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  1. no he is a thug. more than likely a racist. a idiot. but when you don't allow people as a society to air their views he is what sprouts up. the UK has now become incredibly divided. Muslims feel that the media is portraying them as monsters (it is), working class Brits feel they are not being listened to by an elite class of liberals who have no idea about their lives, mass immigration and a lack of integration in cities has bred hostility on all sides and one of the biggest problems is a lack of empathy and understanding. do i understand why muslims feel attacked by the media? yes. do i understand how a section of society is worried about how a growing influence of islam may effect society? yes. but this idea where we cannot talk civilly is where the problem is gong to continue to get worse.
  2. i didnt say that. he is highly critical of islam. the question should be...is someone allowed to be critical about a religion? do you think people should be allowed to say what they want about religion or not?
  3. no thanks. i cant hear the truth ive spoken be twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools.
  4. Result: brondby 3-1 internacional ========== Home Team Manager: @rambovanhardnut Franchise: brondby Players Info Scorers: Jahanbakhsh 2, M,Poku Assists: Solari, pavon, kusk Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): Ali reza jahanbakhsh ========== Away Team Manager: @Maldini_303 Franchise: internacional Player Info Scorers: zaza Assists: aliouio Clean Sheet: MoTM (if applicable): ========== Match Report: tight enough game, with jahanbakhsh hitting a brace on his way out of the club. zaza scored a screamer to bring some nervousness. enjoyable game mate, catch you in the return **
  5. so if someone mocks a religion should that be banned as well?
  6. yeah get your point. i dont agree, but i dont care enough to get myself in the s**ts! lets the new season march on!
  7. nah, just surprised thats all. we have taken someone who was misguided and filled with doubt and made him worse. i think this is the problem. we should be trying to educate him. but its all good, que sera sera, lol
  8. yeah. wow. jesus. glad i missed this thread, lol i dont doubt he was a racist, but he never actually did anything? are we just to assume that anyone who supports any right wing media figures are going to be banned? f**k i better unsubscribe from jordan peterson.
  9. missed this thread....probably for the best, lol have to say though...if someone threw a milkshake at me while i was campaigning i would.... start singing...."my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard"
  10. hi mate, you made it! so we are halfway through the season now, kinda waiting to get our hands on the new game!, this place is massive, best thing to do is stick around and add players for friendlies. in friendlies most people here will use their own team which is about 3 and a 1/2 stars. i will link you to the sign up thread for next season if you are interested buddy, you can play manual in the normal leagues also if you want or you can play only full manual. it can be a bit intimidating here at first, i think i did a video explanation a while back ill see if i can dig it out. catch you online for friendlies. also i know your mic is broke...a mic is needed when the league starts. also tell everyone a bit about yourself, i know your scottish, we have loads of you here @Flannybhoy67 @djquantum @JamboGee92 @Kaizer who else.....? theres loads anyway....lol
  11. love you mate, glad your back. no homo.
  12. hey bud, EVERY diet works if you stick to it. its all about calorie deficit. so pick which one is easiest for you. if you cant give up carbs slimming world is good. personally my best results have always come from giving up carbs completely. eat fruit, veg, cheese, buts and meats. quite hard to stick to but if you can do that for 5 weeks you will lose a stone. the beer is the biggest thing. move onto wine or spirits with zero sugar. also intermittent fasting works well for me. have you first meal of the day at 3. i find after the first hour of being awake my hunger goes until i eat.....then i get hungrier! in terms of workouts, dont do anything that you dont think you can stick to or you dont enjoy. maybe a simple body weight plan would be good. this is something that is decent. a good plan is also... walk up stairs do 5 push ups, walk down walk up stairs do 5 sit ups, walk down walk up stairs and do 5 squats. first week see how many you can do without killing yourself. maybe do 5 sets. second week 6 sets and keep progressing. and listen, i know we have banter but i always thought youre a Frillypink guy mate, sorry to hear how s**t things have been but with a positive attitude i am certain things will look up for you. working out is an integral part of my mental health being decent. i have had lapses but working out consistently and setting goals will help you achieve peace of mind. good luck bud.
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