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  1. SPFL in PES for the 1st time ever though
  2. You need professional help mate.
  3. JamboGee92

    European Football

    Boyata in the squad but no Nainggolan Benteke has been s**te too, really surprised he's in.
  4. JamboGee92

    Another Scottish football thread

    Treble treble next season. Yawn
  5. JamboGee92

    European Football

    England just following tradition there
  6. JamboGee92

    Another Scottish football thread

    I honestly think Rangers ought to be careful. I think if they go trying to compete with Celtic they will go bust.. Again
  7. JamboGee92

    Another Scottish football thread

    Very short sighted not to look beyond Celtic. Let's be honest our league is tin pot and the guy won't improve any further playing in this league. He's outgrown this league imo and needs to move on for his own development. Look at Paterson, he had outgrown this league also and rightly left us for Cardiff where he is now flourishing. He will be a Premier League player next season and hopefully if he does well, moves on to a top half side which I believe he will. Robertson goes to Hull, does well and earns a move to Liverpool where he is thriving.
  8. JamboGee92

    Another Scottish football thread

    Lewis Stevens... LEWIS STEVENSON!? Wow he's absolutely s**te and always has been.
  9. JamboGee92

    Another Scottish football thread

    Oops meant to put a
  10. JamboGee92

    Another Scottish football thread

    After watching that video I'm now a big fan of Logan I have to say 😔
  11. JamboGee92

    Another Scottish football thread

    He's s**te. Every Hearts fan will tell you this
  12. JamboGee92

    Fortnite: Battle Royale

    Based on your YouTube videos you look pretty good to me mate
  13. JamboGee92

    Another Scottish football thread

    Yaaassss, on holiday so it's full on party mode Love a win against that lot, love it!
  14. JamboGee92

    Fortnite: Battle Royale

    I was enjoying it in the short while I was playing even though I'm proper s**te. I've won 1 battle royale mainly because my team carried me 😂 I'll get back to it when I return from holiday but I can see the novelty wearing off purely based on my own ability. If I was half decent at it like you lads I would be loving it. It's addictive even though I'm pish.

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