it's easier. The technology (I hope) will improve, but instead of trying to figure out where a players shoulder ends & his arm begins, which is surprisingly subjective ,it's just, where is player A stood, where is player B stood, bring up the line, job is a good un. Not to delve back into a VAR discussion because we have a thread for that, but are the lines only manually moved because it's in an awkward part of the body, or because that's as advanced as it is for now? I don't understand why they just can't freeze it at the pass, click the 2 furthers points on the respective players and the line automatically appears
  8. So you'd reverse what's being proposed above, but still look for daylight for it to be offside?
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/feb/19/arsene-wenger-uses-fifa-role-to-propose-new-offside-law-marginal-var-calls-ifab The jist of it, it's basically reintroducing the daylight rule, so if any part of your body is in line with the last defender (your trailing leg for example), you're adjudged to be onside. Reports suggesting this has some merit & could be introduced as early as the Euro's. Nothing like introducing a new rule ahead of a major tournament eh Not a fan of this at all, no idea why they're not just basing it on your feet, your standing position, it's such a simple solution.
  10. Aye, if I had Richarlison I’d persevere with him, Calvert I’m not convinced. But I’ve 4 players (inc GK) blanking next week so feels like I need to just grin & bear GW27 in order to be better equipped for GW28. Going back in on Zaha!? Think we’ve both had him twice before haven’t we? Bold shout
  11. Just double checking, but do we have 5 pages of discussion about queueing?
  12. I’ve gone big, Son out... Stuart Armstrong (5.2) in Big old differential, was too tempting. Nearly did the double to bring in Ings for Calvert-Lewin but going to hold fire for now. Could ideally do with 2 FT’s ahead of GW 28.
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