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  1. Cheap? Have you ever had a Peroni in there? Robbing b*****ds
  2. Beautiful place, excellent for Dabs & Flounder too. You should try Moyteoge Point, it's a fair old walk but well worth the trip, excellent for a bit of Pollack.
  3. Shak was the 3-2-5, @TO Falcon was the 3 CF’s, apparently
  4. FSL LINK Result: 1-3 ========== Home Team Manager: Jakey Fantastic Franchise: Napoli Players Info Scorers: R. Mahrez Assists: L. Gamba Clean Sheet: N/A MoTM (if applicable): N/A ========== Away Team Manager: @Leonidas 540bc Franchise: Olympiakos Player Info Scorers: S. Hogan, S. Garcia, M. George Assists: P. Mandalos (2) Clean Sheet: N/A MoTM (if applicable): S. Hogan ========== Match Report: A tight 1st half from both sides saw few chances occur with the ones that did more half chances than dead certs. 2nd half looked to be heading the same way before Napoli's insistence on using their keeper way more than necessary finally caught them out, with Hogan striking in the 59th. Undeterred, Napoli sought an equaliser only to once again wave hello to their defensive f**kaboutery's for Garcia to punish them accordingly. Still hoping to salvage something from the wreckage, Napoli pushed on & found themselves a consolation in the 90th thanks to a Keeper who gave up chasing a loose ball and a Gamba lay off to Mahrez. Sadly, that was as far as it went for the Italians, with Olympiakos hitting them on the break at the death for a delightful dink over the keeper from George. Good game as always Leo, bring on the trilogy!
  5. Tbh, my eyes lit up when I saw Troop attempting to disguise the fact he found his opponents formations questionable. Once I realised this thread wasn't going to turn out as I'd hoped, it seemed the right thing to do.
  6. Wouldn’t read too much into it, your 1st match was against the league leader who’s only lost once all season. Narrowly losing to a rejuvenated Shak isn’t the worst of results either given your time away.
  7. Shak isn’t 12, I think his word is good enough Tbf you play 5 at the back with attacking fullbacks, it’s going to push into some form of 325 when they’re in possession. All about the counter
  8. Oh aye, it just seems quite extreme this version, unless I’ve just never paid it much attention before.
  9. Sod all to do with the update, but has anyone noticed that the ref never blows for the final whistle if you’re in or around your opponents area? You can gain at least an additional 5 minutes of injury time just terrorising your opponent with pot shots & corners
  10. Jakey Fantastic


    Should be a random group draw, job done
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