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  1. just getting into them myself, the obvious one is joe rogan, always has a wide variety of guests from all ends of the spectrum. my favorite at the minute is the blindboy podcast, one half of the rubber bandits. truly enlightening whilst at the same time humorous stuff. currently trying to get a bit of time ferris in, because who doesnt want a 4 hour work week?
  2. ah ok mate, all good, a lot of people seem p**sy with me lately, as long as i know why ive offended people im all good! enjoy your weekend peeps!
  3. when buddy? and what did i do? you seem angry at me, but we have been in loads of parties together and you never mention it? im truly intrigued as to why. can you enlighten me mate. cheers.
  4. thats fair enough, lol!, like i say, i have a bit of beef with some people here, on my side it is mostly banter, but i just find it weird that there also seems to be a lot of people who i have never had a bad word said to or received from who talk to me like i raped their sister. cant understand it, but like i say, it is intriguing all the same. i suppose i have become some kind of bogeyman, quite funny really because away from this site i could count on one hand the amount of people i have fallen out with in 40 years, lol
  5. genuine question, why are you calling me a bum? we have never played each other on pes. are only interaction has been on pubg where i thought we got on OK. is it my forum persona that makes you think its ok? or is that everyone else does it so you are jumping on the band wagon. im really intrigued by the group mentality. some people who have played me or know me call me a bum, thats ok they have experienced it. but you havent. whats the story bud?
  6. https://www.reddit.com/r/bjj/ oh a great source of info bud
  7. i would have left my ego at the door. i roll hard, which is fine, but i was rolling hard when i didnt know what the f**k i was doing. you will do a thousand techniques, but you will learn most when you ask yourself questions after rolls. why couldnt i escape his mount? why was he able to take my back? what am i doing that means i am being kimurared. roll with patience and think about what you should be doing. good luck man, the first year can be tough they have a satori in dublin, wonder if its connected?
  8. It will change your life, let me know if there is anything I can help with, and I mean that sincerely. Where are you training if you don't mind me asking?
  9. ha, yeah, well, you know i like to stick my big nose in! and ireland has done incredibly well out of europe. everyone has Frillypink cars, big houses and TV's we also have the highest level of debt per person in the western world. European money did build f**king everything over here though.
  10. not me, i swear. ive gone off this whole brexit thing. the juice isnt worth the squeeze, i think we need a new vote, that lays out exactly what will happen. but if the results of a second vote were to leave, then we should leave regardless.
  11. @Sunzibad incredible work brother sunz. deserves its own thread! it shows what you can do with hard work!, im a semi lazy prick, lol, need to get back on it!
  12. im a powerhouse of everything. except PES. im s**t at that. for now. but like a phoenix i shall rise from the ashes to finish 10th in the prem. and to be fair, my life is so sweet, a relegation might be what i need to take the glean of my otherwise incredible life. it cant all be perfect can it?
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