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Fixture 15: Home Mickeyjustice v Dobermanxedos - [Confirmed]

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Result: 1 : 2 


Home Team

Manager: Mickeyjustice
Franchise: West Ham

Players Info

  • Scorers: Ben Arfa
  • Assists: N/A
  • Clean Sheet: N/A
  • MoTM : N/A


Away Team

Manager: Dobermanxedos
Franchise: O'Higgins

Player Info

  • Scorers: Weghorst ,  Luciano
  • Assists: Luciano , Taylor
  • Clean Sheet: N/A
  • MoTM : Luciano


Match Report

A Good game whit lots of action in the first half there was no second for rest for both teams, O'Higgins managed to score trough Luciano who got a lobed pas from Taylor and smashed it from the left side in to the net, the other goal was by a mistake from West Ham defenders Luciano stole the ball passed to Weghorst who chiped it in, West Ham had two great solo efforts from Ben Arfa one was unlucky the other one was a goal, both solo efforts were world class the O'Higgins defenders were just bystanders in both actions they could do nothing , The game was almost a draw, this time a bit more luck led to O'Higgins winning, but i didnt look like a sure thing for them the whole game.

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Good game Well played i thought i would not stand a third Ben Arfa solo dribbling trough my defense, i was just saved by the time. Great game good luck for the other League games mate :up:


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yeah arfa is a weapon, shame I gotta sell him :(

well played mate, was a close one. Good luck in ya games mate

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