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Fixture 7: Fubar v RiQ1987 - [Confirmed]

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Result: 0-3


Home Team

Manager: Fubar
Franchise: HSV

Players Info

  • Scorers: -
  • Clean Sheet: -
  • MoTM (if applicable): -

Manager Info (amount only)

  • Red Cards: 1


Away Team

Manager: @RiQ1987
Franchise: AZ

Player Info

  • Scorers: 2x Kuwas, 1x Matri
  • Clean Sheet: Vaclik
  • MoTM (if applicable): Kuwas


Match Report

great perfomence from your side. Until my stupid red card and the penalty the game was very even. After that i tried to push for a equaliser one men down and you used the opportunity to punish me twice.

was still able to create some chances but definitely a deserved win for you.

GG mate enjoyed that :up:



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Yeah good game mate. You started of great first half, I was to late everywhere. Second half was my half, and your red card did not help you. Well played and goodluck for the rest man.

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